The Occult Message Behind Captain America

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captain-americaThe movie Captain America is an entertaining and uplifting film. Actor Chris Evans did a great job portraying Steve Rogers both prior and after his transformation into Captain America. The Steve Rogers character starts out as a physically weak individual of small stature, but who has courage and compassion, the heart of a lion. In the movie he sought to join the military to serve his nation but was constantly rejected because of his physical weakness.

A scientist noticed his true nature and he was given the chance to serve by volunteering for an experiment to create a super solider. Steve Rogers was turned into Captain America, his body transformed into physical perfection. His body became a reflection of what he was within his soul and a mirror of his character. What he was within literally became flesh. Immaterial thought became manifest into the physical world.

This is occult message behind Captain America. The occult concerns itself with the manifestation of the immaterial (thought) into physical reality. And the occult is about using these processes for inner self-transformation. In the occult we contact our higher selves or higher powers to manifest our potential, and bring into reality what we desire. Captain America can be a metaphor for this power of belief and becoming what we believe in.

red-skullThe occult concepts of inner transformation and manifesting reality can be used for either positive or negative results. In the movie the villain Red Skull symbolizes a negative transformation. The Red Skull was exposed to the same super solider serum that created Captain America. Yet, unlike Steve Rodgers, the Red Skull’s inner character was vile, and so he was transformed with a monstrous appearance. The Red Skull became a physical reflection of his own personality.

These occult themes are not intentional by the movie-makers. But when stories deal with mythic elements, they may cross paths with occult elements. Myths, legends, and the occult walk hand in hand.

One aspect of the movie that was supposed to involve the occult actually has nothing to do with it. The Red Skull character was in charge of the Nazi’s paranormal division. The character sought out an occult source of great power, the Cosmic Cube. The Skull called it the power of the “gods”. Even as a metaphor or symbol, nothing like this exists in true occult experience; it is just a fantasy element,

I suspect the movie’s villainy could have been made more realistic and dramatic if it had been inspired by the real life links between the Nazis and occultism. True or not, there are ideas the Nazi’s were inspired by contact with villainous secret societies, black magic, demonic entities or even extraterrestrial beings. But delving into the darkest corners of Nazi occultism would probably be out of place in a comic book movie. Better to have the villains using ray guns and cosmic cubes.

Below is a documentary about Nazi occultism:

Crisis Apparition Stories

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One of the most common types of paranormal events is reputed to be the appearance of a crisis apparition.  The crisis apparition is said to be the spirit of the injured, dying, or recently dead who appear to the living shortly around the time of the crisis.  It seems there is a brief window of opportunity for a spirit to visit one final time before passing into the “other world”.

I had written before about how my father, as a young man newly engaged for marriage, saw an apparition of his mother-in-law in a hallway.  Later he discovered that his mother-in-law had died around the time of his vision, and he had no knowledge of this event.  Just a coincidence?  We may have dreams or imagine our loved ones often, and if this coincides with an accident or death, we’d easily imagine it a premonition or spiritual visitation.

Then again, it may not always be only coincidence.  I have a story of a crisis apparition from a friend of mine.  They have a family story they repeat often.  It takes place in the early 1970s.  At the time my friend was around twelve years old, and his family had gone on their annual summer vacation at Castle Rock Lake in Wisconsin.  His parents and siblings all went camping together.

One night while camping my friend’s mother awoke in great distress.  She had a vivid and startling dream of her own mother.  Grandma hadn’t gone camping with them; she was back at home in their two-flat apartment in Chicago.  My friend’s mother said something terrible had happened to grandma, and grandma visited her.  Mother wanted to leave and go back home immediately.  The family told her everything was fine; she just had a dream.

To humor mom, they sought out a phone to call home.  Back there were no cell phones.  They called but nobody answered.  Yet that really didn’t mean anything.  But mother insisted they leave camping early and return home now.  So they all packed up and left.  When they eventually got to their home, they discovered grandmother in her flat upstairs, dead in her bed.  My friend recalls, as a boy, how everyone was shocked at the death of grandma and didn’t understand how mother somehow knew.

In this situation, the vision/premonition prompted a change in behavior from the norm, and the premonition proved sadly accurate.

The crisis apparition seems to occur when there is a separation, as if the injured or dying wish to communicate with their loved ones.  This startling phenomenon does not seem to happen when loved ones are together, aware of the dying process and are gathered around.  Perhaps when a family is present the need to visit one last time is not felt necessary.

