Is Osama bin Laden dead?

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osama-bin-laden-deadOsama bin Laden is dead. Or is he? I generally prefer the use of Occam’s razor to belief in elaborate conspiracy theories. However, it does seem possible Osama bin Laden may still be alive.

What if the U.S. Special Forces actually took bin Laden alive and faked his death?

I can see why the U.S. wouldn’t want Osama bin Laden alive. His death made things much neater. If bin Laden were taken alive, it would have created a mess. We’d have to imprison him somewhere, then put him on trial. His followers would have been emboldened by such an event. But with his death and disposal at sea, there are no shrines to exploit. Justice has been done and life goes on.

However, the opportunity to interrogate bin Laden would have yielded a lot of valuable intelligence. Perhaps we were able to kill two birds with one stone? If we took him alive but proclaimed him dead, we’d have the best of both worlds.

Could this have been done? From reports, the only people present when bin Laden was shot was one of bin Laden’s wives, bin Laden himself, and the U.S. Special Forces. Bin Laden’s wife was shot in the leg. I assume the Special Forces piled on top of her and she was incapacitated. Then bin Laden was shot.

What if bin Laden was also shot in the leg? The Special Forces could have piled on him and knocked him out or drugged him. They could have shoved him unconscious but alive in a body bag and taken away. Bin Laden’s blood would be on the floor and the wife would be a witness to his “death”.

The body of bin Laden was buried as sea, which was a rational and logical thing to do. But also quite convenient! What if that was not the body of bin Laden dropped into the ocean? Instead, they could have been interrogating him at some other location.

When the president and his advisors were watching events unfold in their situation room, they were not viewing what was occurring at the ground level. Instead it was reported they had an aerial view. When the Special Forces first reported they got bin Laden, code named “Geronimo”, the president’s reaction was “We got him”. But nobody actually saw this happen. Even the president’s own cabinet may have been tricked into believing bin Laden was killed.

To fake bin Laden’s death would not have been impossible, or even very difficult. We are dealing with spies and spies do sneaky stuff like that. It is their job. However, if Osama bin Laden is not dead yet, he soon will be. After intelligence is done with him, he’ll be shot in the face, pictures will be taken and his body will vanish. I actually like this idea. To be shot dead was too good for bin Laden. Let him experience fear first.

Black helicopters and “UFO technology” helped kill Osama bin Laden

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In the mythology of Ufology exists the concept of “black helicopters”. These black helicopters were reported to transport the fabled men in black. The men in black mysteriously appeared after UFO sightings or encounters, questioned those who had seen the UFOs and seemingly tried to cover up alien activity. MIB were reported to be weird characters, not quite…normal. The theory was if they were not actual aliens, they were a secret government agency working for the aliens. Black helicopters were reported to move silently, which would seem to be impossible for a nosy helicopter. This stealth quality gave the black helicopter its otherworldliness.

When the stories of the raid on Osama bin Laden emerged there were mysterious elements. How did the mission’s helicopters get through miles of Pakistan airspace without detection? The mission was kept secret from Pakistan, yet the U.S. was able to fly two helicopters near a military instillation unseen. The helicopters made no sound until they were right above bin Laden’s fortresses. It appears “black helicopters” are not only mythology, but were used in the mission to kill Osama bin Laden.

Stealth Helicopters Used In Bin Laden Raid

If the U.S. has true stealth helicopters, what other secret, strange technology do we have? I am guessing some UFO sightings are a glimpse of UFO style technology developed by the military. I would not be surprised if we had Unidentified Flying Objects hovering unseen about Bin Laden’s compound as the mission took place…America’s UFOs.

The Pakistan air force was about to send fighter jets to intercept the helicopters. What would have happened to these jets if they tried to attack the departing helicopters? I bet any interference by Pakistan would have been dealt with by other stealth craft as they hovered far overhead. We would not send a mission without protection from above.

