Can the law of attraction help cancer patients?


My brother has stage 4 kidney cancer.  He used to be a healthy guy over 200 pounds (pictured above) who tried dieting.  Well, he discovered his diet was working wonders.  He began to lose weight without effort…until he couldn’t stop losing weight.  When he got less than 140 pounds he realized something was wrong. What he thought was weight loss from a diet was actually the result of cancer.

Kidney cancer is a fairly rare and virulent form or cancer that is highly resistant to chemotherapy.  He is currently taking Nexavar, a targeted molecular therapy.  Spots have appeared on his lungs and liver so his mood is not good to say the least.  No matter how grim matters may appear, as long as there is life there is hope.

To encourage him I gave my brother the DVD of The Secret.  For those who don’t know, years ago The Secret had a moment of fame.  The Secret is about the law of attraction.  It suggests what we think/feel is what we’ll attract into our lives.  The DVD takes the premise too far suggesting it can do more then is likely.  I suspect it overstates its case to make it more understandable to a mass audience.  Yet I’d suggest there is truth to the concept.  We do manifest into our lives what we think and feel, but within limits.

Can the law of attraction help cancer patients?  It might seem almost cruel to suggest that “happy thoughts” can cure cancer.  When someone is battling cancer it is nearly impossible to even think of anything else anyway.  I submit in the battle with cancer the mental struggle is as important as the physical.  The power of mind over body is well known and being positive can only help.  As long as there is life, there is hope.  If the law of attraction cannot ultimately prevent one’s destiny it can make the journey far better.

My brother’s reaction to The Secret’s law of attraction was interesting.  On the first viewing he scoffed at it.  We discussed the law of attraction, and I explained how it works in very real ways if not mystical ways.  On his second viewing, he said it encouraged him.  He said he would try to practice these ideas.  Doing so has helped ease his mind to an extent.  It has been eight months since he was diagnosed with cancer, and he is maintaining.  He maintains hope.  I’d suggest a DVD of The Secret would be a helpful gift to any person suffering from cancer.  What better gift then a positive idea and the promise of hope?

I’ve been away from blogging for a couple of weeks.  I discovered myself worrying greatly about my brother and lost my blogging voice.  Time for me to use the law of attraction as well and have hope.

Is the Law Of Attraction relevant during an economic disaster?

Law Of Attraction

Law Of Attraction

In 2006 the movie The Secret appeared, soon followed by a book.  The Secret introduced the law of attraction to a popular audience.  The topic appeared twice on the Oprah Winfrey show and suddenly everybody was talking about the law of attraction and practicing its precepts.  The law of attraction suggests what we think will become attracted into our lives. 

What happened to The Secret?

Now in 2010 we don’t hear much about The Secret or the law of attraction anymore.  Since then the world economy suffered a near collapse, and we are experiencing the worst economy since the Great Depression.  Now it seems like the law of attraction does not work so well.  When the world is falling apart, it appears the law of attraction loses its punch and many adherents have abandoned it as ineffective.

Is the law of attraction still relevant today? 

I’d suggest the law of attraction is still an effective means of improving one’s life.  However, there are elements to the concept that were loosely understood.  The law of attraction works not only on an individual scale, but at a national and even global scale.  When a great many people all begin to ‘vibrate’, to think and ‘attract’ in harmony, it creates a great wave.  This wave is the law of attraction working at a groupthink level and this wave can overwhelm any one individual’s personal efforts at using the law of attraction. 

Groupthink Wave Bubbles

An example of the law of attraction working at a groupthink level is the speculative financial bubble.  When a group begins to think alike and invest alike, a wave is created and a speculative bubble is formed.  A common example was the Dutch tulip mania.  A modern example could be baseball cards.  In the past hobbyists speculating in baseball cards bid up the prices on cards to amazing levels, until the bubble burst, and the last person buying them were left with nearly worthless cards.

