Predictions for 2012

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What to make of the Mayan calendar and the 2012 prophesies?  I suspect 2012 has been misinterpreted for the sake of spectacle.  I take genuine prophecy very seriously.  The question concerning 2012 and the Mayan calendar: is it actual prophecy or just speculation?  I place my bet the 2012 doomsday is speculation.  We’ll know soon enough one way or another.  I wouldn’t discount a metaphysical event happening around 12/12/12, but it won’t be the end of the world.

Apocalypse not now: 2012 doomsday predictions debunked by NASA

Some prophecies are the real thing.  Precognition is rare but it does happen, if uncontrollable and spontaneous.  There are exceptional prophets, such as Nostradamus and Edgar Cayce.  They predicted events accurate decades and centuries ahead of their time.  That is an accomplishment.

Every New Year I attempt to predict the future.  And I nearly always miss the mark.  The point is to show how difficult it is to predict anything, even just a year ahead.  Which is what makes instances of genuine precognition so impressive.  People who scoff at true precognition should try it for their self.  It is not easy to fake it.

At the beginning of 2011 I made a few sensible predictions.  I predicted Iran would be attacked militarily to stop its nuclear program.  There was plenty of espionage, sabotage and saber rattling in 2011, but no military action.  I laid an egg.

I predicted the DOW stock market index would reach 13,500-14,000.  Nope.  The stock market had tremendous volatility in 2011 but the Dow Jones Average ended 2011 at 12,217, about 5% above where it started the year.   I laid another egg.

I recommended silver at the start of 2011.  Silver began 2011 at around $30 an ounce and ended the year at $27.86 an ounce.  It ended 2011 below where it started.  I can make an omelet with all these eggs!

However, folly will not stop me from continuing this experiment!  Therefore I shall make more predictions for 2012.


I predict President Obama will be reelected.  This will be the first election in American history where only a non-Christian can be elected president…a Mormon versus a Muslim.  That was a joke.  Actually half a joke.  A Mormon will never be elected president.


How will the stock market end in 2012?  I like to be optimistic.  I predict the DOW reaches 13,759.  Will the Euro survive?  YES!  Human beings cannot tolerate a downward spiral forever.  There are dead cat bounces during any death spiral.  Better days are ahead…temporarily.  We’ll have our chance at a dead cat bounce before complete oblivion.


A natural disaster will plunge a part of the world into instability.  This will be the beginning of climate change’s impact on the humanity.  We can expect the beginning of global drought and famine.  The recent drought in Texas was just the tip of climate change’s spear.


The Arab Spring will be replaced by Islamic theocracies.  The Arab dictators will be replaced with Mullahs and Caliphs.  An example is the new approach to tourism in Egypt.  The newly elected Islamist lawmakers want to ban alcohol and have beaches segregated by gender.  No bikinis!  3/4s of Egypt’s tourists are Europeans.  If religiously minded leaders are willing to sacrifice profits for dogma, the Middle East is on its way to a modern dark age.

Predictions For 2011

My Crystal Ball

My Crystal Ball

Now is the time to dust off the crystal ball and test any scrying skills to decipher what will be ahead in 2011.  I present some predictions for 2011, and a review of my successes and failures from my January 9, 2010 musings.

1.  Iran

I predicted a military strike against Iran in late 2010 to prevent Iran from acquiring nuclear weapons.  That clearly did not happen.

However, in 2010 something else occurred.  Espionage and sabotage against Iran.  Someone created the sophisticated Stuxnet computer worm to damage the Iranian nuclear effort.  Iranian nuclear scientists were assassinated or wounded with car bombs.  Who knows what else happened we don’t know about?

iranSomeone is using the craft of spies instead of the military to slow down the Iranian nuclear effort.  How long will that delay the inevitable?  I continue with my prediction of a military strike against Iran, but in 2011.  Among the Wikileaks revelations was Saudi King Abdullah exhorting the U.S. to attack Iran and end its nuclear program.  He said, “Cut off the head of the snake.”  In 2011?  Very likely.

2.  The Economy.

At the beginning of 2010 I predicted the Dow Jones Industrial Average would reach near 12,000 by the end of the year.  And so it has!  At the end of 2010 the DOW is over 11,600.  A year ago the world economy was very shaky and many were pessimistic about a double dip recession and feared the stock market would again implode.  However, so far so good.

What about 2011?  I will go out on a limb and predict the DOW will reach near 14,000.  Ok, more likely 13,500.  This is may seem wildly optimistic.  The U.S. economy will continue to seriously struggle.  Americans are in for a continued decline in our standard of living.

Yet the U.S. stock market does not necessarily follow what the American economy is doing.  Companies are making good earnings even with high unemployment.  Fewer employees mean more money in corporate pockets.  We are in a global economy.  Good for investors, bad for regular folk.

3.  A possible wildcard…the collapse of the dollar.  Buy Silver!

Silver Coins

Silver Coins

I don’t see this actually happening in 2011, unless our politicians are really stupid.  It could still clearly happen.  At some point the world will realize all this printed money is just that…paper money with little intrinsic value.  As a hedge I’d buy silver coins.  In 2009 silver averaged $14.50 an ounce. 

As I write this blog silver is over $30 an ounce, an increase of over 100% from a year ago!  Few can afford gold, but we can all invest in some silver, it is still affordable.  An ounce here and there.   Don‘t buy collector coins, stick with the low-grade bullion quality.

It seems a trivial thing, but it might be wise to buy a few ounces of silver coins every month.  It won’t cost much, and even if silver prices collapse, so what?  However, if the hammer drops and the dollar collapses, those silver coins could be worth…the sky is the limit.  Save those copper pennies too!  If you want to know the metal value of coins, check out

4.  Moon Earthqukes

The full and new moon will continue to coincide with powerful earthquakes.  It happened regularly in 2010, I foresee the same ahead for 2011.  If you live in an earthquake prone location, watch the skies and pay attention to the sun and the moon.  Be aware, and beware!  We are in store for more earth changes.