UFO Over Yosemite Park Quarter?

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This is perhaps the strangest UFO sighting of all time. Is there a UFO over the Yosemite Park, America the Beautiful Quarter? Just as UFOs are elusive, so is this UFO on the Yosemite Park Quarter. I came across this coin in my pocket change when I noticed something. There was a tiny UFO shape hovering over one of the valley rocks.

UFO OVER YOSEMITE QUARTERChecking out images of this quarter online, I did not see this UFO shape on any of these quarters. That was odd. Maybe it was just a scratch on the quarter? I am no coin expert, but it appears that this shape is raised from the surface, and not a scratch. Also of note, just below on the ridge is another raised bump. It is on the ridge itself and also doesn’t appear in any of the quarter images. Based on the shadows, it is raised from the coin and appears to be a die strike error and not a scratch.

Does anyone know of this is as a recognized coin die strike error variant? Has anyone else seen this? If so please let me know. Die strike variants are pretty rare, so this might be a one of a kind item; more likely there could be a number of these out in circulation.

It does make me wonder if this quarter’s aberration was a simple random minting error, or perhaps intentional by someone. The reason I ask is it reminds me of the scenes from the movie “Close Encounter of the Third Kind”. In that movie the UFOs hovered over Devil’s Tower in Wyoming, which resembles the image on the quarter. Was some U.S. Mint engraver a science fiction fan and having fun? Or perhaps it is just mysterious synchronicity at work.


Extraterrestrials Are Robots

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If extraterrestrials exist they are certainly not biological, flesh and blood aliens. That would be impossible.  I base this on the fact that matter cannot travel faster then the speed of light.  It is a fact, and anyone who disputes that fact can simply prove it wrong by showing the math and not depend on magical thinking.  Even assuming there is an advanced technology that could somehow warp space for faster then light travel, the energy involved would consume an entire star to briefly create such a wormhole.  It would not be economical.  Even our space brothers bow to economics.

I assume extraterrestrials would behave much like we would, using simple logic.  We sent many probes to Mars.  A probe is far cheaper then a human mission.  Let us assume in the future we want to explore planets outside our solar system.  We’ll send probes.   Assuming in the future if we have the technology to send a probe even half the speed of light, we could send hundreds of probes to explore our galaxy.  We won’t be alive to see the results, but future generations would.


Matter cannot travel faster then light.  A crew of biological aliens would take perhaps a thousand years to visit one planet.  We wouldn’t do that, and so would not any extraterrestrial civilization no matter how advanced.  Just like with our Mars missions, extraterrestrials would certainly send probes that could take hundreds or thousands of years to reach their destination.  And then it would take hundreds or thousands of light years to send back a signal at the speed of light.  The communication with such a probe would not be worth the effort…unless the probe used a quantum entanglement/teleportation “radio”.

If matter cannot travel faster then the speed of light, information might be able to.  Instantaneous communication using a probe with quantum entanglement might just be possible.  The trick is to send the quantum “communicator” first.   Once it is in place, instantaneous communication could be possible even thousands of light years away.  Why send our “space brothers” when a probe would do just as good?  I imagine that is how we’d do it once we mastered this extreme (but not impossible) technology.

If extraterrestrials exist, then they are watching us.  That is what we’d do.  Their probes would be a combination of artificial intelligence and robotics.  Robotics would have no need for food or air.  They would self-repair.  Artificial intelligence would be essentially immortal…they could travel for thousands of years on the way to their final destination.  If the original, biological life form still existed…who could say.

ALIEN ROBOT 2If physical aliens are visiting us they are certainly humanoid robots.  It is what we’d do in the distant future.  We’d use androids to collect information and spend it back using quantum “messages” from the mother ship.  A mother ship would have multiple probes (UFOs) and these probes might have extraterrestrials robots for closer contact.

What about alien abductions and the true accounts of contact with biological aliens?  Well, that is something different then the physical nut-n-bolt alien probes.  Or maybe extraterrestrials are connecting with us (if not physically)…if there is a true intelligence BEHIND the quantum tunnel.

Doubters can check out this intriguing article about quantum teleportation:

Quantum teleportation is just the latest mind-blowing innovation made possible by breakthroughs in subatomic physics



Space Alien Contactee Talisman

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I’ve created a Space Alien Contactee Talisman (pictured above). This talisman is intended for use with contacting with our space brother aliens. Assuming you want to.

First let me explain the design. It is a planetary talisman of the sun, our own local star. The top half uses the magic square of the sun.

