Mitt Romney’s Mormonism and Freedom of Religion

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John Dee's Seal of God

Mitt Romney will be the Republican nominee for president.  As a Mormon, Romney may become the first non-Christian president of the United States.  With president Obama we had our first African American president, something unimaginable a couple of decades ago.  It is something to be proud of!  American society is evolving.

Now we have the possibility of our first Mormon president.  This is a very good thing: a stride forward for religious freedom. Mormons are nice people, and even if I don’t share their beliefs, I respect their beliefs and wish them well.  A Mormon president would free American politics from the control of the Christian right.  If Mitt Romney is elected president that will mean the evangelical Christian right’s political power has been tamed.  The evangelical lion will lose its roar.

Mormons have some crazy beliefs, but which religion doesn’t?  One religion is no wackier then any other.  The story of Joseph Smith and the beginning of Mormonism are filled with supernatural/paranormal events.  The origin of the Book of Mormon began with the plates of Nephi, a manuscript engraved with Egyptian characters on plates of gold written by the angel Moroni.

This story reminds me of Enochian, the language of angels channeled by John Dee and Edward Kelley in the 16th-century.  Did Joseph Smith encounter the same entities that gave John Dee his “Language of Angels”?  Did Joseph Smith channel Enochian spirits?  Was Smith a spiritual medium? Is Mormonism essentially Enochian angel magic?

I can understand why Christians may have issues with Mormonism.  But maybe Moses was a shaman, a spiritual medium/channeler as well.  Moses communicated with a divine spirit, as did Joseph Smith.  Who is to judge any of this?  That is why we have freedom of religion.

For those of us who embrace freedom of religion, having a Mormon president would be wonderful.  Mormons are a tiny minority, and thus can’t impose their beliefs on the wider society even if they wanted.  Evangelical Christians are a majority, and they work very hard to legislate their beliefs into law.  I prefer religion to be politically neutral.  A Mormon president would help accomplish that.

January 21 UPDATE:  Newt Gingrich won the South Carolina Republican primary.  Outside of politics, what is the religious significance of this?  An adulterer who converted to Catholicism won over a Mormon.  Not so long ago Catholics were considered to be outside of Christianity.  In the 1960s President John F. Kennedy was elected the first Catholic president.  That was considered a significant issue back then.  Nowadays it seems that such a controversy was so…damn ass backwards.  Christian Republicans can now nominate America’s first Mormon presidential nominee.  Will they do it?

Below is a video by occultist Lon Milo duQuette concerning Enochian Angel magic:

Herman Cain and the King Solomon Syndrome

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 What to make of the accusations being thrown at Herman Cain?  He is accused of alleged sexual harassment in the workplace.  I have no clue if he did or didn’t.  The question is does it matter one way or the other?

 Powerful men cheat on their wives, or try to.  The list of politicians, CEOs, reverends, sport stars and celebrities who betrayed their spouses is endless, and we only hear about the well-known.  Are there any powerful, successful men who don’t stray?  They may be in the minority, perhaps a tiny minority.

 The average guy struggling to raise a family generally doesn’t have the opportunity to have dalliances.  He may want to, but who has the energy when faced with the everyday challenges of supporting a family?  Most guys are lucky just to have a wife or girlfriend who loves them.

 But the rich and powerful have lots of opportunity, and they have the allure of wealth and power.  This may be the natural order of things, like the male lion with his pride of lionesses.  Nature rewards the alpha-male with his harem, while the lesser males can only look on.  Perhaps this not only works in the animal kingdom, but in the world of men and women too.

 King Solomon of the Bible had seven hundred wives and three hundred concubines.  The God of the Old Testament did not condemn Solomon (the wisest of all men) for having many wives, but for straying from the One God.  I take this as a tacit endorsement for kings have multiple wives.  The powerful are apparently entitled to their harems.

