Space Alien Contactee Talisman

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I’ve created a Space Alien Contactee Talisman (pictured above). This talisman is intended for use with contacting with our space brother aliens. Assuming you want to.

First let me explain the design. It is a planetary talisman of the sun, our own local star. The top half uses the magic square of the sun.

The bottom half is a pentacle from the famed grimoire, the Key of Solomon. It is the First Pentacle of the Sun whose face is named “El Shaddai”. I picked it because he looks something like a peaceful Nordic space brother, and not a nasty Grey, Reptilian or Insectoid alien.

This is a typical talisman, but I added something different. In 1961 Betty and Barney Hill claimed to have been abducted by extraterrestrials. It is a long story, and a good review of the incident is in an article by Richard Thomas:

It concerns Betty Hill’s famed star map.


iron meteoriteHer star map reminded me of a planetary sigil. So I superimposed the star map over the magic square of the sun. The numbers connected very nicely. Now we have a sigil for space aliens.

To make it work, print out the talisman. Cut out the two circles. Put a meteorite in between the two and glue them together. The meteorite will help facilitate our nighttime communication.

Put it under your pillow at bedtime, and imagine an alien visitation. Visualize it…believe it. You just might become a contactee! Now, a good question is do we really want to be a contactee. That is for you to decide. I feel attempting to acquire secret knowledge is risky, even dangerous, but can be worth it for seekers of the unknown.

Sun Talisman For Health

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Sun Talisman For Health

Sun Talisman For Health

I have designed a sun talisman (above) to bestow good health and as an aid in healing.  The solar talisman is considered the most energetic of planetary talismans.  Where the various planetary talismans employ a subtle influence to achieve subtle results (relationships, finances) the sun talisman is a blunt instrument.  When we are sick, that is exactly what we need…blunt healing.  There is nothing nuance about the need to get well.

The sun is good for our health.  It is well known a lack of sunlight causes a deficiency in vitamin D, which over time can lead to chronic illnesses.   Insufficient sunlight may also lead into mental depression such as seasonal affective disorder (SAD).

Beyond this the sun is the very source of life on earth.  Plants are the children of the sun and earth.  The power of the sun is directly revealed in plants, a reflection of solar energies manifest into life.  And plants are our greatest tools for living a healthy life.

Plants contains nutrients and antioxidants essential to health.  A lifetime of eating a plentiful variety of fruits and vegetables will result in a vigorous, healthy life.  Sickness is the result when we bleach the sun out of our diet by eating primarily artificial and processed foods.

The sun health talisman can aid in receiving the healing powers of the sun.  When ill, it should be combined with sunlight and an intense diet of the sun’s children…unprocessed fruit and vegetables.  We should always take our prescribed medications, but calling on the sun to heal us is an additional arrow in our quiver.


How to create the Sun Health Talisman:

Step 1: Print out the image of the talisman  at the top of the page.

Step 2:  Cut the image to size.  Then fold it in half, and fold it half once again so it will be divided into fourths.  There will be an image on four sides.

numerology-chartStep 3: Using numerology, turn the name of the person to be healed (yourself or another) into numbers.  Match every letter of the name with the number on the chart.  For instance the name David would be represented by these numbers:  41494   (D=4, A=1, V=4, I=9, D=4).

Step 4: We will create a sigil using the magic square (the square with all the numbers in it).  This is a process similar to “connect the dots”.  Using the numbers of a name, draw a line between the numbers in sequence.  If two of the same numbers are in sequence create a small semi-circle represent the number twice.  I have created the sigil of Metratron as an example.  Metratron is the name of the angel pictured in the talisman’s lower left hand corner.  If you don’t wish to use our own name, using the sigil of Metratron is a powerful alternative.

example-of-a-sigilStep 5: Traditionally, gold is the metal of the sun.  If you have a small, unused piece of gold chain or jewelry, place it inside the unprinted folds of the talisman and seal it with glue.  Gold is very expensive, so this may not be an option.  It is not necessary but helpful.

Step 6: Once completed, we will consecrate or “charge” the talisman.  There are numerous traditions with how to do this.  There is no one correct way.  One method would be to place the completed solar talisman on a shelf exposed to the sun from sunrise to sunset, to absorb the sun’s energy.  As the sun sets, ask the sun for its blessing. Then hide it in a secret place in your purse or wallet, and never show it to anyone.  It is not a novelty to be displayed for the amusement of others.