In the late 1990s there was a far bigger speculative bubble…the bubble.  Speculators were making big money pushing up the values of hot Internet stocks often with little intrinsic value, until they bailed out, and the last person owning them was left behind.  During this time a mere dial-up Internet Service Provider (AOL) actually bought the media giant Time Warner, a sure sign the bubble was nearing its peak.

After the bubble imploded, speculators created a new law of attraction wave for its next bubble, and went into real estate.  The banks and speculators targeted housing.  The difference between the housing bubble and other bubbles is that with baseball cards or stocks, people actively choose to invest or not, to add their bit of vibration to a law of attraction wave.  With the housing bubble speculators were playing games with other people’s most important and valuable asset; their home.  We had no say in the matter. 

The law of attraction can create or destroy

When the housing bubble burst, the world economy nearly collapsed and many people were hurt.  We all know someone who lost their job or their home or both, if we are not in that situation our self.  The law of attraction can achieve positive or negative results; it is a neutral force and does not care.  There have been times when a law of attraction wave has been used for great benefit, such as women’s suffrage, the civil rights movement and other social movements.  At the opposite side, there were times when people who suffered social turmoil had their wave turned towards fascism or totalitarianism for solutions.

What to do?

Any individual can be overwhelmed by these groupthink waves.  When we live in times of opportunity, then the law of attraction is easy.  But when times are hard, then we truly need the law of attraction more then ever.  If we allow ourselves to get discouraged and depressed, then digging out of our hole is doubly difficult.  It is when times are tough that we need to know, in a positive way, that all will be well.  Because things will get better, tell yourself that.  Believe in yourself and then do what you need to do.  Deal with whatever life throws at us, for this storm will pass.  Groupthink waves do not last forever, and their energy gets spent and they end. Time is on our side, for better days are ahead.

The occult meaning of Thanksgiving



Is there any occult or esoteric meaning in the American holiday of Thanksgiving?  Many holidays were originally pagan.  Christianity usurped these pagan holidays and Christianized them.  This makes for strange bedfellows.  Easter eggs and bunnies?  Those are symbols of spring fertility festivals (sex!), not really the resurrection of Christ.  Christmas is associated with the Winter Solstice and deities like the god Woden and his elves.  They are the origin for the Father Winter/Santa archetype.  Even odd holidays like Groundhog Day were pagan (in this case the festival of Imbolc).

Thanksgiving is an American holiday started by pilgrims.  It would seem to be a stretch to find any hidden occult significance in this event.  Yet maybe so!   

Thanksgiving is a harvest festival to give thanks for the past year. During the farming era of the past, scarcity and need were always lurking around the corner.  When there was a bountiful harvest it was time for celebration.



Thanksgiving is associated with the cornucopia, symbolizing food, abundance, and prosperity.  The cornucopia of plenty has its origin in ancient mythology. The Roman god Fortuna, the goddess of luck and fortune, was often depicted carrying a cornucopia and it became linked with her.  Lady Fortune represented how life was subject to the whim of chance, good or ill.  In ancient Roman times Fortuna was sought by many seeking good fortune and to avoid bad luck.  Since then this goddess has a modern name…Lady Luck. 

Here is the possible occult meaning of Thanksgiving.  We give thanks for our abundance, with the unspoken hope of avoiding scarcity in the year ahead.  Giving thanks is not just an act of appreciation for what has past, but hope for the future as well.  Unknowingly, with thanksgiving we are practicing the law of attraction.

The Law of Attraction suggests what we think will become manifest in our lives.   This concept is one of the cornerstones of occult thought.   Ritual, visualization, ceremony (dinner festivals) are all tools to the same end, to affect the future.  By giving thanks for what we have with confidence for better days ahead, we may cause this to occur.  The opposite is true, if we bemoan the present with grim expectations for the future, then that will likely be our fate as well.

I nominate Fortuna as the unspoken patron deity of Thanksgiving.  Life is a roll of the dice and can be arbitrary and unfair.  If we are fortunate enough to have a happy thanksgiving holiday, we should really be grateful.  There are many who will not enjoy a feast this year, or who eat alone.  We live in hard times now.  Our state of mind can make the difference.  We can change our circumstances if give thanks not only for the present, but give thanks for the future as well.  Giving thanks for that which has yet to happen will make it manifest.

