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My blog was down for a couple of days due to a hacker attack.  They tried to get into my blog for malicious purposes.  I have a great hosting service Inmotion Hosting http://www.inmotionhosting.com/ that shut down my site after repeated brutal force attempts at figuring out my password.  I had a strong password before, but now I’ve made it more formidable.  I will be taking other measures as well, such as limiting the number of times someone can attempt a login.  My hosting service gave me the IP address of the source of this hacking attempt and I’ve written to the ISP of this IP address to bitterly complain.

Here is the message from my hosting service concerning this event:

“It appears that someone tried to compromise your website and inject malicious files / scripts. I have blocked the IP address shown below for making 112,000 requests to your site – the attacker enumerated the files and folders used on your site, possibly for a future attack. I did not detect any compromised or injected files, however I recommend contacting a security professional for assistance.”

I wish there was a place to report these events, but nobody cares.  It is a crime without a penalty.  However, I am considering a penalty of my own making.  A CURSE!  Curses are generally a bad idea.  Destructive energies don’t contribute anything good.  However, I am thinking of doing this as an experiment.  If I decide to do this, I will write about it…a dire curse on this hacker, whoever it is.  I have the IP address, which is like a strand of hair used for a voodoo doll.  Same concept.  I have a connection to this person.  The question is…should I do this?  It would be a wicked curse way out of proportion to the offense.  To curse or not to curse, that is the question.

HEC: The Human Extinction Conspiracy Theory


I’m not big into conspiracy theories.  They can be fun, but conspiracies have a fatal flaw…they approach their theory from only one side, ignoring any evidence that contradicts their premise.  Only one side of any argument will certainly be convincing.

I have a friend who believed 9/11 was fabricated by the U.S. government from watching a conspiracy documentary about it.  One night I watched it with him and pointed out the flaws in the documentary’s arguments.  My friend was not well informed about the topic and thus was easily swayed.

So with skepticism I recently chatted with someone who gave me perhaps the wildest conspiracy theory of all time…the Human Extinction Conspiracy…or HEC.  I politely listened.  I really couldn’t believe what he was saying at first.  I thought he was crazy, but strangely he began to make sense in a demented way.  Lets go for the ride.  Let Tim talk.

“HEC” Tim said, “Is the Human Extinction Conspiracy.”

I rolled my eyes.  Any individual would have to be suicidal to wish global human extinction.  But a global conspiracy of the like-minded who control the planet?  OMG…oh please.

I told Tim I’m aware of the New World Order conspiracy theories suggesting the New World Order wants to reduce the planet’s population.  Decreasing the world’s population would supposedly promote humanity’s long-term survival.  Why didn’t it happen already?

Tim replied, “Nuclear war, artificially created pandemics?  The New World Order does NOT want to decrease the world’s population…but to INCREASE it.  That is why those events did not happen, and the only reason.”

Tim looked at me and shook his head and said I didn’t get it.  He said, “Nuclear war or a pandemic would not cause complete human extinction.  There would always be survivors.  The New World Order stopped halfway measures.  The Cuban Missile Crisis was prevented by the N.W.O.  Nuclear war would have been ineffective.  AIDS was resolved by the N.W.O.  The N.W.O  wants only COMPLETE extinction.”

Okkk…I’m thinking woo-woo.  My blog is deep in woo-woo, I embrace woo-woo, but this is too much.  I asked, “Why would a global conspiracy want to kill the planet?”

Tim said, “Two reasons, money and the bible”.

I replied, “To hurry the Second Coming of Christ?”

Tim said, “That’s only part of the conspiracy, the religious people.  Religious folk say we own the world and we can use the world as we see fit.  They don’t care about the end because they will be raptured beforehand.  The more the world sucks, the closer the rapture anyway.  But the religious people are only used as pawns.“

Tim continued, “The N.W.O prevented nuclear war during the cold war to PREVENT partial extinction for now.  That would lose money.  Their goal is to heat up the world enough to release all the frozen methane hydrates to cover the earth.  This is what caused the P-R extinction thing.  Nuclear war would have slowed down a P-R event.”

“So the New World Order is intentionally encouraging runaway global warming to destroy the planet?” I asked?

“Yup”, Tim said.


“Money”, Tim replied.  “Screw other people’s kids, I’m rich.  What the hell do I care about the future?  If you could become a wealthy, but after you die the world ends, what would you do?  Besides, your kids will be raptured anyway.”

I ask, “Do you really…really imagine anyone would destroy their future to maintain their current prosperity?”

“Duh.  That is a stupid question, what you think?  People do that all the time.  Do the research and prove me wrong.” Tim said.

Tim got me to thinking, so I checked out his theory.  Add up the oil economy and it is huge.  We couldn’t exist without it.  If we were faced with a stark choice…complete economic collapse to prevent human extinction equal to the Permian-Triassic extinction event, would we do it?  I really don’t think we would.  Give up my lifestyle on the “possibility” the future will end?  I wouldn’t.  I suppose, unthinkingly, I’m part of the Human Extinction Conspiracy.  I will continue to party on like there is no tomorrow and live for today for tomorrow may never arrive.

The P-T event destroyed around 90% of life on earth, including insects.  Nothing on earth ever equaled this disaster.  The sudden release of methane clathrate was the final blow.  Theories suggest volcanic eruptions warmed the environment enough to release this gas, the coup de grace.  Even the bugs died off.

Is Osama bin Laden dead?

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osama-bin-laden-deadOsama bin Laden is dead. Or is he? I generally prefer the use of Occam’s razor to belief in elaborate conspiracy theories. However, it does seem possible Osama bin Laden may still be alive.

What if the U.S. Special Forces actually took bin Laden alive and faked his death?

I can see why the U.S. wouldn’t want Osama bin Laden alive. His death made things much neater. If bin Laden were taken alive, it would have created a mess. We’d have to imprison him somewhere, then put him on trial. His followers would have been emboldened by such an event. But with his death and disposal at sea, there are no shrines to exploit. Justice has been done and life goes on.

However, the opportunity to interrogate bin Laden would have yielded a lot of valuable intelligence. Perhaps we were able to kill two birds with one stone? If we took him alive but proclaimed him dead, we’d have the best of both worlds.

Could this have been done? From reports, the only people present when bin Laden was shot was one of bin Laden’s wives, bin Laden himself, and the U.S. Special Forces. Bin Laden’s wife was shot in the leg. I assume the Special Forces piled on top of her and she was incapacitated. Then bin Laden was shot.

What if bin Laden was also shot in the leg? The Special Forces could have piled on him and knocked him out or drugged him. They could have shoved him unconscious but alive in a body bag and taken away. Bin Laden’s blood would be on the floor and the wife would be a witness to his “death”.

The body of bin Laden was buried as sea, which was a rational and logical thing to do. But also quite convenient! What if that was not the body of bin Laden dropped into the ocean? Instead, they could have been interrogating him at some other location.

When the president and his advisors were watching events unfold in their situation room, they were not viewing what was occurring at the ground level. Instead it was reported they had an aerial view. When the Special Forces first reported they got bin Laden, code named “Geronimo”, the president’s reaction was “We got him”. But nobody actually saw this happen. Even the president’s own cabinet may have been tricked into believing bin Laden was killed.

To fake bin Laden’s death would not have been impossible, or even very difficult. We are dealing with spies and spies do sneaky stuff like that. It is their job. However, if Osama bin Laden is not dead yet, he soon will be. After intelligence is done with him, he’ll be shot in the face, pictures will be taken and his body will vanish. I actually like this idea. To be shot dead was too good for bin Laden. Let him experience fear first.