The sun talisman will remind you to practice solar healing, and is a visible display of your intentions.  The act of creating and using a talisman is that it goes beyond merely thinking positive thoughts.  You have created a physical representation of your intentions.  By creating a physical replica of your intent, so we can create the physical result of this intent as well.

The Power of Talismans in the Wizard of Oz

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The Wonderful Wizard of Oz is L. Frank Baum’s famous children’s book turned into the great movie Wizard of Oz.  Considering the book itself, I feel it might have certain elements of the occult within in.  It is not overt or especially obvious.  Yet there appears to be aspects of genuine occultism outside of just the fairy tale conventions of witches and wizards.  Baum was a Theosophist.  Some readers read his Theosophist ideals in-between the lines.  Perhaps, perhaps not.  Since most fairy tales deal with fantastical elements, such stories are wide open to many interpretations.  In that spirit, let’s examine one aspect of his famous children’s story.



The premier theme of The Wonderful Wizard of Oz is not only Dorothy’s quest to return to Kansas, but also her three companions’ quest to achieve each of their life’s greatest goals.  The Scarecrow wants a brain, the Tin Woodsman wants a heart and the Cowardly Lion wants courage.  While reading the book it is obvious the Scarecrow is already quite clever, the Tin Woodsman has great compassion, and the Lion faces dangers even with his fear, which is true courage.

The book’s lesson for children is that we are all special and only need to understand that.  Even so Dorothy’s companions seek their spiritual gifts from the Wizard of Oz, who is powerless to actually fulfill any wish.  Yet, Oz presents each of the companions with a “magic” gift which are really talismans.   The Scarecrow gets his head filled with needles so he’ll be “sharp”, the Tin Woodsman gets a stuffed heart placed inside of him, and the Cowardly Lion drinks a “magic” potion to bestow courage.  These gifts/talismans are different from the movie version, but both book and movie present the same thing…the power of talismans!



On the surface Oz’s gifts are all powerless, just humbug.  But these gifts are really not humbug.  Talismans’ power comes from within the individual’s belief in them.  Since the three companions truly believed in their talismans, they worked!  Suddenly they recognized their innate spiritual gifts by believing a higher power gave it to them. 

The story’s actual magic items (like Dorothy’s silver/ruby slippers) are not nearly as effective as Oz’s talismans.  At the end of the story the Lion, Scarecrow and Woodman all became kings thru their own merit enhanced by Oz’s illusionary gift. 

This concept is a subtle yet quite real.

Believing only in you does not seem as effective as believing in a higher power.  We really are very small people in a very big universe.  But by believing in a higher power we feel a part of something greater then our tiny selves.  And “higher power” need not be religious; it can be political, social or ideological.  It can also be constructive or destructive.  People have sacrificed their lives for both the ideals of democracy and fascism.  Today religion both inspires and destroys. 

A talisman represents belief in something other then yourself, and that belief manifests reality.  This may be metaphysical or only psychological, but it changes the world especially when a talisman represents the beliefs of many people combined.

You can check out the original book online at the Library of Congress.  It is filled with lovely illustrations by W.W. Denslow.

Hex Signs and Magic Circles

Hex Sign on a barn

Hex Sign on a barn

barns-hex-signDuring the winter while on the road, I spotted some hex signs on a couple of barns.  I was exited to see them!  I rarely see these.  I took a few pictures (above).  Hex signs are really interesting.  I’m sure we’ve all seen smaller versions in craft shops for hanging at home.  However, they are not only decorative art.  There is quite a bit to them.

Most view hex signs as simply colorful decorations, as folk art.  Historically they served a specific purpose.  They were talismans used to protect the barn, the farm and the home from fire, theft, lightening and misfortune.  And to promote good fortune, prosperity and fertility.  What made them different from talismans was their generally public nature.  They were beautiful art while serving an esoteric purpose.  Their occult aspect was not too obvious.

Hex signs arrived in Pennsylvania in the 1800s, the tradition brought by immigrants from the Old World.  But these protective symbols are very old.  They have a long history that reaches far back into paganism.  Since hex signs were public, the esoteric symbolism was subtle.  If anyone put a talisman from the Keys of Solomon on their barn, it would probably invite a fire started by an offended neighbor instead of warding it off.

