Pick lottery tickets using magical timing, dice divination and planetary hours.



planetary-dice-divinationWhen buying lottery tickets, people often use lucky numbers.  Maybe it is a combination of birth dates and other significant dates, or other numbers that have a special meaning.  How often do lucky numbers win?  Quick pick numbers have exactly the same chance at winning as hand picked numbers. That is why people often turn to the simple lottery quick pick and let the system choose random numbers. 

With the quick pick, the winning numbers will appear in a random lottery ticket machine somewhere sometime, and one has to be at the right place at the right time to get that winning ticket.  Instead of trying to pick lucky numbers, how about trying to pick a lucky time to buy your quick pick lottery instead? 

Here is the official Occult View’s system of picking lottery tickets using magical timing. It combines dice divination with Solomonic magic.  I can’t guarantee success, but it can’t do any worse then any other system.


For this procedure we need a set of three dice, which are new and have never been used.  These dice will be used only for dice divination.  We will transform the dice into talismans.  The dice should be dice made of wood or bone.  Organic materials retain etheric patterns far better then plastic.  Dice made of wood should not be too hard to locate, bone dice would be a more difficult challenge.

We need to charge the dice with the power of the heavenly bodies in the night sky. This operation is done on a clear night, and best also under a full moon.  Place the dice and a small pouch or a cloth outside or on a window shelf exposing the dice to the rays of the moon.  According to your belief system, offer a prayer to God, request angelic intervention, or ask the Universe Itself to bless your dice and imbue them with the power of the stars and planets.  Do so with full conviction.

The dice will be charged with the celestial influence during the course of the night.  Before sunrise, gather the dice, place then in the pouch or wrap them in the cloth, and thank the Universe for their blessing.  NEVER let the dice be exposed to daylight.  The rays of the sun will erase the subtle celestial patterns retained by the dice.  Place the dice in a little trinket box some place away from the sun.  These dice will be used only for divination. 

Again, organic materials retain these subtle cosmic influences best.  Even better would be if we crafted our own dice from wood or bone, which is possible if one has some crafting talent and the tools.  The process of creating your own dice, and then charging them would be quite powerful.  A standard process in the old magical grimories (such as the Key of Solomon) is the manufacture of one’s own magical implements.  The more effort and time spent in making your own tools, the more powerful they become.


Based on numerology, certain numbers are associated with each of the traditional planets.  If possible perform this divination outdoors under the night sky.  But it can be done indoor as well.  Outdoors draw a circle with chalk about 2 feet in diameter.  In this circle sketch out the magic square and sigil of Jupiter, which governs matters concerning money.  This pattern is shown below.  If indoors, draw this pattern on parchment.



Holding your dice in your hand, ask the Universe for its help, to know the best time to accomplish your task.  Your task is to know the luckiest time to buy a lottery ticket.  Ask aloud and focus on the night sky, and visualize the power of the planets and stars invested in these dice.  Remember, the Universe wants to help you…all you need to do is ask. Then cast the dice into the circle/square you drew.  If a die leaves the circle, then it is not counted.  Add up the numbers of the dice inside or touching the circle, and compare the total to the chart below.  This number represents one of the traditional planets.  Don’t forget to erase the chalk drawing.




Below is a chart taken from the grimorie, The Key Of Solomon.  It is used for magical timing in the operation of magical rituals.  It was assumed there were correspondences between the planets and the purpose of an operation.  For our purpose, we are using this chart to pick the lucky hour to head out to the local convenience store or gas station and purchase a quick pick lottery ticket. 

Each day of the week has a different planet assigned to each hour of the day and night.  The hour to buy the ticket is based on the planet.  For example, if your dice chose the moon and it is Monday, then buy a ticket either at the 1st hour or the 8th hour during daylight, or the 3rd or 10th hour of nighttime.  These hours will tend to be when luck is on your side.



However, there is an additional wrinkle to these planetary hours.  Not every daylight or nighttime hour is exactly 60 minutes.  During the summer the days are longer and so the daylight “hours” are longer then 60 minutes. During the winter the night is longer, and the daylight hours are shorter then 60 minutes.  Determine the actual length of a day or night and divide by 12 and we have our actual planetary hours.  Here is a website calculator that can help:  http://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/sunrise.html

You can “right click” and print out these charts, fold them and keep them with your celestially charged dice, so they will be handy when the time comes for consulting the Universe.  Good luck!

Magical Timing Update:

If anyone thinks magical timing is completely foolish, check out this story below about a woman who won multiple millions over the years.

4-time Texas lotto winner rich with money, mystery

“The odds that Joan Ginther would hit four Texas Lottery jackpots for a combined nearly $21 million are astronomical. Mathematicians say the chances are as slim as 1 in 18 septillion — that’s 18 followed by 24 zeros.”