 Today we don’t have kings, but politicians.  Many of the powerful have the King Solomon Syndrome.  Why aren’t politicians entitled to a facsimile of a harem, a woman in every city?  They are entitled, a perk of being at the top of the social/economic ladder.  What good is power if one can’t enjoy the fruits of their power, just as King Solomon did?

 Bill Clinton had the King Solomon Syndrome.  I think Bill Clinton was a successful president.  Yet he was getting BJs in the White House from an intern, and worst of all got CAUGHT.  I feel the negative reaction against Clinton’s Solomon complex lead to the election of Bush over Gore in a tight election.  America wanted a moralist back as president.  Had Al Gore been elected, I doubt America would have invaded Iraq, and I doubt the U.S. would have had an economic collapse.

 Bill Clinton’s indiscretion led to the election of George Bush and the mess that followed.  Had Clinton not fooled around, the world would have been a different place.  But he put sex above the welfare of his family and his country.

Does President Obama have the King Solomon Syndrome?  Who knows?  Yet, I don’t think Michelle would tolerate it.  I feel Obama is sort of afraid of his wife.  She’d kick the crap out of him if he tried anything.

 Does Herman Cain have the King Solomon Syndrome?  As I write this, I don’t know. But where there is smoke, there may be fire. Time will tell. There is a downside to having a president that believes he is entitled to special sexual privileges.  They imagine they are special, above the norms of society.  I don’t trust special people, because nobody is so special.  Not even King Solomon.

 On the other hand having a president who is a sexually repressed, moralistic prude is not good either.  Repressed sexuality can lead to bizarre behavior.  Is Cain a prude?  Did sexual repression erupt into sexual harassment?

We need a president with a healthy sexuality not given to extremes.  And a First Wife who keeps the President on a tight leash!

Is an attack on Iran’s nuclear capabilities imminent?

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iranThere was a news article about Israel’s possible involvement in the Stuxnet computer worm which caused havoc with Iran’s nuclear program.  Also mentioned was the assassination of an Iranian nuclear scientist, suspected to be masterminded the Mossad.    The Worm in Iran’s Nuclear Program: Made in Israel?

There was nothing remarkable about the story; this information has been long suspected.  Israel clearly views the Iran nuclear effort as a serious threat to its existence.

Yet, there was one line in the article that grabbed my attention.  It was:
“The outgoing spy chief emphasized that the Iranian nuclear program was in such trouble that it would be rash and counterproductive for Israel to send warplanes to bomb it.”

Why would a spy chief tell the world it would be foolish to bomb a country unless the opposite was true?  This could be misdirection.  If someone wanted to bomb another nation’s nuclear facilities, they wouldn’t warn them first.  They’d want the target to lower their guard, thinking everything was business as usual.  A spymaster telling reporters bombing Iran would be counterproductive suggests an attack on Iran’s nuclear capabilities could be imminent. 

America also is taking Iran’s nuclear threat seriously, as this story suggests:
Pentagon eyes accelerated “bunker buster” bomb

“The Pentagon is seeking to speed deployment of an ultra-large “bunker-buster” bomb on the most advanced U.S. bomber as soon as July 2010, the Air Force said on Sunday, amid concerns over perceived nuclear threats from North Korea and Iran.  The non-nuclear, 30,000-pound Massive Ordnance Penetrator, or MOP, which is still being tested, is designed to destroy deeply buried bunkers beyond the reach of existing bombs.”

Previously I wrote about a prediction by Nostradamus that might be referring to events in 2011 (Century 8, Quatrain 10).  The last line mentions “a foreign nation defeated”.  Let us hope this interpretation of the quatrain is erroneous and war is avoided.  I’d prefer to believe the official story that Iran is hapless.   However, if we see more comments that Iran is not a threat and any attack would be unnecessary, then WATCH OUT!

The reason 14 percent of Americans believe President Obama is the Biblical Antichrist

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omen-obamaAccording to a poll, 14% of American thinks President Obama is the Antichrist. 