Double Star Hex Sign

Double Star Hex Sign

The symbolism of the hex sign is interesting.  On the surface, there doesn’t seem to be all that much to them.  They are often only geometric shapes. It seems any meaning is in the eye of the beholder.  However, if we consider numerology and sacred geometry we can discern some of the esoteric meaning behind the hex sign.

These symbols were enclosed in circles.  Inside the circles were symbols such as a swastika/solar wheel, rosettes, double rosettes, pentagrams, double stars and triple stars.

A circle enclosing geometric shapes is suggestive of the magic circles of ceremonial magic.  The ceremonial magician would evoke celestial/spiritual powers while he remained in the magic circle’s protection.  The magic circle is a cornerstone of magical practice.


Lets consider a common symbol, the Star.  If we compare the hex sign’s typical “star” with some of the talismanic imagery contained in the old grimoires, they look  familiar.  Take away the cryptic script and you could easily have a hex sign.

The number of points on the star has significance.  Five points, the pentagram, has obvious occult meaning.  Four points represents our physical world, symbolized by the four points of the compass.  A double star adds four more points to what is symbolized as the material world.   This reflects the attempt to protect and bless this physical world, our farm and home, with celestial aid.

Tart Card the Star

Tart Card the Star

In the tarot card the Star; we have a star that looks just like a hex sign.  Just draw a circle around it!  It represents the actual stars above, but the Star is also a metaphor for a metaphysical force.  Astrology is suggestive of the influence of these “stars”.  The Star symbolizes the spiritual Universe and the Astral Powers Above.  The meaning of the Star card is about harmony between the Heavens and the Earth, the Spirit and the Individual.  As is above, so below.  As the woman pours water into the pond, she reflects what is going on at a higher level, as the Spirit pours its essence into the world.

The star in a circle, as seen with ceremonial magic’s circle, and with classical talismans and hex signs, represents our attempt to capture celestial influence for our benefit.   And keep it in our circle!

Talisman of the Moon

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I created a planetary Talisman of the Moon (above).  If you want, you can right click it and print it out.  Fold it twice to create your own lunar talisman.  The purpose of this talisman is as a tool to heighten your intuition and latent psychic abilities.

Folded Moon Talisman

Folded Moon Talisman

I’d suggest the talisman be made during an actual full moon.  A genuine silver coin (U.S. dated 1964 or earlier) should be kept in the folds of this talisman.  Silver is the moon’s metal.  It is said that silver is effective in storing the subtle etheric energies that the moon reflects from the sun.   During a full moon, it’s suggested the talisman be left exposed to the rays of the moon, perhaps on a windowsill.  But never let sunlight touch it!   Sunlight will erase the moon’s imprint.  This talisman differs from other talismans in that it should only be used at night.

Drawing down the moon is a way to directly empower our talisman.  The full moon really is a riveting sight.  As it drifts up over the horizon…who can’t help but be drawn to it?  Everytime I see a full moon I can’t help but notice it.  The moon has always had an influence me.  There are claims the full moon affects people’s behavior.  Maybe it is like a “night sun” causing more activity at nighttime?

In history the moon has spiritual significance.  It also has a direct physical influence, hence our tides.  Unlike other planetary talismans that access subtle celestial/astral influences, the moon talisman has the potential for a more immediate impact.  Some say not all tides are only physical.  It is believed that there is a realm of dark, invisible energy and matter that closely mirrors the physical world.  This ether is also affected by the earth, sun, and moon.  These etheric tides are strongest during the full moon.  As the moon waxes, these tides grow stronger, and as the moon wanes, the etheric tides grow less.  The few days before and during the full moon are most powerful.

Witching Hour

Witching Hour

At nighttime we are away from the sun’s overpowering physical and etheric energy.  During the “witching hour” when our location is directly opposite the sun, we are at the quietest point in the earth’s electromagnetic sphere.  This is the time when ghosts and paranormal activity seem to have their highest potential.  The sun and the earth’s electromagnetic field appear to interfere with this subtle ether, but during the dead of night is a time of maximum potential.  It is during this witching hour, especially when there is a full or new moon, that the doorway to contact with etheric realities are most possible.