If America has amazing UFO type technology, it is a secret to be used only when the need is dire. If America’s back is ever up against the wall, I think then this new technology, which can maneuver at amazing speeds or hover suspended, will be revealed. UFOs are our secret weapons, and the black helicopters are but one aspect of this weapon.

President Obama even made a Roswell reference at the 2011 Annual White House Correspondents’ Association dinner. Roswell is supposedly the location where a UFO crashed and the government retrieved valuable alien technology. The story goes we reverse engineered this technology and use it today. I feel we don’t need technology from aliens; we humans are clever enough to develop our own. Which might have been the subtle reference in Obama’s joke about Donald Trump.

The correspondents’ dinner was on Saturday April 30, 2011. The president had already made the decision to attack Osama Bin Laden, which was to take place the following day on Sunday May 1. Yet at the dinner Obama was cool, showing no clue he just approved a supremely important and dangerous mission.

Obama made a joke about Trump. Obama said, “Donald Trump is here tonight. And I know that he’s taken some flak lately. But no one is happier, no one is prouder to put this birth certificate matter to rest than ‘The Donald’. And that’s because he can finally get back to focusing on the issues that matter. Like, did we fake the moon landing? What really happened in Roswell? And where are Biggie and Tupac?”

I wonder if the “What really happened in Roswell?” joke line was a subtle reference to something real.  Even as Obama was speaking, our own version of nearly invisible crafts, stealth black helicopters, prepared to move. If Donald Trump became president one day, Trump might discover what really happened at Roswell. We possess strange technologies and wondrous aircraft. But they don’t need to be reversed engineered from a crashed alien spacecraft. We humans can create our own.

In this video we can hear Obama’s Roswell reference.

April 2011 Tornados: God’s Warning For America?

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2011 Tornados

2011 Tornados

When Hurricane Katrina destroyed New Orleans, some preachers proclaimed Katrina was God’s judgment on a sinful New Orleans.  They said the city got what it deserved; as God once judged Sodom and Gomorrah, so He condemned New Orleans.

When the 2010 Haiti earthquake devastated Port-au-Prince, again preachers boldly announced the quake was God’s judgment on Haiti for its practice of voodoo.  Influential televangelist Pat Robertson famously said Haiti was cursed by a pact with the Devil.

In some religious thinking, it is believed everything happens for a purpose including natural disasters, and these disasters are God’s will and the result of man’s sinfulness.  God has the power to protect His chosen, but He will remove His protection and allow devastation if people reject His ways.

I personally don’t believe this, but millions of faithful do.  If natural disasters are a reflection of God’s will, what does that say about the historic outbreak of tornados during April 2011 that devastated the southern states of the U.S.?

April sets new record for tornadoes

“Preliminary data from the National Weather Service show that more than 600 twisters have touched down in April, smashing the existing record of 267 set in 1974.The cruelty of this particular April, in the number of tornadoes recorded, is without equal in the United States. The record for the month has been shattered, and preliminary assessments say that of the four biggest clusters ever recorded, two have occurred in the last three weeks.”

Why did these tornados hit the southern states, America’s Bible Belt?  These states are the most religious in the nation.  There is a definite religious and cultural difference between the Deep South and the rest of the nation.  This region is properly called the Bible Belt.  Yet even churches were destroyed by April’s tornados.

What sin prompted God to remove His protection from the southern states?  Will preachers continue to blame the victims for their destruction?

Perhaps preachers will say the faithful were lacking conviction, that their fervor had turned lukewarm.  Or more importantly, perhaps the tithes had fallen beneath the churches’ goals.

Recently I was listening to Christian radio and a talk show interviewed the author of a book Resisting the Green Dragon.  Their discussion essentially equated environmentalism with Satanism.  I was taken aback but the hosts and callers seemed to completely agree with this premise.  I assume environmentalism is now considered sinful.  These bulltetpoints were taken the book’s Amazon page:

Environmentalism has become a new religion.
Environmentalism’s policies are devastating to the world’s poor.
Environmentalism threatens the sanctity of life.
Environmentalism is targeting our youth.
Environmentalism’s vision is global.