Quarter of Republicans Think Obama May Be the Anti-Christ

I’d imagine only a fringe would believe something like that, perhaps one or two percent of the population.  But this is a startling number.  1 in 7 Americans actually believe Obama is in league with Satan, and will usher in the Biblical Apocalypse of Revelations.  Can 42 million Americans be considered a fringe?

What possible reason could so many Americans have to think Obama is the Antichrist?  He is a devoted family man, a good husband and father, and regardless of our political viewpoint, we can agree he wants to serve his country the best he can.  Baffled, I discovered three reasons why Obama could be the Antichrist.

Here is a passage from the Bible about the antichrist:

1 John 2:22
Who is the liar? Such a man is the antichrist—he denies the Father and the Son.

Conservative radio and TV talk show hosts regularly call President Obama a liar.  If the Father and the Son in this passage refer to presidents George H.W. Bush and his son George W. Bush, then denying the conservative philosophy of these leaders could be interpreted as a sign someone is the Antichrist.

Anyone remember the Omen movies, about the childhood of the Antichrist?  In the movie the Antichrist’s name was Damien.  “OBAMA” is an anagram for “DAMIEN“.  Drop the “O”, turn the B into a D and what do we have?  DAMA.  Remove the last “A” and replace it with “IEN” and we have…DAMIEN!  Need more proof?  We also have this evidence.  Gregory Peck starred in To Kill a Mocking Bird, a classic movie sympatric towards…those people.  Follow the logic.  Peck stared in both To Kill a Mocking Bird and the original The Omen.

Ok, some could suggest my logic is lacking.  No less so then any other reason to believe our President is the fabled Antichrist.  This leads to the true reason people believe Obama is the Antichrist:


A segment of society detests this man with a passion. Why?  I blame the twin brothers of ignorance and hate.  It is hard to have one without the other.  A life that is filled with diverse experiences, education, and interaction with people from different cultures and beliefs doesn’t breed hated.  Cultural isolation could.  Isolation could lead to hostility towards those who look different, speak different or who don’t share their own view of the world. 

Tarot's Devil Card

Tarot's Devil Card

According to this poll 32 percent of Americans also believe Obama is a Muslim and 25 percent believe he was not born in the United States and is therefore ineligible to be president.  This sounds an awful lot like the talking points of the extreme right.  So many people unquestioningly drink the right’s “cool-aid”. 

Commentators are making big money out of spreading hate.  One day if a real Antichrist emerged to create a one-world government/dictatorship, he will depend on this spirit of  ignorance and hate to accomplish his task.

The tarot has an infamous card, the Devil card (pictured left).  The tarot is full of symbolism, and I wanted to point out one aspect of the symbolism in the Devil card.  The Devil does not necessarily represent a literal devil, but a state of mind, a human condition.  The two chained humanoids beneath the devil represent the every man and woman, our selves.  The devil, symbolizing human failings of all types, dominates the humanoids who have animalistic features.   Yet, observe their chains.  They are not padlocked, but are loose fitting around their neck.  At anytime these characters could remove their chains and move on.  Instead they choose to be influenced by the devil above.  The card suggests human folly, ignorance and vice are voluntary states of mind.  We don’t need an Antichrist to make us slaves; we do that all on our own.


“Nine alleged members of a Christian militia group that was girding for battle with the Antichrist were charged Monday with plotting to kill a police officer and slaughter scores more by bombing the funeral — all in hopes of touching off an uprising against the U.S. government.”


“The arrests of nine members of the Hutaree militia, a Midwestern Christian militia Hutargroup, are illustrating a rise in militia activity, which had been relatively quiet during the term of President George W. Bush but has shot up dramatically since the election of President Obama, experts that track militia groups say.”

Why God abandoned America this past decade



The past decade of 2000 to 2009 was truly dreadful for America.  We had the 911 attacks, a war in Iraq, hurricane Katrina, a stock market crash and a financial/economic collapse unlike anything since the Great Depression. 