It is curious some people appear to be more sensitive to these things then most.  Perhaps many of us are mentally closed off to this stuff, and even if the deceased tried to appear we’d not realize their presence.  The crisis apparition may be quite common, except few are open enough to see.

Another theory holds this is in fact telepathic communication and not a visitation of a ghost.  It seems sometimes we can perceive if someone we have a connection with is in distress. It doesn’t have to be something truly traumatic.  How often has someone suddenly had a feeling of anxiety, only to discover later around the same time something stressful happened to a family member or a friend?

Again, it appears some people are sensitive to this, and others aren’t.  Can we train ourselves for sensitivity?  I’d say yes, if we wished it.  Opening our intuition is something we can all do, but many people can’t be bothered.  It is a choice.

Cemetery Statues And Their Meaning

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cemetery-statuaryI recently took some pictures in an old cemetery and found the statuary both beautiful and sad. I preferred the grave statuary to blocky tombstones.

A tombstone is a fitting symbol for death.  It is an impersonal, abstract representation of death.  The angular shape suggests annihilation and oblivion.  Gravestones are rock, and stone is similar to bone.  Stones could be called the bones of the earth.  Rock is an apt symbol for the skeleton.  Both rock and death are permanent.

Statues in cemeteries bring the illusion of life to stone.  A statue seems to say death is not oblivion.  Giving human form to stone hints we endure beyond death.  It is a more hopeful symbol then just a square block marking the deceased’s location.  Statuary suggests the immortality of the human personality.  Statues are an act of creativity that endures beyond death.  I prefer that symbolism!

In this cemetery I noticed statues of female angels, mourning women and children.  I did not see statues of adult male figures.  What could this mean?  I’d guess society thinks the female is considered more emotional then the male and is a better symbol for mourning.  Men are not supposed to cry, and a statue of a man mourning might be considered an uncomfortable symbol of weakness.  It is curious how culture influences even grave statuary.



A Real Ghost Photo Or Pareidolia?

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Pareidolia is when we see images we recognize in random shapes that seemed to look familiar. For instance, we may see the image of faces or animals in clouds. We tend to make sense of random patterns when they fit something we recognize.

I reviewed a photograph I took over a decade ago (above). This was before I had a digital camera, and for this photo I used a film camera.  The photo was taken at an old pub, and I thought the mural on the wall was interesting so I took a picture. There was nobody in this area at the time. When I later developed the film, this picture had a curious smoky image in it.

Studying the picture something became apparent to me; there was a face in the center of the vapor. In the photo above I drew an outline over where the features seem to be so it will be more visible. What struck me was that the face’s features were fairly symmetrical. The face even seemed to have an expression on it with its closed eyes, as if drifting in a slumber, half conscious between the world of life and death. Tendrils of smoke emerged for this central image with their own strange shapes.

Is this a photo of a real ghost or merely pareidolia at work? Certainly possible. Yet, pareidolia usually involves a caricature, something vaguely resembling what we imagine. When showed this photo to others, their reaction was either they couldn’t detect the face or OMG.

I would return to this pub hoping to get another picture of whatever possibly haunted the place. I never got another one, but I did get orbs, which don’t mean much either but are still interesting. Below is a photo of an orb that hovered…drifting. I wonder if it the orb could be the same smoky ghost except from a distance?


The Nostradamus Sea Monster Prophecy



There was a story about a dead “sea monster” beached in China.  The decaying carcass is likely a whale.  The story and photo is here:

Fishy business: Mysterious 55ft ‘sea monster’ washes up in China

Sightings of sea monsters are as old as sailing.  When an unrecognizable giant carcass is stranded on a beach, there is the natural impulse to imagine it is the remains of a sea monster.  The creations of legends are often the result of such misunderstandings.

Nostradamus has a prophecy about such a sea monster stranded on a beach:

Century 5, Quatrain 88
Through a frightful flood upon the sand,
A marine monster from other seas found:
Near the place will be made a refuge,
Holding Savona the slave of Turin.

sea-monsterHis quatrain implies a storm or the tides carried a marine monster onto the sands.  Centuries ago this would seem odd, if the locals were not very familiar with whales.  His quatrain mentions Savona, a seaport in northern Italy.  This quatrain likely refers to a beached whale in the Mediterranean Sea, which likely happened in the past and will yet again in the future.  Yet Nostradamus also mentions it is from “other seas”.