The Lunar Talisman can be used in different ways.  Once charged with the moon’s influence, it can be a tool to aid in dreaming.  Put it under your pillow as you sleep.  It may aid in lucid dreaming and even with dreams of precognition.   Better yet if your bed has a direct view of the moon at night so the moon’s light can bath you as you sleep.  But never let the light of day touch this talisman!  It is for the nighttime only.

Create a Money and Wealth Talisman



In these hard economic times what can we do? Housing values are down, the stock market crashed…money is hard to find. During times like this, we need a little help. So I offer the Official Occult View Stimulus Plan…the Money and Wealth Talisman of Jupiter!

Fold the Talisman twice

Fold the Talisman twice

When we need a competitive economic edge, the Talisman of Jupiter will come in useful. Looking for a job or a promotion? Need a lucky break? Use the Talisman and see what the Universe will provide. We should carry this Talisman anytime we engage in a game of chance, buying a lottery ticket or on a trip to the casino. But the Talisman’s real power comes from Law of Attraction.

Having a Money and Wealth Talisman means we are asking the Universe to work in our favor. Its other purpose is to reframe our state of mind into one that is orientated towards prosperity. Why do some people always seem to have money, and other people don’t? What is the difference between the prosperous individual and the rest of us? Mostly it is all about the prosperity mindset. The wealthy know how to turn money into MORE money. Most of us, we just spend it away. The path to wealth is to actually make wealth our goal. What we think will become our reality, and if we think we are poor, we always will be poor. But if we think we’ll become prosperous, the combination of our efforts and the Universal Law of Attraction will work wonders.

Sigil for the name:  DAVID

Sigil for the name: DAVID

First, we right-click and print the square at the top of the page.  Cut out the square and fold it twice along the lines, so now it is a quarter of its size. The square of numbers is the Numerical Square of Jupiter, whose influence governs matters of prosperity. Using numerology, create a number for each letter of your name. My name is David, and using this chart, we can see that D=4, A=1, V=4, I=9 and D again = 4.

Now on the square of Jupiter, draw lines to connect the squares, in sequence, of your name’s letters. An example is provided.

After this, I would suggest putting a silver coin in the sleeves that are created when it is folded, and seal it shut inside. A precious metal like silver will assist in attracting the Universe’s vibrations for this goal. American coins dated 1964 or earlier are made of silver. We all usually have one lying around somewhere. If not, then you can buy a coin at a coin dealer, but don’t spend money on a collector’s coin, just get a worn bullion coin. They won’t cost much, a few dollars.

Additional, but not essential, we can pick a coin with a date that is significant. If we are born on 1964 or earlier, we can get a silver coin that has our birthyear on it. If we are born after 1964, we can get a silver coin whose year matches our name in numerology. How? We have created a numerical equivalent of our name.  We  already did that to create the talisman’s sigil.  Add all of these values together to make one number. If the number is over 9, then add each number together again.

Silver 1939 = 4

Silver 1939 = 4

Example: David…D=4, A=1, V=4, I=9, D= 4 these are added together 4+1+9+4= 22. To make 22 into one number, add each digit together….2+2=4. So the name David has the numerological value of 4. Looking at the chart below for the numerological values for the years, find a coin whose date matches your name in numerology. Example, on the chart  below the years 1957, 1948, 1939 and so on are dates that could be used for my own lucky silver coin.

Once we have created the Talisman, do not show it to anyone! It is meant to be secret. It can be kept in a secret place in our home, but by doing that we tend to forget about it  and that defeats its purpose. I would keep the talisman in your purse or wallet, tucked away in a secret place where only you know of it. And let it work its magic, and let you work your magic through it, with the reinforcement of our prosperity thinking.

How to make a Venus Love Talisman



fold once

fold once

In the spirit of approaching Valentine’s Day, I thought I’d offer something for those looking for love.  A Planetary Love Talisman of Venus!   Few things in life are as subject to the whim of fate or chance as finding love.  When trying to find someone special, there is always the element of chance involved.  To be at the right place at the right time and then say the right thing…is there a way to gain some advantage over this element of chance?  Possibly.

I don’t present something new, but something old…very old…the power of talismans.  Above is a talisman I put togehter.  Talismans are symbolic objects that are imbued with spiritual force to work towards a specific task.  What is our goal?  Do we wish to gain the love of a specific individual?  Or do we wish the Universe to find us love?  Each requires a different approach.  

fold twice

fold twice

Our first step is to print out the image at the top (right click and print).   Then we cut out the square and fold it along the lines as shown.  This will be our talisman. 