However, this perception of an awful decade is from an American perspective.  In China the decade was different.  China experienced unparalleled economic growth during the past decade.  Hundreds of millions of Chinese saw their standard of living rise dramatically while at the same time the American standard of living declined.

This was not supposed to happen to America.  During the past decade we had a conservative, evangelical Christian in President Bush and conservatives in firm control of Congress and the Supreme Court.  Ideally, God should have blessed our nation because our leadership reflected God’s will.  As the Bible says:

Psalm 33:12
Blessed is the nation whose God is the LORD; and the people whom he hath chosen for his own inheritance.

It is believed by many Christians that God will judge a nation for its sins, and disasters are God’s retribution.  An example evangelists often use is the view that AIDS is God’s punishment on homosexuality.

So what went wrong?  Why all these terrible events during the decade of the Bush presidency, one of the most conservative and godly presidents we ever had?  Why did a non-Christian nation like China prosper at the same time?  Has God withdrawn His protection and abandoned America?

Here is a thought.  Perhaps conservative values are not automatically God’s values.  Yes, this is a startling concept.  But how else to explain the worst of times coinciding with the most conservative of times?

Invading Iraq seemed mostly like a political stunt to increase politicians’ popularity after 911.  The Bible talks about good stewards but nobody bothered to do much when Katrina hit New Orleans.  Our economic collapse was founded on conservative laissez-faire principles.  Conservatism seemed to relish venomous partisanship dividing Americans into “us” and “them”, happy to rule with 50.1% of the vote.  Much of what has happened this past decade was the path we chose.

The law of attraction suggests what we think is what we’ll attract into our lives.  Positive thoughts attract positive results and a negative attitude will attract negative consequences. And so it does. 

I’d suggest it is possible to have the law of attraction work on a national scale too.  When a society embraces negativity, rancor, acrimony and disharmony, what are we to expect of the results?  The consequences won’t appear immediately, but in time all the collective bad karma will result in blowback.  Like an economic collapse. 

Bad policies don’t help either.

Saudi Arabia And Texas Execute Sorcerers

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I heard a report on National Public Radio about how Saudi Arabia is executing “sorcerers”.  Here is the link to their report; they have an audio version as well.

Sorcery Charges On The Rise In Saudi Arabia

The article discusses a Lebanese man who had a television show seen around the Middle East, where he would offer advice and pretty much acted like the typical psychic (real or fake) we see in the West.  He went to Saudi Arabia on his pilgrimage to Mecca, a duty for all Muslims.  Someone recognized him from his television show and he was arrested and charged with sorcery, and was sentenced to death.

I like this quote from the article: 
“You will never know on any given day whether the book you are reading or the words you are saying are going to be interpreted or used against you deliberately as a form of witchcraft,” Whitson says.

WOAH!  HOLY MACKEREL!  I sure the heck won’t visit Saudi Arabia anytime soon!  What a dumbass backward law.  Over there someone could get executed for simply owning a deck of tarot cards.  Now, whomever their society wants to execute is their own holy business.  Thank goodness I don’t live there.  Yet, even someone living outside of Saudi Arabia and just visiting can get arrested and executed for having performed “sorcery” outside their nation.  That is downright inhospitable. I have to wonder how any society can prosper when they adhere to such nonsense.

It makes me very happy to live in America, a nation where the separation between Church and State is written into our constitution.  We don’t have live in fear of religious differences. God bless America! 

Then again, America executes sorcerers too.  Or at least they do in the great state of Texas.  Cameron Todd Willingham was convicted and executed for the deaths of his three children by using arson against them.  However, arson experts agree there was no evidence for arson, just an unintentional fire.  Mr. Willingham was an innocent man executed for a crime that didn’t even exist.  So if there was no evidence of a crime or real motive, why was Todd Willingham murdered by the state of Texas?

Because Mr. Willingham had an Iron Maiden and a Led Zeppelin poster on his wall, and had a skull and serpent tattoo on his arm.  He obviously liked heavy metal, so therefore he must have been a child-abusing sociopathic Satanist.  Any and all appeals were casually disregarded, and he was executed Feb. 17 2004.