Let’s assume the Christian community now generally accepts the idea that environmentalism is evil.  And let’s assume natural disasters are indeed willed by God.  Could the severe storms, the deadly tornados, be a message from God, a warning that global warming and climate change will harm both Christians and non-Christians alike?  The Godly will not be spared from the effects of climate change.  And if Christians do their best to hinder efforts at reducing climate change, then we are bringing about our own self-destruction.

I wish the people harmed by these storms the best, and they have my sympathy for their losses.

The Easter Bunny is a weird idea

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Easter is a strange holiday.   The strangest aspect is the Easter Bunny.  Who came up with that idea?  There are pagan fertility elements in the holiday symbolized by rabbits, eggs and Easter baskets.  Spring is the time to make babies!  I was at the shopping mall where parents were lined up to take photos of their little children with the Easter Bunny.  I felt sorry for whoever was wearing that rabbit costume; I bet it was hot in there.  Yet, all the children taking their picture with the rabbit brought the essence of the holiday into focus…human fertility.

On the other hand, Easter is the grimmest of holidays.  It concerns the state sponsored torture and murder of an innocent man, Jesus.  His resurrection is a happy ending to a terrible event.  As far as I’m concerned the religious aspect of Easter is not something to celebrate, but a time for reflection.  On this Easter of April 24, 2011, there still is state sponsored torture and murder of innocent people by governments, like today in Libya and Syria.

We have the Easter bunny, and we have the crucifixion.  The two don’t mix at all.  The pagan aspect is about birth, and the Christian aspect is about death with the hope of resurrection.  How the two concepts became entangled is beyond me.  The Easter bunny is a weird idea that should be put aside.  A walking, talking rabbit?  I say only in cartoons.  Say NO to Easter bunnies!

Are UFOs Hiding In Plain Sight?

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UFO hidden by the sun?

In my previous post I proposed UFOs have nothing to do with spaceships piloted by organic aliens, but are probes manipulated by artificial intelligence.  Probes using robotics and A.I. would essentially be immortal, and traveling the vastness of space would not be an issue.  Humanity has begun this in a limited way with the Voyager Interstellar Mission.

We can view UFOs as something quasi-magical.  We imagine faster-then-light warp drives, phasing through dimensions, becoming invisible using cloaking technology and other elements from science fiction.  If UFOs are magic-like things, we’ll never find one.  However, if the laws of nature restrict UFOs, we may yet discover the location of these probes possibily watching our planet.

Cigar Shaped UFO

Cigar Shaped UFO

If UFOs are probes without living occupants and instead are motivated by powerful programs or even true machine sentience, then they will follow a routine.  They have a purpose, and will follow this purpose as programmed.  Which means they should be predictable.  Let us think like a programmer, and how we’d instruct an interstellar craft to behave on finding a living world.

I suggest we’d start with an interstellar ship, a mother ship, the vessel that would travel for centuries to distant stars.  What has been described as a mother ship UFO has been sighted.  It has been described as a giant cigar shaped UFO.  It is purported to be huge.  I assume such a massive vessel would not do the exploring but instead employ probes to explore any new planet encountered.  There are also many sightings of smaller UFOs that seem to merge together or break apart and move on their own.
If there is a cigar-shaped mother ship UFO, where is it hiding?  I’d suggest it is hiding (almost) in plain sight.  I’d guess it would act like our own spy satellites hovering above us in high orbit around the earth, perhaps halfway between the earth and moon. 

But wouldn’t someone spot it with all our telescopes watching the skies?  We have terrestrial telescopes scanning the sky for asteroids, not to mention the world’s governments trying to keep track of the other’s spy satellites.   Could a large object hide in the sky?

A cigar/tube shaped UFO seems to change shape based on the angle from which we view it.  When a tube shaped flying object is viewed from the side, it appears long and large, and may even appear like a flying saucer from that view.  If viewed from a distance at an angle, it may seem like a flying wedge.  But if viewed from the tip, only a dot would be visible, a flying ball.  I illustrate this below with an actual cigar.