Next we need to create a sigil, which is a pictorial symbol of a name.  This Talisman has the numerical square of Venus on it.   Using numerology, we will give a numerical value to each letter of a name.   Then draw lines connecting the numbers related to the letters on this square.  I have provided an example of my own name David…D=4, A=1, V=4, I=9, D=4 .  If we want the love of a specific individual, then we will draw their name/sigil on the talisman.  If we want the Universe to decide, then we will draw our own name. 

Copper is the metal that symbolizes Venus.  I would put a copper penny in one of the sleeves when folded, and then paste it shut.  Only use a copper

David Sigil

David Sigil

penny from 1981 or earlier.   Pennies from 1982 or later are made of zinc and should not be used.  I suggest the date of the penny should be the birthday of the name on the talisman.  If the birthday is after 1981, use numerology to match the name with a date.  The process of finding this coin is part of the process of creating the talisman and of focusing our intent.

Hold the completed talisman and pour our conviction, our knowing, that the Universe will work to our favor and let this object symbolize our intentions.   A talisman is a tool very similar to the Law of Attraction.  The Law of Attraction suggests the use of a vision board where photos of our goals are pinned on a board to reinforce the process of visualization and focused desire.  It is not hoping, or wanting, but an act of knowing, of faith, that the desire will come to pass.

The power of this talisman works best when it is used to focus on our own self-improvement and not on other people.  Our goal should be to love our self first.  If we don’t love our self, why should another love us?  If we let past events, or bitterness, or a bad attitude rule us, we will attract that in return.  The goal is to be happy with one’s self, and try to be the best possible person we can be.  If we attain that, others will naturally be attracted to our newfound charisma.   Use the talisman as the tool to focus on self-improvement, and we will find the world will be drawn to us.  The trick to finding love really is to love one’s self first. 

Sigil for the name Victoria

Good luck charms, talismans and Obama



Why do people carry good luck charms?  Do they really work?  Even the most educated and successful people seem to carry a trinket or two for good fortune.  Here are a couple of articles about President Obama and his good luck charms.  The first is about how people give Obama lucky charms, often thrusting them into his hands as they shake his.  They want Obama to be safe and successful and seem to think their charm will help.,9171,1867123,00.html

The second article from Time magazine is about what lucky charms the political candidates carried before the election.  Obama carried quite a few of them, all quite exotic.   John McCain, only an old coin.  Somehow, fitting!,27424,1811278,00.html

In my picture above are my own personal “charms”.  I don’t carry them all with me; they sit on my bookcase.  From time to time I may carry one with me.  They symbolize a wide range of belief systems, all of which I respect.  I have planetary talismans, a real old Indian arrowhead, a carved bear, I-Ching coins, a little Buddha, an Eastern Orthodox icon, and miniature bible.  Looking at them, I realize I need something Hindu.  Maybe a little Shiva. 

How can an inanimate object possibly bring good fortune?  It appears to be only superstition.  Yet, behind superstitions are often nuggets of truth, and sometimes more then just a nugget. 

It has been suggested that a lucky charm has a psychological effect.  If someone thinks a trinket will give him or her luck; they will behave in a way that will produce good fortune.  I don’t think it is quite that simple.  The power of a lucky amulet can be more then only psychological. 



Nobody has real control over his or her environment, yet its human nature to try.  When faced with a world of randomness, we try to bring order to the uncertainty of life.  A charm reflects that that desire for order, for protection against the whims of chance.  But it should not only be a hope.  Just carrying a charm around is not sufficient.  If a charm, amulet or talisman is properly realized, it can be a tool for shaping our thoughts and thereby shaping our reality.  Properly used a talisman acts as a focus.  It is used to reinforce practices of visualization and thought control.  These practices are the cornerstone of what is called magic, or the law of attraction, or the occult.

Now President Obama has become something of a talisman for many people.  He appears on key chains, souvenirs, and memorabilia of all sorts.  People are hanging his picture on their walls.  There is a scramble to gather key newspapers with Obama on the cover.   Obama has become the focus of many hopeful thoughts.  When enough people project their positive feelings and hope towards the president, it will have a rebounding result for the better.  Obama has become our talismanic president!