The Evil Eye, Curses and the Law Of Attraction



What is a curse?  Cursing is profanity, usually uttered when something has upset us and we express our dissatisfaction verbally.  When someone drives recklessly around us we often spontaneously express our displeasure with an epitaph no one will hear.  We all have uttered a curse when something unpleasant surprises us.

The curse also has supernatural significance.  The ability to literally bless or curse someone is a cornerstone of occult practice.  The curse has a huge role in legend and folklore.  The belief in curses also had tragic consequences in real life.  There was a time when human beings were burned at the stake because the population believed they could be smitten by a curse.  People explained away their misfortune by placing blame on a scapegoat…that person over there.  Witch!   Misfortune could not possibly be the result of random chance; there must be a cause, a source for their affliction.  The idea that life was arbitrary was disconcerting.  It was more comforting to believe a witch’s curse was responsible for a tragedy; it gave a sense of order to our lives where none really existed.

Humanity is far better off that the belief in curses has faded away.  It was a truly destructive belief driven by ignorance and fear. Today the curse is considered to be only superstition.

However, there still exists a reality behind the supernatural curse.  Here is a true story.  She would never consider this to be a curse. She does not believe in such things.  I interpret it differently. 

I know a woman who was betrayed by her business partner a number of years ago.  Her relationship with this business partner was informal but they worked together towards the same goal.  She gave her partner her trust, sharing with the partner her knowledge, expertise and contacts.  This partner eventually took advantage of her trust.  When this partner knew everything she needed to know from her, the partner discarded her.  The partner locked her out of the business which the partner legally owned.  She felt a profound sense of personal betrayal.  All her efforts were stolen from her.  To say she was upset would be an understatement.  She was livid, outraged, but the circumstances left her no recourse. 

Deeply disillusioned and upset, she knew she had to move on from this experience.  Yet, she held a grudge, a very deep and enduring grudge.  Everyday she visualized that this person who betrayed her would slip outside their office and fall on her back…tumbling backwards with a terrible collapse.  It occupied her mind.  Everyday for months she visualized the same thing happening over and over, seeing this person drop on her back.  In her mind’s eye it was as if she were personally witnessing it herself.  

As the months went by she began to loose her preoccupation with what transpired. She moved on with her life.  Around six months afterwards she met a former business acquaintance of both of them.  The business acquaintance asked her if she heard what happened to her former colleague.  She said no.  He said two months after the partner and she parted company, this partner slipped on some gravel outside the entrance to the office and fell on her back. The partner broke her back.  The partner ended up in the hospital for months in a body cast.

This event happened exactly as she visualized.  She was shaken by this news.  She did not know exactly what to make of it.  She did not believe in God or the supernatural.  It eventually led her towards a different viewpoint concerning spirituality.  It inspired her to look at life in a different light.  After this event she became convinced that there was more to life then we imagine, and she sought to find out what it was.  It is ironic that this “curse” actually became a positive life-changing event for her.  It opened her eyes.

What is a true curse?  Examining the event she experienced, what she unknowingly practiced was another ancient practice.  The Evil Eye.  She had no conscious intent on cursing her former partner.  But she wished on her partner a full measure of misfortune in a very intense, focused and personal way.  She was exercising the technique of the evil eye without realizing it.  The evil eye has as long a history.  It was believed that the glare of the evil eye could cause all manner of illness and misfortune.  Talismans were used to protect against the evil eye.   The evil eye is an internalized curse.  That is what makes the evil eye dangerous.

A verbal curse is satisfying and at the same time ineffective.  After the act of verbalizing our displeasure, we feel much better and the bitterness goes away.  We release our anger.  That is the point of the verbal curse.  We swear and go on with life.

