Does Artificial Intelligence Require The Paranormal?

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time-magazine-feb-2011There was a cover story in TIME magazine about a topic not discussed often: singularity.  The article suggests within our lifetime, computers will become so fast and efficient they will herald in an era of genuine artificial intelligence.  From that point forward human civilization will be forever altered for better or worse.

 2045: The Year Man Becomes Immortal

Every technology alters human culture, from the steam engine to the internet.  Artificial intelligence would do the same.

Will artificial intelligence become possible in our lifetime?  I have doubts about that.  We are not even a smidgen close to developing machine sentience and self-awareness.  Our computer programs are dumber than an insect, able to accomplish only what they are programmed to do.

Will someone eventually reverse engineer the human brain and discover the mathematics, the algorithms of sentience and create consciousness in a computer program?  I suppose anything is possible, but I see a big problem with this happening anytime soon.  The question is how does the paranormal fit into any equation?

The paranormal is an objective reality.  Precognition, telepathy, and out-of-body near-death experiences are not fantasies but are quite real.  Parapsychology is gathering convincing evidence of the existence of psi and the paranormal.  Scientists pooh pooh these efforts and generally ignore the entire topic.  Yet, there is far more proof of the paranormal then there is in the possibility of creating artificial intelligence. 

We have no clue as to the nature of psi, yet it is intimately linked to living consciousness.  Can we recreate consciousness in a lab if we have no understanding of psi?  If we fail to even acknowledge the existence of psi, this failure of imagination will likely prevent true artificial intelligence from becoming reality.

If thinking machines existed, would they also have the same paranormal abilities as living creatures?  Could a machine have clairvoyance, or have its “mind” travel outside its body/PC?  Is psi an inherent property of consciousness?  Artificial intelligence enthusiasts seem wedded to a materialist philosophy, believing consciousness can be reduced to a formula.  Having a closed mind in this arena may doom the quest for AI.


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On 2012 during the winter solstice there will be a galactic alignment of the earth, sun and the galactic equator.  There are dire predictions for that time.  Should we be concerned?  Could the galactic equator or the galactic center have any possible impact on humanity?  It actually does, but not in the way we might expect.

If we wish to find the galactic center, it is in-between the constellation of Sagittarius and Scorpio, between the tip of Sagittarius’ arrow and Scorpio’s tail stinger.  It is hard to believe right there in the night sky, invisible to our eyes, is a region of the sky able to alter human perception.

galactic-longitudeLocal sidereal time is a way of measuring how a point on our planet is orientated towards the positions of the stars.  It is based on our longitude and regular clock time.

Multiple studies in parapsychology have shown that (in northern latitudes) around 13:30 LST test results in psi, ESP and remote viewing increased over 300%.  At this time psychic ability is greatly enhanced. What is so special about 13:30 Local Sidereal time (LST)?

At this time the Milky Way’s galactic center is below the Earth’s horizon.  For an hour before and after 13:30 LST there have been objective lab studies that shown a dramatic statistical increase in results for psi.  Also, when the galactic core is higher in the sky ESP results are diminished.
This is an amazing fact.  It suggests any attempt at practices that involve anything resembling psi would benefit from timing the activity with LST.  Meditation, yoga, prayer, ceremonial magic, reading tarot cards, ghost hunting, picking lottery numbers and any number of efforts requiring something similar to ESP would benefit.

Here is a link to determine your own local sidereal time:  LOCAL SIDEREAL TIME CALCULATOR

And here is a link to a site that already factors in the 13:30 timeframe. LST ESP CLOCK   I have included this link in my sidebar’s blogroll.



A baffling question is why would human psychic activity be enhanced when the galactic center is below the earth’s horizon?   It seems the galactic center creates some manner of psychic static that interferes with human extrasensory perception.  Yet the galactic center is 26 thousand light years away, far too distant to have any influence on our planet.  If the galactic core is emitting radio waves and radiation, it would be nothing compared to what our own sun emits, along with the background noise of cell phones, cell towers, wireless devices, microwave ovens and all the other electrical background noise.

How could the galactic center possibly have such a dramatic effect on the human mind?  We can only speculate.  I’ll offer an idea.  What is unique about our galactic center?



At the center of our Milky Way galaxy is Sagittarius A*, our galaxy’s supermassive black hole.  All galaxies are thought to have giant black holes at their center.  Our galactic black hole is said to have a mass of 4 million suns.   Is it possible that Sagittarius A* is the source of the psychic noise/static? 

Let us assume psychic perception is the human mind tapping into a higher dimension, or hyperspace.  A black hole would be a tear in hyperspace, warping time and space in dramatic fashion.  Nothing in our galaxy would create as big a hole in hyperspace as our galactic black hole.  Is it possible that Sagittarius A* creates hyperspace static that reaches earth and interferes with ESP?  When it is below the horizon suddenly our minds are freed from hyperspace noise.  26,000 light years might not be very far away in terms of hyperspace.

When the 2012 winter solstice arrives, what impact will the galactic center have on humanity?  The impact may not be physical, but within our minds.