If a tube shaped UFO were in high orbit watching us, by facing earth with its tip pointed at us, only a circular spot a fraction of the total size would be visible from earth.  At a sufficient distance from earth this dot would be nearly invisible without the need for any “invisibility technology”.   Only the lucky telescope would spot this dot in the black of space if it drifted across a star or nebula at that instant.  Even then we’d probably think nothing of it.

From this Cigar Ship the smaller probes would visit earth.   There are stories these anomalies have been picked up by military and civilian radar, but are elusive.  These smaller probes would likely use the Cigar Ship as their base, and would be going back and forth from this base ship.

Assuming the probes are programmed for secrecy, where would this Mother Ship position itself?  Behind the moon perhaps?  I’d suggest a better place to hide with a good view of earth.   I’d place the Mother Ship hovering where the bright glare of the sun’s corona would offer camouflage.  The mother vessel could be pointing at Earth in a geostationary orbit where it would seem to always be at the same point in the sky…with the sun behind and beside it.

Nobody looks into the sun; we avert our eyes.  Assuming smaller probes are going back and forth to this base, what better avenue to disguise their approach and departure then by traveling hidden by the sun’s powerful light.

Again assuming these ships are probes, then they will follow their program.  Programs won’t change unless something triggers a change.  If there is a mother ship hovering in space and it is using the sun as camouflage, then it will remain there unless there is reason otherwise.

If we want to hunt for hidden UFOs, we now have a resource from NASA, their sky-map archive.  Let us hunt for anomalies using the sky-map archive, link below.  The truth may be out there…hiding in plain sight!

Spectacular sky-mapping archive open to the public

NASA has released a trove of data from its sky-mapping mission, allowing scientists and anyone with access to the Internet to peruse millions of galaxies, stars, asteroids and other hard-to-see objects.

WISE Delivers Millions of Galaxies, Stars, and Asteroids

WISE Image Data Service – How to Find Color Images

What Are Extraterrestrial Aliens?

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There was a story about a memo reputed to concern the famed Roswell UFO crash.  As described in the memo: “An investigator for the Air Forces stated that three so-called flying saucers had been recovered in New Mexico. They were described as being circular in shape with raised centers, approximately 50 feet in diameter. Each one was occupied by three bodies of human shape but only 3 feet tall, dressed in metallic cloth of a very fine texture.”
Secret FBI File Exposes Roswell UFO — Or Not?

aliensWhat to make about this story of the recovery of crashed UFOs at Roswell?  I have my doubts.  I don’t reject the possibility of intelligent extraterrestrial life.  I just can’t buy into 3 feet tall humanoids in metallic cloth uniforms in flying saucers.

What would actual alien explorers look like?  We humans are already exploring our solar system with robots.  We have many probes hurtling through the void of space gathering information.  We have moving probes traveling the surface of Mars.  Sending human beings into distant space to accomplish the same would cost an untenable fortune in resources. 

One day we’ll send probes to visit other stars.  With the known barrier of the speed of light, it could take hundreds or even thousands of years for a probe to reach distant stars and send back information.  But what is the hurry since future generations will await the signals.  Robots and artificial intelligence don’t require air, food or water, just energy.  If we eventually send probes to the stars, then perhaps an alien civilization is doing the same.  Even at close to the speed of light, aliens won’t send organic life to do the job. 

I imagine technology will someday develop genuine artificial intelligence.  Thinking machines would be like living beings without the need for life support.  Indeed, artificial intelligence may one day replace organic life.  If an alien craft ever crashed on earth, we would find no pilot in the craft.  The UFO itself would be the alien.  We may have such crafts watching us now, alien intellects vast and superior…watching invisibly from deep, dark space.  Not 3-foot tall gray aliens in tin foil suits.

Does this mean sightings of organic aliens are only phantoms of our imagination?  They may not be imagination, but actual phantoms.  Encounters with alien “life” may be something entirely different then extraterrestrial.