Cameron Todd Willingham was executed because the state of Texas believed Cameron Todd Willingham was a Satanist, a cultist, a “sorcerer”.  Check out this shocking video below:

Hmm.  Perhaps America, or at least Texas, and Saudi Arabia are not quite so far apart.  Right around the corner the howling madness of fundamentalism lurks, waiting for its chance to strike.  Hide your tarot cards!

Obama’s Star Trek Connection

Obama's Star Trek Connection

Obama's Star Trek Connection

I thought I’d write about Obama’s Star Trek connection.  It is a little known fact, and one of the reasons he is president today.  I am from Illinois, so I’ve watched the rise of Obama from the beginning.   During Obama’s 2004 run for the Illinois Senate, he was up against a new Republican candidate Jack Ryan.  Jack Ryan was an attractive, fairly moderate guy who would have given Obama a real run for the Senate seat.

However, there was a “scandal” that really wasn’t a scandal and Jack Ryan withdrew from the general election.  What alleged scandal?  Jack Ryan used to be married to the actress Jeri Ryan, best know for her role as Seven of Nine in the TV series ‘Star Trek Voyager’.  Jeri Ryan played the role of a former Borg returned to humanity…while dressed in a spandex jumpsuit!   Jack and Jeri divorced in 1999, and their divorce records were sealed.  Yet these divorce records were opened during the campaign, and in them were allegations that Jack wanted Jeri to go to sex clubs and have sex in public. 

Well…we’d expect the Democrats to jump all over this alleged scandal.  Nope, they didn’t.  The Democrats were “ho-hum…nobody else’s business”.  It was Ryan’s own fellow Republicans who jumped on it.  The family values crowd went ballistic!  It looked like Ryan was forced out by the right-wing of his own party, who were not happy with a married man wanting to (allegedly) do the kinky with his wife.

The right wing of the Illinois Republican party then picked the PERFECT candidate to replace Jack Ryan.  Who else but Alan Keyes?  Keyes was an African American religious-right conservative activist best know for his social issue advocacy, and who had no connection with Illinois.  It was as if the Illinois Republicans had lost their minds.  Obama won, 70% to 27%.  Since then the Republican Party in Illinois has totally collapsed.  We used to have a healthy two party system in this state, but since the Right took over the Republican Party they have shrunk into irrelevance. 

The self-destructiveness of the right-wing of the Republican Party is interesting.  Just now Senator Alan Specter left the Republican Party to become a Democrat handing Obama a filibuster proof Senate.  What happened to the Illinois Republicans seems to be replaying itself on the national scene.  The Republicans are on the way to becoming marginalized and irrelevant.  What political party prospers by purifying (purging) their membership of moderates?  The Democrats did the opposite and ran moderate or conservative Democrats in Republican districts with great success.

Geithner demonstrating Vulcan nerve pinch

Geithner demonstrating Vulcan nerve pinch

On another note…has anybody noticed that President Obama’s Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner looks suspiciously like a Vulcan?  Every time I see him on television, I think he does.  Those arched eyebrows, those odd looking ears, the unblinking stare and the furrowed brow.  Even his name Geithner has a Vulcan sound to it.  Could the Vulcans have infiltrated the highest branches of our government?  Should we be concerned?  Check out these photos…what do you think?  Vulcan or not?

Vulcan Geithner

Vulcan Geithner


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Modern Wizards Aleister Crowley and Pat  Robertson

Modern Wizards Aleister Crowley and Pat Robertson

When we think of wizards we usually think of the grand wizards of myth and fiction.  The first names that come to mind could be the legendary Merlin, or the LOTR’s Gandalf, or Harry Potter’s Dumbledore.  Wizard literally means “wise man”, and these characters accurately symbolize that archetype.  I would include characters like Star Wars’ Yoda in this too. 