The bottom half is a pentacle from the famed grimoire, the Key of Solomon. It is the First Pentacle of the Sun whose face is named “El Shaddai”. I picked it because he looks something like a peaceful Nordic space brother, and not a nasty Grey, Reptilian or Insectoid alien.

This is a typical talisman, but I added something different. In 1961 Betty and Barney Hill claimed to have been abducted by extraterrestrials. It is a long story, and a good review of the incident is in an article by Richard Thomas:


It concerns Betty Hill’s famed star map.


iron meteoriteHer star map reminded me of a planetary sigil. So I superimposed the star map over the magic square of the sun. The numbers connected very nicely. Now we have a sigil for space aliens.

To make it work, print out the talisman. Cut out the two circles. Put a meteorite in between the two and glue them together. The meteorite will help facilitate our nighttime communication.

Put it under your pillow at bedtime, and imagine an alien visitation. Visualize it…believe it. You just might become a contactee! Now, a good question is do we really want to be a contactee. That is for you to decide. I feel attempting to acquire secret knowledge is risky, even dangerous, but can be worth it for seekers of the unknown.

UFO photo hidden for decades

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After my brother passed away we went thru his stuff, throwing away or donating most things but keeping a few mementos.  It is curious what you’ll find going over someone’s belongings.  You may even learn a few things you hadn’t known about them.

We came across a photo album my brother possessed which we’d never seen before.  It was filled with mostly Polaroid pictures he had taken over the decades.  My brother was fond of instant cameras and used those instead of film cameras.  Today we have digital so these were all old pictures taken over the decades, the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s.

UFOGoing over his private pictures one photo caught my attention.  It was of a wooded area and the sky.  A scan of this photo is at the top of my blog.  It seems typical except for something in the sky.  I was taken aback when I first saw it.  What the heck was that?  There is a strange shape in the sky.  And oddest of all, it had a light emanating from this object.  If it weren’t for that glow I’d likely not pay attention to it.

Could it be an airplane?  It doesn’t appear like one.  Is it a photo of UFO?  My brother kept a picture of something strange in his private photo album for a reason.  I wish I had seen this photo while he was still alive.  I would have asked him about it.  How old is the photo? Decades?  When and where did he take it?  Did he see anything at the time?  Did he realize he caught something in the sky on film?

If my deceased brother had a UFO sighting and he photographed it, we’ll never know what happened.  He kept a lot to himself as I discovered when we found his private photo album.  It’ll just remain a family mystery.

Do extraterrestrial civilizations use quantum teleportation to communicate?

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SETI, the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence has not found a trace of alien civilizations “out there” anywhere.  It is called the Great Silence.  The universe, from what we can tell, is empty of intelligent life.  The speculation is that we are actually alone in this galaxy, or at least at this moment in time.

I’ll offer my own speculation.  Let us assume that physical objects cannot ever exceed the speed of light.  Or if it were possible, the expenditure of resources would be beyond reason.  Today we have a probe, the Mars Curiosity rover exploring Mars.  It is far more practical (i.e. cheaper) to send machines to explore planets then to send biological life.  I assume it would be the same for any extraterrestrial civilization.  But if so, what about all the radio signals back and forth between the probes and the home planet?  It has to be out there somewhere.

I propose an extraterrestrial civilization may have the patience to send probes light years away even if it took hundreds of years.  But if a probe were a hundred light years away, it would take a hundred years just to get a signal back.  There has to be a better way.

Why not use quantum teleportation using “spooky action at a distance” to communicate instantly with a probe?  Quantum entanglement affects linked particles instantly despite distance.  If an extraterrestrial civilization understood how “spooky action at a distance” truly worked and were able to manipulate this mysterious force, they could have instantaneous communication with hundreds or thousands of space probes…without radio signals.

One day humanity may have a clear understanding of this spooky action at a distance.  Imagine if we could scan the universe for quantum teleportation patterns…intelligent patterns, as we now search the skies for radio waves for intelligence.  Would we discover a universe filled with information?

Currently science says information cannot be transmitted using quantum teleportation.  Since we don’t understand this “spooky” action (hence its name) can we be sure?  I wouldn’t underestimate spooky.  We could have probes watching earth right now and communicating back to its source and we’d never detect it.

Were the Clintonville, Wisconsin mystery booms repeats of the Nuremberg and Basel “UFO” sky battles?

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Nuremberg Germany 1561

On March 18 around 9:30 PM Central time, on a warm Sunday evening, the mystery booms of Clintonville, Wisconsin began.  On March 19 the Clintonville police and fire department began to investigate for gas leaks or broken water lines.  Nothing was found. These sounds were described as sonic booms, heavy doors slamming, thunder or explosions. They were loud enough to awaken people from their beds and send people into the streets trying to see what was going on.