The evil eye is a different story.  The evil eye is inside our head.  The evil eye dwells on our grievances.  It is unspoken, unreleased visualized imagination and intent. This ties in with the Law of Attraction. 

The law of attraction suggests that what we think, what we feel with conviction, feeling, and purpose will become reality.  It is accepted that positive thoughts properly visualized will attract positive results in our lives.  The law of attraction says the opposite is also true, that negative thoughts and feelings will bring negative consequences. 

We can aim the law of attraction at others as well.  Most people believe in the power of prayer.  Outside of the religious aspect, to pray for someone involves the law of attraction.  Prayers and blessings use the power of positive belief not for personal benefit, but for the benefit of others.

It is also possible to aim the power of negativity at another like a weapon.  This is rarely practiced.  It is the opposite of prayer.  It is the curse, the evil eye.  I think that is exactly what this betrayed lady unconsciously did.  The law of attraction works regardless if we believe in it or not.  Focused, intense harmful visualization really is the mind’s evil eye.  Some people are more in touch with the law of attraction and can get serious results.

This is a cautionary story.  Be careful with whom we mess around with.  If we step on people on a regular basis, if we don’t care who we harm, one day we might run into someone who has the evil eye.  Perhaps not every one of life’s misfortunes is random chance.   I am sure the lady who had the broken back had no clue.

The Mystery of Beginner’s Luck



I’m not a big fan of gambling.  Mostly because losing money is no fun.   I am not lucky when it comes to gambling.  Lottery tickets are a total waste.  The few times I visited a riverboat casino I ended up throwing money away.  I thought to myself…what is the appeal in all of this?   I’m just giving money away to the casino.   I’d rather waste my money on more worthwhile vices…like cigars!

However, one thing I have noticed, both personally and from other’s tales, is the reality of beginner’s luck.  Beginner’s luck really is a mystery.  I will relate a few of my own experiences with this mysterious form of luck.

The first time I ever gambled was long ago at a casino in Atlantic City.  I’d wander around looking at all the gaudy games and I knew I didn’t understand their rules.  I figured I’d try roulette, since that is easy enough to understand.   I discovered it was not complicated to guess black or green on the roulette wheel.   I was winning much more often then losing.  The guy running the table started to look funny at me, as if I were somehow cheating.  Then I got distracted, I forget by what.  After that…I lost whatever luck I had but still left with winnings.  I thought…how easy this is!  Unfortunately, that luck never returned.

lucky-horseshoeRecently I went to a horse race track for fun.  Gambling was really not the point; it was something fun to do.  Again, I knew nothing about gambling on horses.  I spent time trying to figure out how to place a wager…it was baffling at first.    I’d look at the horse sheet they gave out, and the odds on the TV screens, trying to decipher the winner.  Hmmm…I like THAT name!   Strangely enough, I picked the first place winner six times in eight races.   I recognized how odd this was.  When the first horse finished first…it was yippee.  But by the 5th win, I knew something very weird was going on…beginner’s luck.  I never had the slightest expectation of winning.

My last example was at ChuckE’s Cheese’s of all places.   A few weeks ago I was attending a child’s birthday party.  At this place they have all kinds of games.  The men folk gravitated an arcade game version of ‘Deal Or No Deal’.  We’d pick one ‘case’ on the screen; the top prize was worth 80 tickets.   The first time I tried it, I was surprised I picked the top prize case…yippee.  When I tried it again later, I picked the top  case once again.  Again I thought it odd.   It really didn’t matter to me personally how many tickets I won.

Lucky Coins

Lucky Coins

I’ve heard of similar stories from other people as well.  I will offer a theory, but it’s only a guess.  I suspect that everyone has some level of precognitive ability.  These are not conscious abilities.  These senses hover somewhere in the background, usually drowned out by the humdrum and rattle of everyday life.  Sometimes they emerge, like when a parent senses their child is in danger away from home, and later discovers such was the situation.  Animals seem to have this sense.  There are many stories of dogs sensing their owner is approaching home and wait for them at the door before they arrive, even at odd times.  I’ve seen this actually filmed on television.