Why bother to make a prediction about something like this?  I have a theory.  Genuine clairvoyance might use unusual events as an omen to foretell greater events soon to occur.  If something odd happens before a monumental event, the strange occurrence could be considered a signpost.  Since unusual events happen all the time, it comes down to the prophet picking the right notable event coinciding with a future event.

If a tree falls in the forest and nobody hears it, did it really happen?  It didn’t matter.  If a tree falls on someone’s house, the account might appear in the local newspaper if nowhere else.  If a falling tree/unusual event gets worldwide attention, it may reverberate in the collective consciousness.  It gets noticed.  These peculiar if unimportant instances may get picked up by a clairvoyant, assuming clairvoyance responds to the collection attention of millions or even billions of individuals.  The falling tree is unremarkable until it gets noticed by the masses.  If it is unnoticed, why bother using it in a prediction?

Nostradamus suggests something will happen when a sea monster is stranded on a beach.  That does not give us much to work with.  Unless the last two lines come in to play afterwards.  I don’t suggest this story of the decaying whale is necessarily part of this particular quatrain.  However, we should pay attention to any stories of beached sea monsters that gain wide attention.  We never know when any sea monster will be the Nostradamus sea monster.


Loch Ness monster-like beast filmed in Alaska

A video of a sea monster!  Could an actual sea monster have been caught on video?  If this video is not faked, then it looks like a geninue sea serpent.


Human Magnetoreception and Paranormal or Etheric Perception

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There was a story about magnetoreception I found intriguing.  Magnetoreception is the ability to detect magnetic fields.  Many animals are believed to have this sense and use it for navigating the earth’s magnetic field.  For humanity, it seems like a lost ability.

A recent study in Nature Communications discussed a protein in the human eye that seemed to have magnetic sensing properties.  When this human protein was inserted into fruit flies, they became sensitive to magnetic fields and were able to detect them.

Here is the story:  Human eye protein senses Earth’s magnetism

I’ll offer some speculation.  Could human magnetoreception help explain paranormal perception?  There are countless stories of human beings seeing normally invisible spirits, ghosts, angels, and faeries.  Sometimes, rarely, someone will have a vision of something anomalous that appears very real. These visions have been regarded the result of an overactive imagination.

What would happen if, on occasion, our retina briefly perceived the electromagnetic world?  We might see a blurry image of light and try to make sense of it.  We might even call it a ghost.

A theory about ghosts and spirits suggest they interact with the physical world by manipulating electromagnetism.  It has been suggested much of paranormal activity could be explained by magnetic fields.  Cold spots in hauntings are said to be spirits drawing energy from the surroundings to manifest them.

Can we train to see invisible or magnetic fields?  There is an exercise anyone can use to develop etheric (electromagnetic?) sight.  In a darkened room, hold your fingertips as close together as possible without actually touching them.  Focus your body’s energy towards the tips of your fingers.  Then look at the fingertips indirectly, out of the corner of your eye using your peripheral vision. Slowly draw your fingers apart.

You might see a faint astral light, almost like smoke, streaming and swirling between the fingertips.  I have seen this myself.  Someone who suggested they had psychic abilities once demonstrated this to me.  From the edge of my eye I saw something like a tiny, dimly lit vapor interacting between their fingertips.

Was I experiencing magnetoreception?

Sun Talisman For Health

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Sun Talisman For Health

Sun Talisman For Health

I have designed a sun talisman (above) to bestow good health and as an aid in healing.  The solar talisman is considered the most energetic of planetary talismans.  Where the various planetary talismans employ a subtle influence to achieve subtle results (relationships, finances) the sun talisman is a blunt instrument.  When we are sick, that is exactly what we need…blunt healing.  There is nothing nuance about the need to get well.

The sun is good for our health.  It is well known a lack of sunlight causes a deficiency in vitamin D, which over time can lead to chronic illnesses.   Insufficient sunlight may also lead into mental depression such as seasonal affective disorder (SAD).

Beyond this the sun is the very source of life on earth.  Plants are the children of the sun and earth.  The power of the sun is directly revealed in plants, a reflection of solar energies manifest into life.  And plants are our greatest tools for living a healthy life.

Plants contains nutrients and antioxidants essential to health.  A lifetime of eating a plentiful variety of fruits and vegetables will result in a vigorous, healthy life.  Sickness is the result when we bleach the sun out of our diet by eating primarily artificial and processed foods.