Her winnings from scratch-off tickets were $2 million in 2006 and $3 million in 2008, and $10 million last month (2010).  Plus Ginther split an $11 million lottery jackpot in 1993.  What are the odds?  Just about impossible.  Yet it happened.  And it was not by using lucky numbers; scratch-off tickets are all about being at the right place at the right time.  Did Joan Ginther have an uncanny knack, consciously or subconsciously, of magical timing?  It can’t be mere chance.

Lottery winner update:  Another story about a multipe lottery winner.

 Months after winning $1M in lottery, man wins $2M

I liked that the winner had a dream 6 years ago in which he won a big prize.  “Pullen recalled a dream six years ago in which he won a lot of money. Even after the $1 million win in June, he didn’t feel like the dream was complete.”

And another lottery story:  Psychic predicted own lottery win

And yet another lottery story: Atlanta man wins $1 million lottery for second time in three years

Skepticism or Spirituality, Automaton or Magician?

Magician Automation

Magician Automation

I like stage and street magic, from Harry Houdini to David Blaine.  Part of it is intellectual.  Can we solve the puzzle how somebody created the illusion?  We know it’s a trick.   Sometimes we can’t solve the trick with logic.  Then it creates an interesting response.  If only for a brief second, it feels as if the supernatural actually happened.  Like wow!

Carter The Magician

Carter The Magician

There is a small connection between the stage magician and the mystical ceremonial magician of  “Key of Solomon” fame.  Old magic posters of great magicians offer some interesting symbolism.  They often include motifs of the genuine supernatural, such as infernal spirits conferring with or aiding the magician.  The symbolism is obvious…to hint that maybe the magician is something more then only stage magic.  That suggestion is only show business.  However behind the symbolism is the recognition that stage magic plays off the real thing…ceremonial magic.  

Considering the traditions of real magic, in the past people would use magic tricks to pretend they had supernatural powers.  Fake spiritualists used  seances and “spirit cabinets” to commit fraud and fleece the public.  Houdini was famous for his work debunking the frauds.  Today we have famous skeptics like the Amazing James Randi doing the same thing.  Randi is involved with a magazine devoted to skepticism aptly named…The Skeptic.  http://www.skeptic.com/

I blog about the occult and I endorse a magazine dedicated to skepticism?  Yes!  It really is a great magazine.  I understand the importance of hearing all sides of a viewpoint.  The Skeptic magazine takes a strictly materialistic, atheist worldview that I personally reject.  Are we all only Automatons? 

The skeptical viewpoint is important because they are correct more often then not.  They debunk a lot of nonsense.  Beware they have an agenda, a philosophical opposition to ANYTHING spiritual.  To their credit have debates with spiritual types such as Deepak Chopra.  The Chopra articles are especially good…they alone worth reading the magazine.  Thumbs up!

Another magazine I like with a spiritual viewpoint was recently renamed, EnlightenNext founded by Andrew Cohen.  http://www.enlightennext.org/magazine/

This magazine offers an eclectic mix of spiritual viewpoints.  I really appreciate that their views are not at odds with science but accept scientific reality as a part of spiritually. Again, not everything they write about I would personally agree with.   But reading only what we believe in is not the approach to enlightenment.   An open mind should not believe in everything, or in nothing.

Below is a video I took at the ‘House On The Rock’ in Wisconsin.  It is an Automaton of a Magician.   A wonderful mechanism!  People who visited House on the Rock said it was awesome.  I followed their advice.  Did it measure up?  It far exceeded my expectations.  It is not a tourist trap.  It is a real experience, if you like interesting objects.  The place is filled with fabulous collections of the real and the imagined.   The pictures of the magician posters  above were taken in their cafeteria.

The Secret of True Magic

secret of true magic

secret of true magic

The law of attraction, manifesting reality, and magic are concepts that are basically interchangeable.   The methods and techniques used to alter reality are similar when brought down to their essentials.  Essentially, it is using our thoughts to create patterns in some form of cosmic energy or vibration which then reverberates down to affect our physical existence.

The law of attraction uses control over our thought process to accomplish this.  Magic uses ritual and altered states of consciousness to achieve the same thing.  An interesting question is…how does this work?  There are vague ideas about vibrations and energies and unity with the universe.  It seems the techniques are highly developed, but the theories behind the mechanics are not.  Which is reasonable since nobody really knows how it works.  But lack of understanding won’t stop me putting in my two cents worth!

What is this cosmic vibration that manifests reality?  I will offer the ideas developed by mystics, occultists, spiritualists and cabalists.  These ideas are speculative, but make for interesting food for thought.  Above is a graphic I made to illustrate the point I will make. 

According to some mystical viewpoints, there are different levels of reality.  At the highest level is the realm of Spirit which exists outside out time and space.  We have no direct contact with this reality.  Spirit created the Big Bang as an act of creation, the ultimate manifestation of reality.   From the Big Bang and the creation of the Universe, all the levels beneath were created. 