Is a sixth sense part of life’s evolutionary survival kit?  If so, it is not obvious or controllable.  It is elusive and fleeting.  Beginner’s luck seems to work because there are no expectations of winning…no pressure.  The mind is open, trying to absorb new information, to learn the rules and figure out what’s going on.  In that openness…something else drifts in too, that part of our survival instincts kept under wraps by our logical minds.

Lucky Rabbit's Foot

Lucky Rabbit's Foot

Beginner’s luck seems to work in a counter-intuitive way.  The more we desire something, the less likely it will happen.  Desire seems to extinguish this “luck”.   Beginner’s luck seems to work exactly because there are no expectations.   Is it possible to train ourselves to be open to an old experience as if it were a new experience?

People often carry good luck charms or have good luck rituals.  That is called superstition.  Maybe superstition is an attempt to tap into this intuition once again, even if we really don’t understand what is going on.  We call it luck, good or bad.

Do we make our own luck?

The connection between karma and the law of attraction



What is the difference between the concept of karma and the law of attraction?  It seems both are very similar, with their basic idea of “what goes around comes around”.  However, they are different.

I don’t refer to karma with a big “K”, the Karma of Hinduism, Buddhism and reincarnation.  I am talking about the little k version of karma.  This is the karma of Western thought, which is that we gather onto ourselves a spiritual legacy based on our actions and motivations.  We accumulate these spiritual “points” over our lifetime, both good and bad in the natural process of living our lives.  Our life will become a reflection of our karma.  Most of us probably gather a selection of both good and bad karma points, and they sort of cancel each other out.  The result would be something of an undefined karma, neither good nor bad.

Some people (I know a few) accumulate a lot of bad karma in their lives.  It seems these people really don’t care if they harm people.  Their concerns seem strictly self-oriented. The saying that, “what goes around comes around” is often true, but not always.  If people step on other’s lives often enough, it might eventually come back to bite them.  But not always.  I know people who have spent a lifetime in the pursuit of attainment at the expense of others, and they never seemed to suffer any adverse consequences.

Or so it would seem.  From my observations, those who have spent their life acquiring bad karma are not happy people.  A higher power does not have to strike such a person with a lightening bolt.  They create their own misery.  They may not even realize they are miserable because they have not felt joy in such a long time.  Beneath the blindness of their condition is a gnawing emptiness and meaninglessness.

On the other hand, there are people whose lives seem filled with a powerful positive karma.  When we come in contact with them, we can sense this.  It feels like such people know great secrets about life.  Associating with such people is a positive experience, and it feels like their good karma will rub off on us.  Their secret is that life is about loving the world around us, not only yourself.

This leads me to my thoughts about the connection between the law of attraction and karma.  The way the law of attraction is often presented, it is shown as a path towards personal attainment and self-satisfaction. Is that enough?  I think we need to add into this mix the idea of karma.  We probably should direct the law of attraction not only towards ourselves, but also to the benefit of others.  The greatest joy in life comes from the joy we give another.  Without a higher purpose in life of some sort, according to our belief system, attaining what we imagine we want will not likely be enough.

I also suspect that with a powerful karma comes a greater ability to manifest reality, by combining karma with a deep understanding of the law of attraction.  It should not only be used for our benefit, but to be of service to others.  I think that is what the great spiritual teachers of history had going for them.  A combination!  The historic spiritual giants are obvious.  Even in modern times we have our great, history changing people who embody this special spiritual power, like the Dalai Lama, Nelson Mandela, Martin Luther King Jr, George W Bush…

What you say…something is wrong with this picture?  Could somebody be out of place here?  It is possible for a world leader’s terrible karma to make the world into a worse place.  The whole world is now experiencing the awful consequences of a former leader’s knee-deep bad karma, combined with his power of negative attraction, and it isn’t pretty.