The sun health talisman can aid in receiving the healing powers of the sun.  When ill, it should be combined with sunlight and an intense diet of the sun’s children…unprocessed fruit and vegetables.  We should always take our prescribed medications, but calling on the sun to heal us is an additional arrow in our quiver.


How to create the Sun Health Talisman:

Step 1: Print out the image of the talisman  at the top of the page.

Step 2:  Cut the image to size.  Then fold it in half, and fold it half once again so it will be divided into fourths.  There will be an image on four sides.

numerology-chartStep 3: Using numerology, turn the name of the person to be healed (yourself or another) into numbers.  Match every letter of the name with the number on the chart.  For instance the name David would be represented by these numbers:  41494   (D=4, A=1, V=4, I=9, D=4).

Step 4: We will create a sigil using the magic square (the square with all the numbers in it).  This is a process similar to “connect the dots”.  Using the numbers of a name, draw a line between the numbers in sequence.  If two of the same numbers are in sequence create a small semi-circle represent the number twice.  I have created the sigil of Metratron as an example.  Metratron is the name of the angel pictured in the talisman’s lower left hand corner.  If you don’t wish to use our own name, using the sigil of Metratron is a powerful alternative.

example-of-a-sigilStep 5: Traditionally, gold is the metal of the sun.  If you have a small, unused piece of gold chain or jewelry, place it inside the unprinted folds of the talisman and seal it with glue.  Gold is very expensive, so this may not be an option.  It is not necessary but helpful.

Step 6: Once completed, we will consecrate or “charge” the talisman.  There are numerous traditions with how to do this.  There is no one correct way.  One method would be to place the completed solar talisman on a shelf exposed to the sun from sunrise to sunset, to absorb the sun’s energy.  As the sun sets, ask the sun for its blessing. Then hide it in a secret place in your purse or wallet, and never show it to anyone.  It is not a novelty to be displayed for the amusement of others.

The sun talisman will remind you to practice solar healing, and is a visible display of your intentions.  The act of creating and using a talisman is that it goes beyond merely thinking positive thoughts.  You have created a physical representation of your intentions.  By creating a physical replica of your intent, so we can create the physical result of this intent as well.

Story of the Gay Ghost

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Over a decade ago I was told this story by a lady who lived in an apartment in Villa Park, Illinois.  When she told me this story, it reminded me of an urban legend she may have overheard.  However, she said this was her own personal experience and spoke of it matter-of-factly.

Rebecca said after she moved into her apartment, she gradually became aware of something strange in her unit.  She wasn’t immediately aware of anything unusual, but over time she began to hear strange sounds.  As she sat in her living room she would hear footsteps in the hallway between her living room and bedroom.  She would get up and look to see what it was but the hallway was empty.  She was also unnerved to hear footsteps in the hallway when she was in her bedroom.

Another sound she sometimes heard was a sigh.  When all was quiet, she might hear someone sigh as if they were tired or perhaps sad.  She couldn’t make out the location of the sighing.  This happened often enough that she came to accept her apartment was haunted.  She was not afraid of these noises.  If anything, there was a feeling of sadness accompanying these events, nothing scary.

Rebecca said she became curious about who this unseen visitor might be and made inquires about the former occupants of her apartment.  She heard a story that a gay man had lived in this unit.  This person was supposedly murdered, the story being it was the result of a hate crime, and the killer was never found.  Rebecca felt this event was the motivation behind the ghost.

Rebecca said she eventually decided to speak to the ghost in her apartment.  She said she spoke aloud, talking to him as if he were in the room.  She expressed her sympathy for what happened to him.  She told the ghost she heard the story of his death.  She wished there was something she could do to make things right.  She felt bad for him and wished him peace.  He was welcome to stay if he wanted.

Perhaps an acknowledgement of his situation and an expression of concern was what the spirit wanted.  After she spoke, she never heard footsteps or the sighs again.  The ghost had departed.

Her story shared many elements of a typical ghost story: the anomalies, the back-story, and the final departure of the spirit.  It seems communicating with spirits is sometimes enough to awaken and free them, if they are stuck in-between worlds.  Rebecca speculated the ghost simply wanted the crime committed against him to be recognized by someone, even if only her.

Recently I have tried to verify the story.  Was someone who lived in this apartment ever murdered?  If I could discover the back-story was accurate, it would add support to Rebecca’s tale.  However, since the date of this event is unknown, and I have no name to research, I have run into a dead end.

