The Shadow People’s Prophecy

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This past February I wrote about Willy’s dream of the Shadow People.  To summarize, he dreamt he looked outside the window of his high-rise condo into the night.  Looking down at the alley behind a strip mall beneath, he saw dark shapes walking thru it.  These shapes were completely black like silhouettes.  One of these shapes stopped and seemed to look up back at him.  It raised its arm and pointed directly at him.  Willy realized the shadow person somehow knew he was watching them.  He wasn’t supposed to be able to see them.

In his dream he left the window and returned to his bed to hide…when he awoke from his dream to the sound of rapping on his door.  It was a subtle knock…tap…tap.  Then it stopped.  He didn’t answer the door.  Who would knock on his door at such a late hour?  Afterwards he inquired with those he knew if anybody had indeed knocked on his door that night, and no one did.

Willy has a friend named Larry who lives in this same high-rise condominium building.  Larry is an older, unmarried retired guy.  A year ago Larry met a woman named Ann who was an acquaintance of someone in this building.  Larry flirted with Ann and asked her out for coffee.

Larry met with Ann the next day.  He found out that Ann was homeless and living in her car.  Feeling bad for her Larry did something that he would later regret.  He told Ann that she could stay with him for a while, strictly platonic.  He offered to help someone in need.

Once Ann moved in with Larry there were problems.  Basically, Ann was volatile and sometimes even violent.  She wouldn’t move out and Larry couldn’t bring himself to just throw her out on the streets.  Ann had severe mood swings and when she was upset she got violent, attacking him or throwing things at him.  Larry would often call the police to break up their fights.  Larry’s initial concern for Ann turned into fear of her.  He began to fear for his life, that one day she’d stick a knife in him.  She had already tried to push Larry down a staircase.

Ann stayed with Larry for over a year when recently she attacked Larry and left him bloodied with a broken nose and a black eye.  He called the police again and this time he pressed charges.  He was given an order of protection against her.  The police had to escort Ann to pick up her stuff at Larry’s condo.  She was not allowed any contact with him unless the police was present.  It seemed this situation had finally been resolved.

A week after Ann was gone, around 2 am on a Sunday night, there was a knock on Willy’s door.  It awakened him.  The knocking got louder and more insistent.  Finally it sounded like someone was kicking the door hard.  Willy assumed it was Ann…she had keys to the building’s common areas.  Willy got along with Ann most of the time, but sometimes Ann tried to attack Willy too.  He wanted nothing to do with her.  He did not respond or open the door.  The pounding stopped.  Later Larry said he heard knocking on his door that same night and he didn’t open his door either.

Willy’s shadow people dream may have been a premonition of a near-future event potentially fraught with peril.  Thinking back to his earlier dream Willy said it was almost like Ann was that shadow person wandering the streets at night and then seeking an encounter with him.  Had Willy opened the door who knows what might have occurred?

Was this a prophecy by the shadow people?  And to what point…should Willy have opened the door or not?  Nobody knows where Ann has gone or what has become of her.  Likely tormented with mental illness she may be wandering the streets at night.  The homeless are like shadows…ignored, dismissed, and brushed aside.  Ann has become a living shadow person.

Were the shadow people only a dream?

SHADOW PEOPLE 6 Comments »

Shadow People

Willy had a curious dream.  A dream about shadow people, or at least that is how I interpreted it.  Above is a drawing of his dream I sketched out.  He never heard of shadow people before.  What are shadow people?  Shadow people are reputed to be entities that are invisible but sometimes become visible in our peripheral vision.  They are seen in the corner of the eye as a dark featureless humanoid shape, like a shadow.  When you try to look directly they vanish. A dream is a dream and we can’t make too much from any dream, except this one had some curious qualities about it. 

Willy lives in a studio apartment of a high rise.  His dream took place in his apartment.  Most dreams are all over the place, not where we live.  I looked out his window at where he dreamed of these shadow people.  I took a picture of the view (below).  There is an alley behind a strip mall and some residential homes, which is lit up by lights.  That is where he dreamed he saw shadow people. 

In his dream, Willy noticed shapes walking down this alley.  First one, then another.  They passed by a section where he could see them from his widow.  He said they were completely black.  He could not make out clothing or shoes; they were like solid shadows.  As he watched two of these shapes stopped, standing under a light.  Then they appeared to look up at him from his vantage point.  One of them reached out and pointed directly at him!  They knew he was watching them.

Willy said it was like he was not supposed to be able to see them and they somehow noticed that he noticed them.  He felt afraid and moved away from the window.  What to do, he dreamed.  They know where I am.  He lay in his bed hoping they wouldn’t find him. 

Then he suddenly woke up.  What a creepy dream he thought.  As he lay in bed, he heard a knock on his door, or more like a quiet rap.  Looking at his clock, it was past 3 AM.  Who would be knocking on his door at this time of the morning?  He listened and heard another pair of gentle raps…tap…..tap.  He got up and thought to answer the door, but he was not dressed.  Besides…who would bother him this time of night?  He continued to listen but heard no more knocks.  Willy paced around for a little bit and looked out his window.  No shadow people were wandering.  It was just a dream.  But who was knocking on his door?    

What was unnerving was that the dream took place where he lived, which can be confusing.  I had an answer to his dream.  Have you ever dreamed of being stuck in a snowstorm, to awaken and find out you are cold?  Or you are in a desert looking for water to awaken and discover you are thirsty?  Our physical condition can influence our dreams.

I said someone was knocking on his door, but gently.  They did not want to awaken him if he was sleeping, but if he was already awake they wanted to see him.  Even dreaming he heard these knocks and it produced a nightmare of some shadowy entities trying to find him.  Knock, knock…we know where you live!  Then the knocks awakened him and he instantly recalled his dream.  I suggested he ask around the people he knew and find out if anyone was trying to see him that night.  Someone must have wanted to contact him.

When I ran into Willy again, I asked if he ever found out who was knocking on his door.  He said did ask around…but nobody he knew was knocked on his door at 3 AM.