Manifesting reality with the law of attraction


attractionI know someone who is a serious student of the Law of Attraction. She has studied the teachings of wise men and women like Esther Hicks, and understands the deeper aspects of the Law of Attraction. How she got interested in this philosophy makes for an interesting story.

A number of years ago she went into business with a partner, but in an informal arrangement. To make a long story short, this partner ended up cheating her out of her end of the business. She taught this partner everything she knew, and once this partner had all her contacts and expertise, the business was stolen away from her.

This betrayal left her deeply hurt and outraged. To such an extent that everyday she would visualize that her former business partner would slip and fall landing on her back outside their office.  She visualized this often over the months…that this partner would just DROP! Such was her anger. But as the months past her anger subsided and eventually she moved on with her life.

Six months later a mutual business acquaintance of her and her former partner contacted her for something. As they chatted, he asked her if she heard what happened to her ex-partner. Since she had no contact with her ex-partner since their falling out, she had no idea. The business acquaintance told her that three months ago her ex-partner slipped on some loose stones outside her office, and fell on her back, breaking it. She spent the last three months in a hospital in a full body cast! This accident happened at the exact place she had visualized.

She was truly astonished to hear this. She realized that something very strange had occurred, and she started her path towards discovering what this strangeness was. She had never heard of the Law of Attraction before. But eventually came to study this concept. There is nothing like having a first-hand personal experience to convince you.

This incident happened regardless of her lack of understanding in the law of attraction. She utilized the law of attraction without realizing it. Everyday we manifest results in our lives by how we think. What she had done was to unintentionally use intensely focused visualization to manifest reality.

Here is another example of the almost magical potential of the law of attraction.  We went to a shopping mall. I noticed that she was wearing only one earring. I asked her why she wore one earring? She said she lost her other earring someplace three days ago, and these earrings had sentimental value to her. She wore the one earring because she KNEW she would find the other one. It was only a matter of time before she would find it.

Returning, we parked in her parking spot in the public indoor garage where she lived. I stepped out and waited for her to gather her shopping bag from the back seat. As I stood halfway in the parking garage, without a reason I glanced down, and saw something by my foot. I bent down, and picked up…her missing earring.

It had been lost in the garage. The parking area was full of melted snow and grit, and the odds of spotting it was remote.  I showed her the earring, and she said, “Oh bravo! I knew I would find my earring!”

What to make of this? How does this work? The common idea has something to do with a universal vibration, and becoming in tune with this cosmic vibration. Is this the answer? Or are we calling on spiritual agencies to our assistance? Or maybe it is some sort of clairvoyance?

Another question, do some people have a special innate talent with manifesting reality? Some people might be something like “hereditary witches” who are born with a talent for manifestation. She disagrees with that and says that anyone can learn to manifest. It is universal.

This story is also a cautionary tale, to beware whom we harm. We don’t know if someone we harm might have a talent for manifestation. The power of manifestation can be a doubled edged blade…it can manifest both the positive and the negative. In the past this was called a curse. Curses are a good reason to treat everyone with respect, because we never know!

Modern witches and witchcraft



When we think about witches and witchcraft, people often think in stereotypes.  The most iconic image of a witch is the Wicked Witch of the West from the Wizard of Oz.  Many children have been frightened by this “evil mother” figure and had this image forever impressed in their consciousness.   Something about this character has a big impact  (I was scared of this Wicked Witch  as a little boy).  Now this image has been recreated into a heroic figure in a very popular musical.  That’s progress!

classic-witchThinking about witches, others may consider the poor souls who perished during the inquisition, burned at the stake, or who were hanged in Salem.  The Satan worshipping witch of the inquisition never existed.  It was all the imagination of the horrible treatise Malleus Maleficarum  “The Hammer Against Witches” which stands besides Hitler’s Mein Kampf as a bad idea for a book.

Some of us think of witches as those among us today who follow Wicca.  It is unfortunate that the old inquisition era prejudices still persist even today with some attitudes towards this religion.  Pagans and Wiccans are the most gentle and harmless people I have known.  The really scary people are those who wield majority political and religious power…and demand others bow to their viewpoint.   Yet I think there has been progress with people’s attitudes towards Wiccans.  

