An Alien Abduction Story: Extraterrestrials, Spirit Abduction or Sleep Paralysis?



For anyone who wonders about paranormal experiences, all they have to do is ask around.  Many people have their own personal experiences.  Within our circle of family, friends and acquaintances, we’d be surprised by the first-hand stories we hear.  I am not a fan of unverified second-hand stories.  But when people tell me their own actual experiences, it gets my attention.

I heard such a story this past weekend.

A young lady told me the following experience she had three years ago.  She lived in a second floor apartment with her husband.  Early one night while she was lying in bed with her husband sleeping next to her, she had not yet gone to sleep, when she noticed something outside the bedroom window.  A large disk of light, nearly filling the window, rose up like a giant version of the moon.  It became stationary, and she heard a buzzing sound. She became completely paralyzed.  Her paralysis was so complete she could not wiggle a finger.  She tried to awaken her sleeping husband but she was utterly unable to move.  She was terrified.  She felt an intense pressure, describing it as if something was inside her head trying to remove a part of her skull.  This lasted for a couple of minutes when the disk of light moved away from the window and her paralysis ceased.  She was frightened and could not sleep all night.

She then recounted an event that happened the previous day before her nighttime encounter.  On occasion her job required her to drive to the bank.  Usually it took half an hour.  That prior day, after taking care of the banking business, while driving back to the office, she noticed something very strange.  The clock in her car was over two hours past the time she left the office.  Nearly two hours were missing.  She hadn’t gone anywhere else, and had no idea where the time went.  When she returned to the office late she didn’t give it much thought afterwards.

ufoAfter her scary paralysis experience, she investigated what happened to her.  Only after reading about other people’s similar experiences did she make the connection between her own missing time and the events that transpired the night afterwards.  She was convinced aliens visited her.   Missing time, paralysis, the disk of light, the feeling of having something implanted or removed are all common elements of the phenomena.

What should we think of her experience?  Sleep paralysis combined with a waking hallucination would be a natural explanation.  Sleep paralysis is said to replicate some of the alien abduction sensations.  During REM sleep (rapid eye movement), the body is in paralysis.  Otherwise the body would fling around during REM sleep repeating the behavior in the dream.  When someone awakes from REM sleep, the body might continue this paralysis for a short time while conscious, which would be very disconcerting.   Vivid hallucinations often accompany waking from REM sleep.

However, she said she hadn’t gone to sleep yet and was wide-awake.  Plus we have the baffling missing time.  IF it was not sleep paralysis, was it a paranormal event?  Actual aliens?  We don’t know.  I can see why extraterrestrial intervention seems like the logical explanation for these phenomena.  We assume aliens would have almost magical abilities with their technology.   Perhaps a bit too magical.

Extraterrestrials seem to be invisible at will.  They can enter houses with closed windows and touch an individual while their spouse sleeps undisturbed in the same bed.  Can aliens move in and out of time and space? Sounds more like the behavior of spirits to me.  Some say that alien abductions are really out-of-body spirit/faeire abductions.   A clue is the buzzing sound and paralysis, which are the beginning stages of astral travel.   Out-of-body episodes would explain the missing time as well.   Was the disk of light a portal to where astral entities dwell?

She was lucky to have this experience.  She had a chance, however frightening, to experience something otherworldly.  If it was only (still rare) sleep paralysis, such an experience could be a learning experience in the origins of a lot of mythology.  If it was a real encounter with aliens or spirits, better yet.  THAT would really be a learning experience!




Is it possible to initiate contact with aliens? It would seem to be impossible. How could anyone possibly make contact with beings from other worlds? It would seem that aliens contact us; we don’t contact them. They pick the place and time, and if someone is at the right place at the right time…. contact! So is it a fool’s errand to even attempt contact? Maybe so, but it would be interesting to try. By looking at cases of alien abduction, we can get a few clues about how to go about making contact ourselves.

First, are alien abductions real? People have genuinely experienced these phenomena. The real question should be, what exactly was experienced? Could aliens from another world be visiting us and interacting with us? It’s not impossible. However, I have a problem with literal physical aliens doing the tasks reputed to them. I tend to think a supremely advanced extraterrestrial civilization would be…subtler. Add to this the amount of effort required to abduct people…just imagine the physics involved in a typical abduction.

Nevertheless, contactees believe in their experience and this can’t be dismissed. I suggest this is all about a non-physical phenomenon that occurs inside our perceptions. Suddenly these remarkable stories become more plausible. Non-physical entities can at times interact with us. Then altering reality is not required, only altering our consciousness.

Most interesting are the outdoor alien abductions where someone is driving a car in a remote rural area. They see a light hovering on the empty road ahead. Intrigued or curious, they leave their car to investigate. Or their car stalls and they stare out at the amazing spectacle before them. They might see small humanoid figures emerge from the glowing light, approaching them…then they black out, without memory of what occurred afterwards. They experienced missing time. Here we have rural entities kidnapping and manipulating the minds of men. According to folklore this has been happening throughout man’s history.