Don’t Ignore Premonitions: A True Story


wifes-premonitionPremonitions and precognition are often lifesavers.  There are many instances where someone acted based on a premonition and avoided getting involved in a catastrophe.  As a child, my own father’s premonition saved our family from dying in a horrific tornado. 

However, sometimes a premonition may be an unwelcome event, if it is a portent of an unavoidable disaster.  In such an instance, is having a glimpse of the future desirable?  Which begs the question…is any fate unavoidable?

Here is a true story of a premonition told to me by the family members involved.  Jane and Tom was a married couple.  One day Jane had a vision, a premonition.  It was an awake, daytime vision.  In her brief vision, she saw her husband in church.  And he was with another woman.  Jane described the woman as short, wore glasses, was bowlegged, much younger then Tom, and with a family.  He was very happy and smiling. 

If I had a vision of my spouse happily with another person, I’d be concerned.  Jane told her husband about her vision, knowing Tom used to be a bit of a ladies man.  However, he found God and gave up his past and was now a devout, active Christian.  This vision/premonition was put aside as imagination.

Two years after her vision, Jane had a heart problem.  She went in for surgery.  However, after the surgery, there was a complication and the doctors recommended she return for further surgery.  For reasons we can only guess at, she didn’t want to go back to surgery.  She thought she was fine.  Well, she died not long afterwards.

Tom was now a widower.  He was an active churchgoer, which helped.  Two years after his wife’s death, he met a woman at church.  She was short, perhaps five feet tall.  She wore glasses and walked a little funny because she was bowlegged.  She had a family from her previous marriage and was 15 years younger then Tom.

Yes, they eventually married, and he was happily married again.  His second marriage surpassed his first. They remained together for nearly two decades until Tom passed away recently.  Tom never told his new wife the story of Jane’s vision, even after they married.  I can understand it might have seemed awkward.  But Tom’s daughters heard the story long ago.  All were stunned when Tom had a relationship with the very woman described in Jane’s vision.

Of course, such stories aren’t kept secret long.  Tom’s daughters told his second wife about the vision.  And Tom’s second wife personally told me this story.

There is a lesson here.  If we have a vision of our spouse happily with another person, then it means either the relationship will end, or we’ll die.  Jane’s premonition was a death premonition…her own.  She foresaw her husband in his future without her.  That is a pretty damn scary vision.  Maybe Jane could’ve prevented her own death, if she would’ve gone for that second surgery.  Perhaps her premonition was a warning for herself, which she didn’t heed.  True premonitions are rare and spontaneous events, and should not be ignored.

Sealed Codices Discovered: Revelation’s Seals of the Apocalypse?

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There has been an intriguing discovery.  Ancient codices inscribed on lead plates and bound together may describe events from the earliest point in Christianity.  I’m skeptical.  If these were discovered by archeologists, I’d be happier.  Instead, there is a story of these being found by a Bedouin in Jordan who then passed it on across into Israel.  Sounds suspicious, and there have been forgeries of religious artifacts in the past. 

However, assuming this is the real thing, we can speculate that these small codices may be the books mentioned in the Bible’s Book of Revelation.

Could this be the biggest find since the Dead Sea Scrolls? Seventy metal books found in cave in Jordan could change our view of Biblical history

“Adding to the intrigue, many of the books are sealed, prompting academics to speculate they are actually the lost collection of codices mentioned in the Bible’s Book of Revelation.”

Could this artifact actually be the book described in Revelation 5:1-4?

“And I saw in the right hand of him that sat on the throne a book written within and on the backside, sealed with seven seals. And I saw a strong angel proclaiming with a loud voice, Who is worthy to open the book, and to loose the seals thereof? And no man in heaven, nor in earth, neither under the earth, was able to open the book, neither to look thereon. And I wept much, because no man was found worthy to open and to read the book, neither to look thereon.”

Since these are made of lead, I assume we’d have to break the seals to open and read them.  We can’t use an X-ray.  The problem is in Revelation, breaking the seven seals will lead to the apocalypse as expressed by the metaphor of the Horsemen of the Apocalypse.  As described in Revelation 6, break the first seal and the White Horse appears, break the second seal, the Red Horse arrives, the third seal, the Black Horse, and so on. 