Most  people think of witches as simply Halloween characters, a superstition of the past with no relevance today.  The witch is a fictional character on decorations, flying on a broom through the moonlit sky wearing a funny pointy hat.   What is up with that hat anyway?  Anyone know where THAT came from? 

gypsy-fortune-tellerI have my own ideas about witches and witchcraft.   If devil-worshipping broom flying witches were fantasy, the reality were the Cunning Folk.  These were the actual practitioners of folk medicine and magic.  In their time they were well regarded in their communities.  Some had minor skills, others a lot more.  But they did exist.  Some adhered to pagan practices, others mixed Christianity with paganism, and others disowned anything pagan and used prayers as others would use spells.  We could say the Cunning Folk were the genuine witches.

Do the Cunning Folk exist today?  They certainly do.  The “white magic” of the Cunning Folk, or the Wise People would fit in nicely with some New Age beliefs.  Go to a psychic fair, and you’ll see the modern equivalent of the Cunning Folk.  Psychics and tarot card readers are today’s Cunning Folk.    Like in the past,  some are the real deal, others are pretenders.

I would go even further.  Witchcraft is the craft of manifestation.  It is about turning desire into reality through ritual and visualization, with the power of the unseen.  That is magic…using an unseen power to manifest using our will to influence events.   There are modern Cunning Folk who are teachers of these methods…wise men and women such as Dr. Wayne Dyer and Esther Hicks who teach how to manifest our destinies and master the law of attraction.  They would never consider themselves to be a witch, but in a way they are.  Strip away all the mumbo jumbo and distill the essence of what is manifestation, and we have a sophisticated 21st century version of the craft.

This modern witchcraft is not a fantasy.  The power of manifestation is very real.  I have seen it work.  In my next post, I will tell the story of someone who is a serious student of the law of attraction and some of the results of this power of manifestation.

Create a Money and Wealth Talisman



In these hard economic times what can we do? Housing values are down, the stock market crashed…money is hard to find. During times like this, we need a little help. So I offer the Official Occult View Stimulus Plan…the Money and Wealth Talisman of Jupiter!

Fold the Talisman twice

Fold the Talisman twice

When we need a competitive economic edge, the Talisman of Jupiter will come in useful. Looking for a job or a promotion? Need a lucky break? Use the Talisman and see what the Universe will provide. We should carry this Talisman anytime we engage in a game of chance, buying a lottery ticket or on a trip to the casino. But the Talisman’s real power comes from Law of Attraction.

Having a Money and Wealth Talisman means we are asking the Universe to work in our favor. Its other purpose is to reframe our state of mind into one that is orientated towards prosperity. Why do some people always seem to have money, and other people don’t? What is the difference between the prosperous individual and the rest of us? Mostly it is all about the prosperity mindset. The wealthy know how to turn money into MORE money. Most of us, we just spend it away. The path to wealth is to actually make wealth our goal. What we think will become our reality, and if we think we are poor, we always will be poor. But if we think we’ll become prosperous, the combination of our efforts and the Universal Law of Attraction will work wonders.

Sigil for the name:  DAVID

Sigil for the name: DAVID

First, we right-click and print the square at the top of the page.  Cut out the square and fold it twice along the lines, so now it is a quarter of its size. The square of numbers is the Numerical Square of Jupiter, whose influence governs matters of prosperity. Using numerology, create a number for each letter of your name. My name is David, and using this chart, we can see that D=4, A=1, V=4, I=9 and D again = 4.

Now on the square of Jupiter, draw lines to connect the squares, in sequence, of your name’s letters. An example is provided.

After this, I would suggest putting a silver coin in the sleeves that are created when it is folded, and seal it shut inside. A precious metal like silver will assist in attracting the Universe’s vibrations for this goal. American coins dated 1964 or earlier are made of silver. We all usually have one lying around somewhere. If not, then you can buy a coin at a coin dealer, but don’t spend money on a collector’s coin, just get a worn bullion coin. They won’t cost much, a few dollars.