In the small town of Clintonville there was an inexplicable mystery. For days the citizens of Clintonville heard these booming sounds.  These strange booms remained an unexplained mystery and the story soon became national, even international news.  For days there was no explanation: not construction work, or demolitions, or gas explosions… nothing.

Then, finally on Thursday March 22nd the U.S. Geological Survey revealed the explanation for the mystery sonic booms.  The USGS said a 1.5-magnitude earthquake struck Clintonville on Tuesday March 20 at exactly 12:15 a.m.  Clintonville City Administrator Lisa Kuss declared, “the mystery is solved” at a news conference Thursday evening.  Thank goodness, we can rest easy now!

Can earthquakes trigger sonic booms?  I’m not a scientist so I can’t say.  What is curious was these booms occurred days after this insignificant, imperceptible and singular 1.5 quake (which really is next to nothing).  Can a minor earthquake make audile booms that shake houses for days afterwards?

A more intriguing riddle:  the mystery booms began on March 18, BEFORE the March 20 “earthquake”.

I’d suggest there are no serious explanations for what occurred, just guesses.  Science doesn’t handle the unexplained well.  They sweep it away with general assurances everything has been explained: but please don’t look under the rug.

Whatever caused the Clintonville booming sound enigma might explain some mysteries in the past.  I refer to the “sky battles” in Nuremberg, Germany during 1561 and in Basel, Switzerland in 1566.

On April 14th, 1561 in Nuremberg, Germany there were reported strange events in the sky.  These events were depicted in a woodcut (shown above).  People reported UFOs as “crashing” cylinders and balls.  However, what if the residents of Nuremberg did not necessarily have a visual sighting, but an audible one?  Instead of seeing fantastic images, could they have heard fantastic sounds?   Could they have interpreted the sound of sonic booms in their midst as a battle in the sky?

If you lived in Nuremberg 500 years ago and heard exactly what the residents of Clintonville heard, how would they interpret it?  Perhaps they would imagine a battle in the sky.  They heard the roar of what appeared to be cannon fire.  The woodcut depicts dark orbs and spheres, like cannonballs.  Could these “cannonballs” actually represent sonic booms, or as they’d recognized it the sound of gunfire?  Instead of a visual sphere, each orb could represent the sound of a single boom, like a cannonball fired into the sky.

The woodcut shows them all together, but perhaps what is depicted is how they appeared/sounded over time. Imagine each “cannonball” as a sonic boom combined into one image.  Notice in the lower right side of the image smoke appears to be emerging from the ground when a “cannonball” landed. Curious!

Basel, Switzerland 1566

Here is an image from Basel, Switzerland 1566. Again, witnesses suggested they saw spheres in the sky and described a similar event.  A bunch of cannonballs…or booms?  Perhaps what the residents of Clintonville experienced was repeated in the past.  Centuries ago people ran out of their houses wondering what was going one, seeking an explanation.  Was it a UFO sky battle or an earthquake?  Both notions don’t measure up.

Below is a website with a map of the reported Clintonville “booms” provided by the Waupaca  County Official Website:


Here is a video of what happened in Clintonville:

Are UFOs Chinese Dragons?

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Above is a UFO video taken in Japan.  It looks like perhaps a balloon is slowly falling.  Yet it descends in a strange undulating serpentine manner.  Instead of a UFO, could this be a video of a Chinese/Japanese dragon?  In folklore the Chinese dragon flew thru the skies and was considered to rule over the weather.  Perhaps unexplained lights in the sky are not extraterrestrial craft, but dragons!  Watching this video, imagine it as a celestial Japanese dragon.  I can understand why people living hundreds of years ago may have believed that strange lights in the sky were indeed dragons.

As for real life dragons, they once filled the earth as flying dinosaurs. Some believe these flying monsters still existed until just recently and were responsible for the American Indian legend concerning thunderbirds. Chinese dragons, thunderbird or UFOs, people saw strange flying shapes in the sky. How we interpret flying anomalies depends on the current culture.

Triangular UFO: Alien Or American?

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The Advanced Hypersonic Weapon can travel multiples the speed of sound, and is maneuverable.  They had a successful test of this weapon on November 17.  It has the ability to strike anywhere on earth within an hour.