Merlin and King Arthur

Merlin and King Arthur

What are their characteristics?  They are all deep in wisdom, they are mentors to young protagonists, and they wield a powerful influence on their surroundings.  Their magical abilities seem secondary to their wisdom and political influence.  They seem to prefer working behind the scenes, inspiring others to achievement.  It seems the wizards who try to directly control events are the evil wizards, like Voldemort or Saruman.  Perhaps the wise wizard understands that power is best used indirectly to inspire and not to control.

The classic wizard seems to be inspired by the mythic Norse god Odin in the visage of the Wanderer.  The wanderer Odin would be disguised wearing a robe and the broad rimmed hat and carrying a staff, and interact with mortals who did not realize that the god was in their midst.  Odin seems tp be the original pagan model for Father Christmas, also Santa Claus.  If we examine Santa Claus, he seems to be a bit of a wizard himself.  Santa has magical abilities and rules over elves!

John Dee and Queen Elizabeth

John Dee and Queen Elizabeth

The wizard is a powerful fictional archetype.  Did the wizard actually exist in real life?  Who are the historical wizards?  By wizard I don’t only mean practitioners of ceremonial magic, but those who also had a measure of fame and political influence.  There were a few.  Nostradamus consulted for French royalty and Catherine de Medicis queen consort for the King of France.  Grigori Rasputin held sway over Russian Tsar Nicholas II.  The famed occultist John Dee was a consultant to Queen Elizabeth I.  For a glimpse of John Dee in film, check “Elizabeth: The Golden Age” where the character John Dee appears consulting for Elizabeth. 

In modern times we had mystics like Arthur Edward Waite and the infamous Aleister Crowley.  We also have the modern wizardry of stage magic.  We could consider Houdini as something of a modern wizard.  Yet, in the modern era, nobody really comes close to the legendary version of the wizard.  Heads of state don’t consult their astrologers anymore…do they? 

I will toss out an idea of who might be our modern day wizards.  I consider television evangelists to be very similar to wizards.  How so?  Some televangelists claim supernatural powers.  They claim direct communication with God.  They predict the future and have access to secret knowledge through “words of knowledge” and even turn aside hurricanes.  I have seem them perform these feats on television with my very own eyes!  They claim miraculous healing powers and can cause the lame to get out of their wheelchairs.  Again, I have seen this happen on TV!  They possess great wisdom about the true nature of the world.   For instance, they know for a fact that events like Hurricane Katrina was a direct punishment on New Orleans for its wicked ways, and that AIDs was God’s punishment on gays.  And above all, the modern televangelists have huge political sway.   Political parties serve at their command.  They are policy counselors to our great politicians, very much like Merlin was with King Arthur, or Gandalf with Aragorn, or John Dee with the Queen.  The great Wizards are still among us today!

Good luck charms, talismans and Obama



Why do people carry good luck charms?  Do they really work?  Even the most educated and successful people seem to carry a trinket or two for good fortune.  Here are a couple of articles about President Obama and his good luck charms.  The first is about how people give Obama lucky charms, often thrusting them into his hands as they shake his.  They want Obama to be safe and successful and seem to think their charm will help.,9171,1867123,00.html

The second article from Time magazine is about what lucky charms the political candidates carried before the election.  Obama carried quite a few of them, all quite exotic.   John McCain, only an old coin.  Somehow, fitting!,27424,1811278,00.html

In my picture above are my own personal “charms”.  I don’t carry them all with me; they sit on my bookcase.  From time to time I may carry one with me.  They symbolize a wide range of belief systems, all of which I respect.  I have planetary talismans, a real old Indian arrowhead, a carved bear, I-Ching coins, a little Buddha, an Eastern Orthodox icon, and miniature bible.  Looking at them, I realize I need something Hindu.  Maybe a little Shiva. 

How can an inanimate object possibly bring good fortune?  It appears to be only superstition.  Yet, behind superstitions are often nuggets of truth, and sometimes more then just a nugget. 