Additional, but not essential, we can pick a coin with a date that is significant. If we are born on 1964 or earlier, we can get a silver coin that has our birthyear on it. If we are born after 1964, we can get a silver coin whose year matches our name in numerology. How? We have created a numerical equivalent of our name.  We  already did that to create the talisman’s sigil.  Add all of these values together to make one number. If the number is over 9, then add each number together again.

Silver 1939 = 4

Silver 1939 = 4

Example: David…D=4, A=1, V=4, I=9, D= 4 these are added together 4+1+9+4= 22. To make 22 into one number, add each digit together….2+2=4. So the name David has the numerological value of 4. Looking at the chart below for the numerological values for the years, find a coin whose date matches your name in numerology. Example, on the chart  below the years 1957, 1948, 1939 and so on are dates that could be used for my own lucky silver coin.

Once we have created the Talisman, do not show it to anyone! It is meant to be secret. It can be kept in a secret place in our home, but by doing that we tend to forget about it  and that defeats its purpose. I would keep the talisman in your purse or wallet, tucked away in a secret place where only you know of it. And let it work its magic, and let you work your magic through it, with the reinforcement of our prosperity thinking.

How to make a Venus Love Talisman



fold once

fold once

In the spirit of approaching Valentine’s Day, I thought I’d offer something for those looking for love.  A Planetary Love Talisman of Venus!   Few things in life are as subject to the whim of fate or chance as finding love.  When trying to find someone special, there is always the element of chance involved.  To be at the right place at the right time and then say the right thing…is there a way to gain some advantage over this element of chance?  Possibly.

I don’t present something new, but something old…very old…the power of talismans.  Above is a talisman I put togehter.  Talismans are symbolic objects that are imbued with spiritual force to work towards a specific task.  What is our goal?  Do we wish to gain the love of a specific individual?  Or do we wish the Universe to find us love?  Each requires a different approach.  

fold twice

fold twice

Our first step is to print out the image at the top (right click and print).   Then we cut out the square and fold it along the lines as shown.  This will be our talisman. 

Next we need to create a sigil, which is a pictorial symbol of a name.  This Talisman has the numerical square of Venus on it.   Using numerology, we will give a numerical value to each letter of a name.   Then draw lines connecting the numbers related to the letters on this square.  I have provided an example of my own name David…D=4, A=1, V=4, I=9, D=4 .  If we want the love of a specific individual, then we will draw their name/sigil on the talisman.  If we want the Universe to decide, then we will draw our own name. 

Copper is the metal that symbolizes Venus.  I would put a copper penny in one of the sleeves when folded, and then paste it shut.  Only use a copper

David Sigil

David Sigil

penny from 1981 or earlier.   Pennies from 1982 or later are made of zinc and should not be used.  I suggest the date of the penny should be the birthday of the name on the talisman.  If the birthday is after 1981, use numerology to match the name with a date.  The process of finding this coin is part of the process of creating the talisman and of focusing our intent.

Hold the completed talisman and pour our conviction, our knowing, that the Universe will work to our favor and let this object symbolize our intentions.   A talisman is a tool very similar to the Law of Attraction.  The Law of Attraction suggests the use of a vision board where photos of our goals are pinned on a board to reinforce the process of visualization and focused desire.  It is not hoping, or wanting, but an act of knowing, of faith, that the desire will come to pass.

The power of this talisman works best when it is used to focus on our own self-improvement and not on other people.  Our goal should be to love our self first.  If we don’t love our self, why should another love us?  If we let past events, or bitterness, or a bad attitude rule us, we will attract that in return.  The goal is to be happy with one’s self, and try to be the best possible person we can be.  If we attain that, others will naturally be attracted to our newfound charisma.   Use the talisman as the tool to focus on self-improvement, and we will find the world will be drawn to us.  The trick to finding love really is to love one’s self first. 

Sigil for the name Victoria