Is this discovery a Christian Pandora’s Box?  In Greek myth Pandora’s Box contained the world’s evils, all its devils, and when Pandora opened the box this evil was unleashed on the world.  If one of these sealed codices is actually the book mentioned in Revelation, could breaking the seals usher in the end of the world?

One of the sealed books pictured has seven rings sealing it, along with rings acting as a hinge on one side.  Let’s hope they are forgeries!  If not, then the appearance of these codices may not be a literal Pandora’s Box, but instead may be a sign, a portent, and an omen of doom.  To break the seals may be a fulfillment of prophecy!  If so, I suggest we don’t break the seals, and let the books remain sealed, mysterious artifacts.

My Husband’s Ghost In My Bed

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I’d like to pass on another story of the paranormal.  If these are actually paranormal events or tricks of the mind, I can’t say.  But the experiences are true.  Martha is an older lady who has been widowed for over a decade.  After people got to talk about strange stories Martha told us her own experience.

Martha’s husband was Michael.  They were married for their entire lives.  Martha said her husband, when he was tired, often took a nap.  Michael would not undress.  He’d take off his shoes and lie on the bed fully dressed.  He would just lie down on his back with his hands over his midsection and fall asleep for 45 minutes or an hour. 

A decade ago Michael became ill.  He had a stroke, and afterwards their life changed as she took care of him.  He died around a year after his stroke.  During a long marriage, the final year was difficult, but it was the only really bad year in a long life together.

Martha recalled one night a few months after her husband’s death.  She was asleep still lying on her side of the bed.  A bright light, which filtered through her eyelids, awakened her.  She looked at the source of the light.  She was astonished to see her deceased husband Michael in bed next to her!

He was surrounded by a bright glow, which lit the formerly dark room.  He was lying down on his back, with his hands clasped over him.  He was fully clothed, but did not have his shoes on.  He was asleep and did stir or make any sound.  His eyes were closed as he lay on his side of the bed. 

Martha was now fully awake.  This was not a dream.  She looked at Michael for what seemed like a couple of minutes.  She even remembered the clothing he was wearing (his plaid shirt).  He did not look sickly like he did before he died, but appeared as when he was healthy.

Finally she reached over to touch him, and when she tried, he disappeared and the light faded away.  She was back alone in her darkened bedroom.  It was almost dawn and she got up amazed at what she had witnessed.  She was wide-awake.  A glowing ghost in bed next to me would have sent me screaming.  But she felt peaceful and there was no fear whatsoever. 

Martha never had any experience like this before or afterwards. She thought her husband visited her so she’d know he was at peace.  Everything was ok. I offered the idea the ghost of Michael may have visited her many times in bed, and that night was the only time she became aware of him lying beside her.  Who can say?

I found the bright glow that initially awakened her interesting.  I suspect what she saw was not physical light (photons), but astral light.  Astral light often accompanies encounters with the otherworldly.  Religious visions and apparitions, UFOs and their “aliens”, and other spirit visitations are often accompanied by astral light.  It is a light not seen with the optic nerve but seen within the soul.  Astral light is the doorway to communication with the spirit world.  It is the same light (or senses) which allows people experiencing the out-of-body phenomena to clearly see even in absolute darkness.  It seems our physical senses are matched by similar spiritual senses.

How to Interpret the Prophecies of Nostradamus

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How to interpret the prophecies of Nostradamus?  First, we can thank the great scholarship offered by past writers on Nostradamus for allowing his writings to be easily available for anyone to examine.  However, a few scholars suggested without intimate knowledge of linguistics from his era, one was unqualified to understand his writings and hence his predictions.  They cited Nostradamus’ own “Incantation of the Law Against Inept Critics”:

Those who read these verses, consider them with maturity
Let not the profane, vulgar, and ignorant attracted
All astrologers, fools, and barbarians stay afar
He who does otherwise, subjected to the sacred rite.

