Bigfoot as a blurry vibration that lives in the forest

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bigfoot as blurry vibration

I’m fairly skeptical of Bigfoot. I won’t say there cannot be an undiscovered hominid deep in the vast North America wilderness. It is not impossible. However, my problem with Bigfoot is it’s sighted EVERYWHERE. It seems the creature regularly turns up at the edges of civilization on a regular basis, near campgrounds and outside rural homes. This semi-rural Bigfoot is not possible; it would have been discovered long ago.

I thought of the semi-rural Bigfoot as entirely the product of scams, hoaxes and wild imagination. Then recently my good friend told me of his sighting decades ago, before digital technology or the Internet existed. He was in a canoe with his young son on a river in Wisconsin at sunrise, where this region was yet undeveloped. Suddenly both spotted a shape emerging out of the water at the edge of the riverbank. It was covered with hair, arose on two feet and lumbered into the forest. This was not a scam or hoax, or even wild imagination. Both father and son saw the same thing, and it was frightening.

This means the semi-rural Bigfoot sightings are real and not entirely tricks. What are people seeing? I have a suggestion. These sightings are not hominids, but something all together different. These Bigfoot are vibrations that live in the forest. Call them blurry beings.

When these blurry vibrations are spotted, we see something that really doesn’t make sense. Our brains then fill in the blanks; our minds complete the details. We see a creature that looks natural, but if we took a picture of it at the same time it would appear only as a blur or a fuzzy image.

There really hasn’t been a clear photo of Bigfoot (that I assume wasn’t a hoax). But there have been photos of these blurs, these dark shapes. If I am correct, we’ll never get a clear picture of the semi-rural Bigfoot. Yet it might be worth studying these images of dark shapes and see if we can learn something from them. These blurry images might provide clues to the true nature of the vibrations that live in the forest.

A Modern Banshee: Multiple Ghost Sightings Precede a Brutal Murder

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In folklore the banshee is a female fairy spirit that wails to warn of an approaching death.  We all assume the banshee is simply folklore.  Yet maybe behind folklore there is truth just interpreted differently.

Lara is a widow.  Her husband died around two years ago.  I was chatting with her when she told me about something that happened the previous night that was unnerving.  She was asleep, lying in the same bed where she had slept with her deceased husband.  Lara said she still tends to still sleep on her side of the bed even now.

It was early morning when she was awakened.   Awakened by pressure on her husband’s side of the bed’s mattress.  It was identical to the movement she experienced when her husband laid down or moved around beside her.  The bed creaked, the mattress moved.  Startled she turned and saw her husband in their bed.  And then he was gone.

Lara got out of bed, not comprehending what just happened.  She decided to call her daughter who would be getting ready to go to work at this early hour.  She immediately called her daughter and told her what she had just experienced only minutes ago.

Talking with her grown daughter, her daughter said she had her own visitation from dad only a couple of nights earlier ago.  She saw him, briefly, in her apartment.

Here we have multiple ghost/spirit sightings or ADC (After Death Communication) days apart of the same individual to members of the family.  That is remarkable.

Less then a week after Lara’s encounter with her husband’s spirit she received some shocking awful news.  Her nephew (who was in his early 40s) was beaten to death in his apartment.  It was a brutal murder.  Some thugs entered his apartment and simply beat him until he died.  Why?  Nobody really knows yet.  The police have an active investigation going.  They are confident they will bring the killers to justice.  We hope.

This nephew was her favorite, who she always thought of as like a son to her.  She and all her extended family were obviously in shock.  When I heard of her nephew’s death I didn’t get any details until later.  Then I recalled she told me the ghost story shortly before the murder.

Perhaps Lara’s deceased husband visited Lara and her daughter shortly before this hideous event not to prevent it, or to even warn them.  But to comfort them and let them know there is a life after death, and the nephew would be ok. The role of the banshee may not be so much to warn of ruin, but to let the living know death is not the final word.

Occult View is not a Black Hat

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I noticed that Mcafee has recently graded my site as gray…meaning questionable.  It has always been green…meaning safe.  As I’ve not had any affiliate ads or anything I’d think of as questionable, I was safe.

Myself, I don’t trust anything.  Clicking on anything online can lead to all kinds of bad stuff.  Myself, I use Mcafee’s SiteAdvisor, and won’t visit a site rated red for “dangerous” or even gray as “questionable”.  But now I am gray for some reason.  I will remove all widgets outside of a flag counter, which is a cool thing.  Widgets are fun, but can be compromised.  The web is a dangerous place, and I just want any visitors to know I’m not a black hat.

Chile Moon Quake


Chile Moon EarthquakeThe moon was waxing nearly completely when the Chile 8.2-magnitude earthquake hit.  When there is a large earthquake, I like to check the cycles of the moon.  It might be only coincidence, but I wouldn’t rule out the moon as provoking earthquakes.