It has been suggested that a lucky charm has a psychological effect.  If someone thinks a trinket will give him or her luck; they will behave in a way that will produce good fortune.  I don’t think it is quite that simple.  The power of a lucky amulet can be more then only psychological. 



Nobody has real control over his or her environment, yet its human nature to try.  When faced with a world of randomness, we try to bring order to the uncertainty of life.  A charm reflects that that desire for order, for protection against the whims of chance.  But it should not only be a hope.  Just carrying a charm around is not sufficient.  If a charm, amulet or talisman is properly realized, it can be a tool for shaping our thoughts and thereby shaping our reality.  Properly used a talisman acts as a focus.  It is used to reinforce practices of visualization and thought control.  These practices are the cornerstone of what is called magic, or the law of attraction, or the occult.

Now President Obama has become something of a talisman for many people.  He appears on key chains, souvenirs, and memorabilia of all sorts.  People are hanging his picture on their walls.  There is a scramble to gather key newspapers with Obama on the cover.   Obama has become the focus of many hopeful thoughts.  When enough people project their positive feelings and hope towards the president, it will have a rebounding result for the better.  Obama has become our talismanic president!




Here is a picture of Obama taking his oath of office with his hand raised.  When I saw this picture in the newspaper, I had to read Obama’s palm!  We have a great view of his hand for analyzing with palmistry.  What does it say?  Palmistry is not exactly a “hard science”; so reading the lines in our President’s hand is a matter of interpretation. 

palm-chart1First, lets look at Obama’s life line (marked A in the photo).  He has something special, a double lifeline!  That shows double vitality, a life full of energy and power.  His strong life line reveals a president full of vigor!

Obama’s head line (marked B) is strong and solid which speaks of a good intellect.  I noticed that the head line does not intersect either the life line or the heart line, it stands alone.  This speaks to someone who tends to be aloof, whose judgment is not overly influenced by the emotions of the heart line or the experiences of the life line.  Perhaps Obama’s coolness under pressure is reflected in his palm!

Obama’s heart line (marked C) is also strong and clear, and it soars upward.  This speaks to a rising compassion, and suggests a pretty normal love life.  What we don’t want for a president is someone who suffers from repressed or abnormal sexuality.  We’ve had enough of those types of politicians lately.  We need a leader with a healthy and normal emotional life, and Obama’s hand looks like a stable hand to me.

obama-palmObama’s fate line is most interesting.  It appears to be broken early on, but then goes straight up in an unbroken line.  No choppy days for our nation.  His path is clear, our destinies are clear.  From reading Obama’s palm, I safely predict better days ahead for our nation.

I am sure many of you are much better at reading palms then myself.  What do you read in the President’s hand? 

As for palmistry, this has become something of a lost form of divination.  People still consult horoscopes, or have their tarot cards read.  But nowadays, not too many people have their palms read.   I suggest this is because palm reading is really a pretty personal form of interaction.  Touching one’s hands and fingers, stroking and caressing the lines in our palms, is a petty intimate act.  Maybe too personal for strangers.

Our hands and fingers are very sensitive, full of nerve endings directly connected to our brain.  Hands are points of energy in our body.  They are the tools of our mind.  It is amazing how we can have such intricate control over the movement of our fingers.  I am amazed how a musician can control their instrument.   In ceremonial magic, there are occult gestures of power used to direct our inner energy outward.  I once saw something that was quite amazing.  In a darkened room, someone would touch their fingertips together, and slowly draw their hands apart.  When I looked with my peripheral vision, out of the corner of the eye, tiny visible streams of ethereal light were seen streaming between the fingers.  It looked like wisps of glowing smoke.  So it might not be a stretch to think that someone who is a true sensitive, or even just good at reading human nature, can examine our palms and discern facts about us. 

And speaking about occult gestures, I thought I’d end with a picture of our former Fearless Leader giving the devil’s salute!

The Devil's Salute

The Devil's Salute