Some commentators of Nostradamus created elaborate systems in an attempt to interpret his cryptic quatrains.  In the 21st century, I disagree with an elitist approach towards understanding Nostradamus.  Thankfully we have the scholarship already in place.  Now the task is solving the puzzle presented in his quatrains.

I suggest the secret to understanding Nostradamus is to understand clairvoyance.  Genuine clairvoyance is usually a rare and spontaneous experience happening once or twice in a lifetime (if we are lucky).  It has been reported as visual, audible or both.  It can also be a feeling, an emotion like a panic when someone feels their loved one is in danger.

The prophecies of Nostradamus are murky, vague, and frustrating.  Nostradamus was said to use vagueness on purpose.  We assume to protect him from the inquisition.  Successful predictions could have been considered witchcraft, a dangerous sin in his era.  I suppose if a quatrain came true in his lifetime he’d have reason to worry.  But why care for future predictions after he had passed away?

Skeptics say he was hedging his bets with his predictions.  It’s an old trick…make hundreds of predictions, make them vague, and hope a few works out, taking credit for successes while ignoring all the misses.  Still, Nostradamus stood the test of time.  His few bull’s-eyes are truly uncanny.

I suspect much of Nostradamus’ murkiness was not intentional, but a natural result of clairvoyance.  Nostradamus was not all knowing.  No human can possibly be. Even the greatest possible prophet may have only brief glimpses of the future.  Can they be so elaborate they translate into incredibly ingenious riddles?

It depends if a clairvoyant intellectualizes his visions.  Suppose someone had a vision, and then tried to make sense of it.  Instead of only expressing his experience, he used his intellect.  Perhaps Nostradamus used his logical mind to understand his visions and then write down his quatrains.  He was likely no wiser in comprehending his visions as we are today when examining them.

But when he stuck with describing what he witnessed in his visions, we have an undiluted look into his clairvoyance.  Sights…sounds…clairvoyance…clairaudience.  Even his anagrams may be based on sound…hearing something that sounded familiar to him.  Hister…Hitler.  Or using the anagram “Pax Ney Loro” as his way to describe the sound of Napoleon’s name.

Here is the quatrain that informed my understanding of Nostradamus.
Century I, Quatrain 64
At night they will think they have seen the sun,
when they see the half pig man:
Noise, screams, battles seen fought in the skies.
The brute beasts will be heard to speak

It reads like gibberish.

Written in the 1960s, Edgar Leoni in his “Nostradamus and His Prophecies” described the quatrain this way: 

“No commentator has gotten any really bright idea as to the identity of the pig-man.  Fighting in the sky sounds very modern, perhaps Nostradamus had “signs in the heavens” in mind.  Or perhaps scientific developments of the 1960s offer a solution:  A Soviet illuminated, giant, propagranda-transmutting satellite balloon constructed in the image of porcupine big brother of the soviet animal farm, Nikita Khrushchev.”

Later, Erika Cheetham in her “The Prophecies of Nostradamus” described the same quatrain:

“This seemingly nonsensical quatrain is one of the most interesting.  Nostradamus describes a vivid picture of a battle in the air.  The sun, appearing at night, is the searchlight piercing the sky, or possibly bombs exploding.  The pig-like man, which no commentator to date as ever deciphered, seems a clear picture in silhouette of the pilot in Oxygen mask, helmet and goggles.”

Ms. Cheetham hit the nail on the head with her interpretation.  Instead of using logic, she used her intuition and imagination to finally see what Nostradamus must have seen. 

Nostradamus likely didn’t comprehend everything he saw.  How often did Nostradamus try to interpret his own predictions, instead of only transcribing what he witnessed?  Or mix the two together? How often did he use his imagination thinking it was precognition?  We don’t know.  I believe if even 10% of his quatrains contain true clairvoyance, then his words are worth examining.  The problem is we don’t know which quatrains offer clues to the future, and which don’t.  Part of the trick is to think like a clairvoyant.