Powerful earthquake strikes off Chile, triggers tsunami

(CNN) — A mighty 8.2-magnitude earthquake struck off the coast of northern Chile late Tuesday, triggering small landslides, cutting power and generating a tsunami.

Was it a bear or bigfoot?

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Until now I never met someone who actually had a Bigfoot sighting.  I always thought Bigfoot sightings were mostly the result of cranks, hoaxes or mental people.  Normal people don’t see Bigfoot.

Chatting with a lifelong friend we wandered on the topic of Bigfoot, and he had a personal story.  His experience happened around 20 years ago, when his son was an early teenager.  My friend is not a crank, a hoaxer nor mental.  Currently he is a Chicago policeman.

My friend was always an outdoorsy type, and on weekend two decades ago he took his son cannoning on a river in Wisconsin.  Back then the shores was not developed, it was all pretty much wilderness and swampy.  It was early morning as the sun had risen.  Then…both his 12-year-old son and himself saw something that to this day baffled them.

As they canoed on the river, they spotted something rising out of the water towards the shore.  It arose from the water and walked on two legs.  It was covered with hair and lurched towards the woods…on two legs.  They were both startled.

My friend paddled away as fast as he could.  My friend was tempted to go back and check it out what they’d seen.  However, he had his son with him, and didn’t have a gun.  He wouldn’t put his son in danger.

I asked if it could’ve been a bear?  He said it didn’t look like any bear he seen, walking on two legs.  And it was not any hallucination as both he and his son  both saw it together.  His son shares the same story.

A Bigfoot emerging from a river?  That is something I haven’t heard of before.  Two people together sighted something that could be best described as Bigfoot.  My friend didn’t claim that.  He just saw some dark hairy shape arise from the river and lurch towards the shore and disappear in the woods.  He does not put any name on it.  As far as I’m concerned, he described Bigfoot.

I’ve been away from blogging

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I’ve been away from blogging on the for a while.  Blogging is a great hobby, but sometimes life gets in the way of hobbies.  I’m going to try to get back into this, knock on wood.

A Halloween Miracle? A Puddle Of Black Ooze Appeared From Nowhere

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paranormal shoeprint

On Halloween day something strange happened to me, something I can’t quite explain.  It doesn’t mean there isn’t a perfectly normal explanation, but I haven’t figured it out yet.

On Halloween I was working at my day job.  In the afternoon I went to the men’s room to answer the “call of nature”.  Afterwards I went to wash my hands.  During that I noticed something at my feet.

There was moisture on the floor and beneath my shoes was a puddle of black ooze or sludge.  I didn’t notice anything when I entered this public restroom.  The black ooze seemed to appear from nowhere.  I didn’t walk in with mud on my shoes.  It seemed as if the soles of my shoes had started to dissolve in a puddle of melting rubber.  It was not a small puddle either.

The weird thing is as I walked away from the sink where I washed my hands, I left shoeprints…many of them.  There were no shoeprints anywhere else, only mine.  The floor was spotless: no other sludgy prints.  There was quite a mess on the floor where I stood.  I grabbed a bunch of the paper towels from the dispenser and tried to clean as much of this mess as I could.  There was dampness on the floor but I could not see where it came from.  I observed the sink and there didn’t appear to be any leaking.

After wiping as much as I could in a minute or two, I discarded the dirty paper towels and left.  My shoes, still wet, created footprints on the floor.  As I left the men’s room the shoeprints continued on the carpeted hallway.  The picture above is one of these restroom shoeprints.

Not long after I returned to this men’s room.  Nothing had changed.  No new shoeprints were visible, only my own.  No new puddles of oozy sludge where anywhere.  Others must have used this sink not long after I had, as this is a public restroom.

The day after Halloween I returned to the same men’s room, and again nothing changed.  No new sludge prints.  The only prints were my own leaving the sink.  Over this weekend the cleaning staff will mop the floors and clean this restroom.

On Monday I will take another look.  If someone had stomped in with muddy shoes I’d think there would be signs approaching the sink.  If the sink had a leak, which is possible, where would this black ooze come from?  Perhaps the black ooze dripped from the ceiling?  If so there should be new black ooze puddle on the floor to attract attention.  I’m sure there is an explanation for this, but what?  On Halloween day a puddle of black ooze appeared from nowhere beneath my feet.  What does that mean?  Was it a Halloween miracle?  If nothing else, it was certainly a Halloween synchronicity.

The Secret of Amazing Halloween Lawn Displays

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HALLOWEEN WELCOMEPictured are some amazing Halloween lawn displays in my neighborhood.  We all have these around us during the season.  Halloween lawn displays speak something of the individuals who assembled this effort.   Step by step, someone put thought into each detail.  Some Halloween lawn decorations can be a haphazard display created without much thought.  But if someone wants the public to see their creation, then usually a lawn “artist” puts thought into the display.