Department of Defense Announces Successful Test of Army Advanced Hypersonic Weapon Concept

“Today the U.S. Army Space and Missile Defense Command/Army Forces Strategic Command conducted the first test flight of the Advanced Hypersonic Weapon (AHW) concept. At 6:30 a.m. EST (1:30 a.m. Hawaii-Aleutian Time), a first-of-its-kind glide vehicle, designed to fly within the earth’s atmosphere at hypersonic speed and long range, was launched from the Pacific Missile Range Facility, Kauai, Hawaii to the Reagan Test Site, U.S. Army Kwajalein Atoll.”

Triangular UFO?

Triangular UFO?

Why is this test being publicized?  You’d imagine it would be kept top secret.  I’d suggest these tests are meant as a message to the world, including China and Iran.  I wonder if this weapon is the only such craft that has been developed?  There must be other secret crafts as well that remain top secret.  Are these secret craft responsible for UFO sightings?

Triangular UFOs have been the most common shape of UFOs sighted in the past decade.  The flying saucer has pretty much disappeared to be replaced by the mysterious triangle.  If the triangle is a secret weapon, do extraterrestrial UFOs exist?  What are the flying saucers of the past since it is unlikely super weapons existed decades ago?  Where have they gone?

On another UFO related topic, the U.S. government put out an official response to a petition asking about government knowledge of an extraterrestrial presence.  Here it is below:

Searching for ET, But No Evidence Yet

“Official White House Response to formally acknowledge an extraterrestrial presence engaging the human race – Disclosure.”

By Phil Larson

“Thank you for signing the petition asking the Obama Administration to acknowledge an extraterrestrial presence here on Earth. The U.S. government has no evidence that any life exists outside our planet, or that an extraterrestrial presence has contacted or engaged any member of the human race. In addition, there is no credible information to suggest that any evidence is being hidden from the public’s eye. However, that doesn’t mean the subject of life outside our planet isn’t being discussed or explored. In fact, there are a number of projects working toward the goal of understanding if life can or does exist off Earth.”

Ok, that seems pretty clear cut.  The U.S. government denies knoweldge of ET.  But who exactly is Phil Larson?  Is he qualified to answer this question?

“Phil Larson works on space policy and communications at the White House Office of Science & Technology Policy”

I suppose Phil Larson is a White House science PR guy.  Public relations!  I’d think he’d be the last person to be told if ET was a reality.  Yet it is still nice to have an official statement from the government.  I like the last line: “The fact is we have no credible evidence of extraterrestrial presence here on Earth.” How do we define “credible”?  There have been a lot of very strange sightings over the years, some very strange indeed.  It seems we’ll have to solve this mystery without them.

Below is a curious video of a triangular UFO.  Alien…or American?

Are UFOs Biological Or Artificial Intelligence?

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ufoWhat are UFOs?  I suspect the large majority of legitimate sightings involve secret military technology.  It is the simplest answer, if also the most boring.  However, if some UFOs are actually extraterrestrial, can we explain them with just logic?  Perhaps.

Let’s assume Einstein’s theory of relativity cannot be easily surmounted, and the speed of light is a real barrier to interstellar travel (neutrinos excluded).  Even if there were a technology capable of fabricating wormholes or warp space, the energies involved to move a space ship faster then light would be staggeringly enormous.  Energies equal to consuming multiple stars would be necessary to create a single rudimentary wormhole.  We’ve not seen any hint of this in astronomy.

Star Trek style flying cruise ships equipped with holo-decks and lounges zooming at warp speed would not seem to be economical, if even possible.  I assume even advanced civilizations have economies.  How much would it cost just to send biological life into space, forget even exceeding the speed of light?  Would it be worth the expense if there were cheaper and equally effective means to explore the universe?

If we are being visited by extraterrestrial intelligence, then they are probably doing what we human beings have already done.  Instead of sending a manned mission to Mars, we’ve sent probes, orbiters and landers.  We have rovers crossing the surface of Mars, at a fraction of the cost of a manned mission.  Mechanical devices don’t need food or oxygen, are immune to cosmic radiation.  Humanity even has its first interstellar mission…Voyager.



I assume the same economies would apply to other worlds.  I suggest UFOs are not inhabited by biological entitles, but are craft powered by artificial intelligence.  For such craft, even the speed of light would not be a barrier.  Artificial intelligence would essentially be immortal.  If a ship traveled at half the speed of light and took hundreds of years to visit other stars, so what?  An extraterrestrial civilization would simply wait for their probes to make contact, even if it took generations.