Did Nostradamus predict Osama bin Laden?

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Did Nostradamus offer any predictions related to Osama bin Laden?  There are a number of intriguing interpretations concerning 911 circulating.  I will offer another possible reference as well.  I previously wrote about this quatrain, and it seems the third line may have come to pass in short order.  It is quite curious.

Nostradamus wrote the following in Century 9, Quatrain 73:

The Blue Turban King entered into Foix,
And he will reign less than an evolution of Saturn:
The White Turban King Byzantium heart banished,
Sun, Mars and Mercury near Aquarius

“The Blue Turban King entered into Foix”

I speculated the first line referred to Hosni Mubarak, the former ruler of Egypt who was forced to resign by the protests of the Arab spring.  He was originally an air force officer, and their uniform and hat were blue.  Foix is in France, and Mubarak visited France 50 times as the president of Egypt.

“And he will reign less than an evolution of Saturn”

Mubarak resigned as president after ruling Egypt for 29 years, 3 months and 29 days.  The orbit of Saturn around the sun takes just barely under 29.5 years.

“The White Turban King Byzantium heart banished”

Here is where Nostradamus may have suggested Osama bin Laden was the White Turban King.  Osama bin Laden was not really a king of anything, except possibly his predicted Great King Of Terror (Century 10, Quatrain 72).  Bin Laden certainly wore a white turban.  “Byzantium heart banished” is curious.  Was the White Turban a king of Byzantium?   Byzantium could represent modern day Turkey.  Or does Byzantium symbolize the long extinct eastern Roman Empire, which projected forward into the present day would be our current world empire/power system.  “Heart banished,” could suggest the White Turban was killed/defeated by Byzantium.  Yet banished is a curious phrase.  Could Nostradamus suggest bin Laden was subject to rendition (banished)?  Could bin Laden have been taken prisoner with a cover story of his death?

“Sun, Mars and Mercury near Aquarius”

The sun, Mars and Mercury were near Aquarius from February 3 until February 21, 2011.  Mubarak resigned February 11, 2011.

Osama bin Laden was killed less then three months after Mubarak resigned.  That is pretty tight timing.  If Mubarak was the blue turban, then it appears bin Laden was the white turban.  That Nostradamus thought all of this worthy of prophecy means this is not the end of the story.  This is just the beginning.  These events are a harbinger of world changing events soon to arrive.

Did the rapture happen and nobody noticed?

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Pastor and Christian broadcaster Harold Camping predicted the rapture would take place May 21, 2011, soon followed by the end of the world.  The rapture apparently did not happen as scheduled.  Or did it?  Could the rapture have occurred May 21 but nobody noticed?  Is the end near?

Belief in the rapture is rooted in this verse from the Bible:  “The dead in Christ shall rise first: Then we which are alive and remain shall be caught up together with them in the clouds, to meet the Lord in the air: and so shall we ever be with the Lord.”

It is believed that true Christians will be whisked away into heaven before a period of great suffering for humanity called the tribulation and the apocalypse.  Pastor Camping could have been correct in his dating of the rapture.  He merely overestimated the number of people who would be raptured (including him).

According to rapture theology, only true Christians will be raptured.  It is granted that anyone who belongs to any non-Christians faith (including Mormons and Catholics) will not be raptured.  True Christians are assumed to be born-again Christians who adhere to a conservative interpretation of scripture.  But does that alone define a true Christian?  Assuming anything is just that…an assumption.

Could it be that Christians who believe in the rapture will automatically be disqualified from the rapture?  Hoping for the rapture really is an almost selfish, anti-Christian attitude.  We’ll be in heaven while sinful human suffers the apocalypse.  Yippie for me, too bad for humanity!  A true Christian would prefer to remain behind with their unsaved family and friends.

If we narrow down what is defined as a true Christian, out of 2 billion Christians, how many are genuine, and the real deal?  It could be as little as a couple of dozen.  If a couple of dozen individuals were raptured on May 21 would the world notice?

If we want to know when the apocalypse will start, pay attention to any news stories about mysterious disappearances.  People disappear everyday and it is not news, so the chance of noticing the rapture is slim, but it is possible. What NOT to do is assume you will be raptured, and your presence on earth means the rapture has not happened yet.  What are the odds you are one of the few dozen genuine Christians out of the 2 billion mistaken Christians?