Here is a typical abduction story online, with their almost universal elements, from the

It sounds like a frightening experience. Yet, what price would we pay to have such an experience! That is the ultimate thrill of contact with the Unseen World. It would be the same as seeing a ghost…terrifying but at the same time proving the existence of life after death. Or having an out of body experience and then never fearing death again. To know that there is something more to life then just what we see around us. Which leads to this thought…

The Unseen World can NEVER force itself on us. The skeptic is impervious to any attempt at contact. Sensible people who’s heads are on straight, who know reality from nonsense, cannot be abducted. Just like an atheist can never see a ghost. The unseen world can be contacted only when it is invited in. We must initiate the process, consciously or unconsciously. As far as I’ve seen this has been true. The irony is that a skeptic will never be disproved his skepticism. Maybe it has something to do with the concept of free will, but the spiritual/supernatural cannot impose itself on anyone. This is both the perfect defense against abduction…and the greatest barrier to contact.


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Lets say we want to contact faeries.  Faeries are not the cute sprites of popular imagination, with butterfly wings and riding on caterpillars.  No, these are Entities, Beings who exist on a different level of existance just outside but parallel to ours.  Like us, they can be good, sinister or indifferent.  Some say the aliens of the UFO phenomna are simply faeries appearing in a credible guise to a world that no longer accepts fairies.   Grays are Brownies!  How do we go about making contact?

Attempting to contact the Wee People requires several things.  First and most important is having the “second sight”.  That is a tall order!  Second Sight is the sensitivity to perceive the unseen world.  Few people are born with this talent. Most of us we will have to try developing it as best we can.  How to develop this talent?  It is not done overnight.   It requires practice with visualization…imagining we can see without our eyes, symbolized by the concept of the third eye.  We close our eyes and imagine seeing our surroundings with our mind. 

We also need to train our intuition.  We need to listen to our intuition.  That is hard to do when we live busy lives, but by strengthening our intuition we aid in developing a version of second sight.  One extra trick is the use of our peripheral vision.  I have been able to detect things with my peripheral vision that I could not by looking straight on. 

An example of something similar to “second sight” is this article in the, concerning blind sight.  Blindsight is the ability of some blind to unknowingly see using something other then recognized vision.  There are pathways of perception that lie beneath our consciousness.  We can train them like we can train any skill.

Blind man amazes scientists with his ability to detect objects he cannot see

When we want to try contact, after having developed our second sight and locating a likely location, the traditional method is to offer a gift of food and drink.  Announce our intentions out loud.  Then meditate, enter a heightened state of consciousness, and visualize.  We might only imagine things.  Or we might actually perceive a part of the unseen world.  Faeries and shrooms have a long-standing relationship together. A bottle of hooch has been known to work wonders as well.

Fairy Ring

Fairy Ring

Second, we have to identify likely locations where we would suspect the faeries dwell. This is also a tall order. The faerie co-exist with nature, away from electricity, cold iron, mechanized farming and plowed fields.  Cities are not the place to find a Fay.  Places of natural power like ravines, springs, and mounds would be good places to investigate.  We need to use our intuition to aid us in guessing where the fairies may exist.  If we get a feeling about something at such a place…that instinct is worth listening to.

I think we need a new, improved method for contacting faeries.  I suggest studying alien contact/abduction cases.  With these cases we might find useful clues on how to encourage “contact”.  What type of person has contact with aliens?  What about them and their lives are different? Is there some common thread that could be useful?  What makes someone susceptible to contact, but not another?  If we analyzed these cases in detail, I suspect we’d find some common threads.  I have a guess.  Contactees unknowingly have the second sight.  Back to where we started!




Are Faeries real? Unlike ghosts which many people have had personal experience with, faerie encounters are almost nonexistent. It would seem that faeries are only folklore. Then again, maybe not! A theory that I have heard which is credible is that faerie encounters are actually fairly common but misunderstood. This theory is that the UFO phenomena are actually faerie phenomena.

John Keel, author of books on UFOs such as The Mothman Prophecies, came to the conclusion that the UFO phenomena is not about extraterrestrials, but is about earthbound non-human intelligences that have existed on earth and interacted with mankind throughout history. This non-human intelligence seems to take various forms and lacks solid substance. What are these “terrestrials”?

They seem to be faeries to me. Worldwide, folklore is filled with stories of faeries that seem to conform to a region’s culture yet still share many similarities. In the modern world, it seems the faerie have once again conformed to our modern culture and have taken the appearance of “aliens”. The similarities between UFOs, alien contact and faerie are remarkable. Abduction, time distortion, sexual intervention, entering different realms is among the phenomena that fit both alien and faerie contact.

If Faeries and UFOs are the same thing, what does this say about attempting contact with either? In folklore there were ways to summon faerie. Today, this would equate with trying to summon contact with “aliens”. How do we go about doing this? I think the important thing is to have a realistic viewpoint of what we are attempting. We are not summoning sugarplum pixies with gossamer wings. We are attempting to summon entities whose nature is indeed alien-like, aloof and potentially dangerous.

Trying to summon something that we don’t truly believe in won’t ever work. It is pretty hard to genuinely believe in pixies, sprites and such beings, and even the smallest amount of skepticism will doom any attempt at contact. However, to believe in the UFO concept is an easier leap of faith. So the first step in summoning contact is to define the target correctly. We are going to attempt contact a UFO, and strange lights in the sky will be the first sign of success.