Adults mostly lack the imagination to create a proper Halloween lawn display.  Usually an adult’s imagination has long been discarded in the weary toils of adulthood.  I’d wager children are responsible for much of the Halloween details.  These decorations are collaboration between parent and child.  Without the inspiration of a child, an adult could hardly be bothered to put their energy in such pointless endeavors.  As a combined effort, it inspires both adult and child together to create something each alone could not achieve.  Halloween lawn decorations are a snapshot of the creative relationship between parents and their children.



Halloween cemetary

The Hidden Truth Behind Halloween’s Evil Witch

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Evil Halloween Witch

One of the enduring symbols of Halloween is the evil, broom-flying witch.  The witch has been transformed into a harmless, cartoon-like image that nobody takes seriously.  As part of the iconography of Halloween the witch shares her place with vampires, Frankenstein’s monster and other fictional creations.

broom flying witchHowever, unlike Halloween’s other monsters there is a hidden element of truth to the witch.  The devil-worshipping witch of the inquisition never really existed and was a creation of the church back in the burning days.  Superstition combined with ignorance to place blame for natural misfortunes on suspicious individuals.  It is incredible to believe anyone actually believed witches flew brooms to their Sabbath.

Yet…the hidden truth behind the facade of the evil witch is the concept of the curse.  Modernity has left behind belief in such things, and a good thing it has.  If people realized that curses were actually possible…imagine the chaos in society.  We’d be wondering if bad luck was simple chance or the hand of some malicious influence, perhaps that strange neighbor we never liked to begin with.  What if those who knew the secret could actually curse us?

I feel it is possible to curse someone but it requires continued effort over an extended period of time.  Call a curse projecting focused hate towards someone.  Over time it could have an effect.  Projecting hate can also backfire and curse the curser.   A curse (and hate) is destructive all around.  It is bad karma.

Instead we transform the power of the curse into a cartoon character and subconsciously take away its power.  Consider the fictional Halloween witch, and much of the symbolism of Halloween as unconscious talismans of protection against the powers of the spirits.  By demeaning them we diminish them.

The Occult Fringe Subculture Can Never Become Popular Culture



My blog about the occult belongs to a fringe subculture.  The paranormal…the esoteric…these are certainly fringe topics.  These are beliefs outside the mainstream of staid society and rightly considered “fringe”.

Yet fringe elements are also a vital creative force in society.  What was once “fringe” may become commonplace.  Elvis and the Beatles were on the fringe for a very short time before they became recognized and became mainstream and swiftly absorbed by the corporate money machine.

A couple of decades ago the comic book and science fiction/fantasy subculture were totally a nerd/geek fringe.  Until it starting making BIG money.  I remember it started with the first Michael Keaton Batman movie.  Now the comic book culture has evolved and been absorbed by giant corporations (think Disney’s Marvel Avengers).  This could be considered a victory for fandom.  Or is this the fading away of true fandom?

Once a fringe is acceptable it is no longer a fringe.  A fringe evolvers into a new creature.  Popular Culture.  It is like a Borg victory…”You will be assimilated.”  It is a victory for popular culture and big business, but at what price?

Ghost hunting was once a true fringe before it became absorbed by the ravenous cable TV industry, which pretty much destroyed the hobby.  I was involved in this hobby before anybody ever heard of it.  It was cool at the time as individuals actually got into this activity; it was something new.  Now we have reality TV; we have ”professional” ghost hunting groups.  Ghosts still exist, but the hobby has faded away.

If a fringe subculture has a large enough audience it will eventually be recognized and exploited.  However, there are fringe cultures that will likely never be accepted by acceptable society.

One of these places popular culture has avoided is genuine occultism.  The genuine occult has continued to remain a scary place.  Yes, the occult is a huge element in popular culture.  Nearly every horror or fantasy movie deals superficially with the occult.

But genuine occultism, the real thing is invisible in popular culture.  Much of the fear has to deal with religion.  Religious folk can accept the occult as a fantasy like in the Harry Potter books and movies.  Religious people won’t accept the reality of it.  It won’t sell.  That is why the occult is a true fringe.

Consider comic books.  In the Marvel Universe, magic is commonplace.  My favorite character is Dr. Strange, Sorcerer Supreme.  Why is there no movie based on this character being proposed?  Because it would introduce controversial elements into the scientific based movie version of the Marvel Universe.  Even Thor was reduced to an alien.  Why add spiritually, religion and the occult to the Marvel world?  There is no profit in that.

Occultism is a fascinating subculture.  And we can feel safe it will remain our own.  Nobody will make any coin of it.