The level below Spirit is the Abstract level.  These are the laws of reality which are revealed in mathematics.  It is not matter and not energy, but the rules that govern physicality.  It seems to be closely related to the science of quantum mechanics.  These laws created evolution…and sentient life.

The level below Abstract is the Astral level.  The astral level is the level of consciousness, sentience, the subconscious, and the mind.  The mind (Astral body) is not matter, it is not energy, and it is not only biology or even information, but something all together different then anything else in the universe.  Consciousness is unique.  It is the pinnacle of Universal creation, the big bang’s last act. 

Below the astral level is the etheric level.  This seems to be a finer form of matter invisible to us.  It is closely related to life, auras, chakra and our invisible body.  It might also be related to cosmology’s dark matter.  Not long ago the idea of an invisible world all around us would be scoffed at.  Now science recognizes that invisible dark matters makes up most of the universe’s matter, but have zero idea what it is.  It is the realm of ghosts and possibility other entities. 

Finally we have the physical world we all know, the realm understood by science, of matter and energy. 

What then is the mechanics behind magic?  The secret is that all these levels co-exist simultaneously in everything.  All individuals are made of the spirit, abstract, astral, etheric and physical levels.  According to the theory, the astral level (the mind) can send patterns up to the spirit level, and then it returns descending back down vibrating through all the levels until it reaches the physical world…manifesting reality.  The tricky part seems to be contacting the realm of Spirit which exists outside of time/space.  The techniques for magic seem to have that as the ultimate goal in one fashion or another. 

In future posts I will examine each of these levels of existence in more detail.


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Modern Wizards Aleister Crowley and Pat  Robertson

Modern Wizards Aleister Crowley and Pat Robertson

When we think of wizards we usually think of the grand wizards of myth and fiction.  The first names that come to mind could be the legendary Merlin, or the LOTR’s Gandalf, or Harry Potter’s Dumbledore.  Wizard literally means “wise man”, and these characters accurately symbolize that archetype.  I would include characters like Star Wars’ Yoda in this too. 

Merlin and King Arthur

Merlin and King Arthur

What are their characteristics?  They are all deep in wisdom, they are mentors to young protagonists, and they wield a powerful influence on their surroundings.  Their magical abilities seem secondary to their wisdom and political influence.  They seem to prefer working behind the scenes, inspiring others to achievement.  It seems the wizards who try to directly control events are the evil wizards, like Voldemort or Saruman.  Perhaps the wise wizard understands that power is best used indirectly to inspire and not to control.

The classic wizard seems to be inspired by the mythic Norse god Odin in the visage of the Wanderer.  The wanderer Odin would be disguised wearing a robe and the broad rimmed hat and carrying a staff, and interact with mortals who did not realize that the god was in their midst.  Odin seems tp be the original pagan model for Father Christmas, also Santa Claus.  If we examine Santa Claus, he seems to be a bit of a wizard himself.  Santa has magical abilities and rules over elves!

John Dee and Queen Elizabeth

John Dee and Queen Elizabeth

The wizard is a powerful fictional archetype.  Did the wizard actually exist in real life?  Who are the historical wizards?  By wizard I don’t only mean practitioners of ceremonial magic, but those who also had a measure of fame and political influence.  There were a few.  Nostradamus consulted for French royalty and Catherine de Medicis queen consort for the King of France.  Grigori Rasputin held sway over Russian Tsar Nicholas II.  The famed occultist John Dee was a consultant to Queen Elizabeth I.  For a glimpse of John Dee in film, check “Elizabeth: The Golden Age” where the character John Dee appears consulting for Elizabeth. 

In modern times we had mystics like Arthur Edward Waite and the infamous Aleister Crowley.  We also have the modern wizardry of stage magic.  We could consider Houdini as something of a modern wizard.  Yet, in the modern era, nobody really comes close to the legendary version of the wizard.  Heads of state don’t consult their astrologers anymore…do they? 

I will toss out an idea of who might be our modern day wizards.  I consider television evangelists to be very similar to wizards.  How so?  Some televangelists claim supernatural powers.  They claim direct communication with God.  They predict the future and have access to secret knowledge through “words of knowledge” and even turn aside hurricanes.  I have seem them perform these feats on television with my very own eyes!  They claim miraculous healing powers and can cause the lame to get out of their wheelchairs.  Again, I have seen this happen on TV!  They possess great wisdom about the true nature of the world.   For instance, they know for a fact that events like Hurricane Katrina was a direct punishment on New Orleans for its wicked ways, and that AIDs was God’s punishment on gays.  And above all, the modern televangelists have huge political sway.   Political parties serve at their command.  They are policy counselors to our great politicians, very much like Merlin was with King Arthur, or Gandalf with Aragorn, or John Dee with the Queen.  The great Wizards are still among us today!