Along with self-motivated probes, we can imagine a method to instantly communicate with these probes regardless of the distance and the speed of light.  It may be possible for information to be instantaneously transmitted regardless of distance using quantum entanglement.  A vessel hundreds of light years away could potentially receive and transmit information without delay.  If possible, why bother sending organic life?

grey-alienWhat about the alien abduction experience?  People have reported being contacted by organic aliens.  Are we sure they are biological life?  Take the aliens commonly called the Greys.  Greys are spindly, with oversized heads and giant eyes.  How do they survive on earth without a space suit?  Can they breathe our air; are they immune to our germs?  The size of their eyes is impossible for a living humanoid. I submit the Greys are not living beings but robots powered by A.I.  Greys are like our Mars Rovers.

It may be that we’ve never met the true aliens behind the probes, and likely never will.  Or perhaps an alien civilization has evolved beyond biology into singularity, becoming an immortal civilization of artificial intelligence.  Then the UFO vessels may actually be the aliens!

The Esoteric Significance of the Old Man of the Mountain

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Many recognize what appears to be occult symbolism in our paper currency. Take a look a the back of the dollar bill and you’ll see the famed Great Seal of the United States, with its pyramid and all-seeing eye. What about our coinage? Could there be any hidden esoteric or occult symbols in our common pocket change?

The new American State quarters introduced unique designs representing each of the 50 states. The face of the quarter is of course George Washington, America’s first president and our most famous mason. The reverse designs of the state quarters are pretty ordinary. However, one design strikes me as containing possible, albeit unintentional, esoteric significance.

old-man-of-the-mountainThe New Hampshire State Quarter has a curious design. It is a portrait of a rock formation called the Old Man of the Mountain. This formation on Mt. Cannon appeared as the face of a man when viewed from the east.  In 1945 the “Old Man” was made New Hampshire ’s State Emblem. As the state emblem it’s easy to see why they used it for their state quarter.  Unfortunately it crumbled in 2003 and no longer exists.

With the Old Man of the Mountain, what exactly are we looking at…only a tourist attraction? The Old Man is an example of pareidolia.  Pareidolia is the process of perceiving recognizable shapes in random patterns, such as seeing faces or animals in clouds. We give symbolic meaning to randomness.

But what do we really see in the formation of the Old Man of the Mountain?  Only the caricature of an old man? Out of a mountain peak emerges this gigantic, monstrous face. At first glance it appears to be an old man, but the profile actually looks quite monstrous:  the heavy brow, the jutting jaw, and the cragginess.  It looks more troll then human.

The Old Man of the Mountain could more represent a monster rather than a man, like the trolls and mountain giants of folklore.  In folklore these giant nature spirits were said to turn into stone in the sunlight.  The origin of trolls in myth may well have begun as people interpreted humanoid shaped rocks, assuming they once literally walked the earth.

Trolls and the fairy folk were used to explain strange natural events.  Mighty whirlwinds could be explained away as the work of nature spirits hurling trees about.  Of course, nonhuman entities never existed, or could they?

ufo-over-old-man-of-the-mountaionThe most curious thing about the Old Man of the Mountain is not that it may represent a nonhuman being, but that it is actually associated with true events surrounding nonhuman entities.

On September 19, 1961 Betty and Barney Hill had an alien abduction, the first that was widely publicized.  Their story was made into a movie, The UFO Incident.  Just before their abduction, they saw a UFO hovering over the Old Man of the Mountain.

Here is the incident as described in Wikipedia:

“The Hills claimed that they continued driving on the isolated road, moving very slowly through Franconia Notch in order to observe the object as it came even closer. At one point the object passed above a restaurant and signal tower on top of Cannon Mountain. It passed over the mountain and came out near the 48′ profile of the Old Man of the Mountain (New Hampshire’s State Symbol). Betty testified that it was at least one and a half times the length of the granite profile and seemed to be rotating. The couple watched as the silent, lighted craft moved erratically and bounced back and forth in the night sky.”

In New Hampshire a historical marker was erected to commemorate the Betty and Barney Hill experience.

New Hampshire commemorates Betty and Barney Hill UFO experience

Their alien abduction experience may have been extraterrestrial.  Or it may have been something else and not a physical manifestation.  Betty and Barney Hill may have had an encounter with spiritual entities that appear in many forms.  They may have had something like a shared, spontaneous shamanistic experience where they made contact with genuine nonhuman entities, but not necessarily extraterrestrial.

These entities are as old as mankind and are described in myth and legend.  The Old Man of the Mountain may be more then just a symbolic representation of these entities, but may be an area where these entities actually dwell.

George Washington, America's Great Mason

George Washington, America's Great Mason