He saw his son at home at the same time his son was alive but dying in the hospital



When someone dies there is the potential for paranormal events to occur. When my brother passed away recently I wondered if I’d experience anything. I have not. However, my father did.

On the day my brother was slowly dying he was on morphine and unconscious. I was at his side in the hospital while my father was at his home. My dad is old but his mind is still sharp. However he doesn’t have much stamina so it was my task to stay with my brother.

My father sat in his living room watching television.  At this spot he had a view of the hallway from the kitchen to the bedrooms, one of which my brother has been using during his illness. He then saw my brother pass by in that hallway. At the time my brother was barely alive in the hospital.

It happened swiftly but he saw what he saw. Perhaps my brother had an out-of-body experience while he was still alive and checked out his room.  And somehow my father was able to actually see him, if only briefly.

People having out-of-body experiences while near death are a commonly reported experience. What was unusual was that my dad had a visual sighting. If so, then perhaps my brother saw me in his hospital room as well. That is a comforting thought for what had been a very grim experience.

I’ve been spending time, even sleeping over with my father at his house as we do the cleanup and take care of the business of dealing the passing. I slept over for an entire week and I saw or felt nothing unusual. I am confident my brother is not a ghost, but has passed on to that which lies beyond. He is now with our deceased mother.

Voices In the Dark


In the past I wrote about how my father heard voices in his bedroom, which were loud enough to awaken him.  Their murmur was memorable enough for him to recount it.  A week ago he said he heard the same voices again, for only the third time.  He said it was as if the television or a radio was on and he overheard voices that he could not quite make out.  Except no television or radio played.

He said it was not a dream.  The voices in the dark awoke him.  He listened intently to the murmur trying to make out words.  He thought the conversation included maybe a dozen people in the distance.  When he got up from his bed, the voices faded away.

A reoccurring dream?  My dad is not given to flights of fancy.  He is 78 years old but has all his mental facilities.  In fact he still works part time as an engineering consultant.   On the outside chance this was not merely a waking dream, what could be happening?

The previous owner of his home died in the same bedroom he uses today.  Who knows what might have occurred in the past of the previous owner.  Scarier is the idea he knew those talking but they are no longer among us.  In near-death experiences people describe going through a tunnel of light and are greeted by those we knew who passed away.  On the other side our dead relatives and friends greet us.

My dad, being up there in years, just might have had an audible encounter with this other side.  I don’t like to contemplate this.  It suggests his time may be running short.  Then again, all our time is running short.  He recently had a serious bout with pneumonia and was in the hospital for a few days.  His doctor told him had he not gone to the hospital when he did, he might not have survived.

Instead of fearing what the future might hold, we should live for today.  Nobody knows how long we may have.  My father grew up in as a child in Nazi Germany during WWII and saw death first-hand from many corners.  He saw cities firebombed by the Allies.  He was on a night train heading for German city when the air sirens sounded.  The train stopped and turned off its lights so the bombers would not detect it.  The city ahead was shortly bombed into rubble.  Only minutes, by happenstance, prevented him from being in the center of that city.

There were many instances where my father’s family should not have survived the war.  Yet they did and after the war they immigrated to America.  Was there a reason for his survival?  Dad doesn’t see any.  He says he was just lucky.  However his experiences toughened him and he regards death differently then many.  He does not fear death as he has always lived on borrowed time.   Unlike many older folk who live in the past and enjoy reminiscing about it, he rarely talks about it.  He lives for the present.  I hope I will share his stoicism when the day comes when the voices he heard in the dark will become voices in the light.

Atheist Christopher Hitchens is in Heaven


Christopher Hitchens died of cancer. Along with being a powerful writer he was one of the leading advocates for atheism. Dying from cancer, he pledged he would not turn to God in his final minutes. He said if he ever made such a comment, it would only be if he was delirious and out of his mind.

Hitchens is now in heaven (I’m sure to his surprise). Can an atheist go to heaven? Do all Muslims go to hell? Who exactly invented these rules for salvation?

I was listening to a Christian radio show about bible questions and answers, and someone asked about dinosaurs in the bible. The speaker explained how the Great Flood created the dinosaur fossils. No scientific evidence was given to explain how being underwater for 40 days and nights created fossils deep beneath the earth, and in finely detailed layers as well.  I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. I was like OMG…flabbergasted!  I could not believe grown, educated men could actually discuss flood created dinosaur fossils as reality and not a joke.

I think this type of religious thinking fueled Hitchens and others’ atheism. Hitchens wrote about religion: “Violent, irrational, intolerant, allied to racism and tribalism and bigotry, invested in ignorance and hostile to free inquiry, contemptuous of women and coercive toward children: organized religion ought to have a great deal on its conscience.”

I can’t argue with that. Hitchens is correct. However, Hitchens was wrong if he equated spirituality as being the same as religious dogma. There is a difference.  When atheists attack the very idea of spirituality, they become the flip side of the religion coin. Suddenly they are the ones who are in denial of reality.

After his cancer Hitchens was quoted about atheism: “No evidence or argument has yet been presented which would change my mind. But I like surprises.”

If an atheist, skeptic or scientist wants proof of an afterlife, it is out there. The evidence for the NDE (near-death-experience) is compelling. I would suggest it is proven. It seems those with an ideological axe to grind avoid examining the NDE research in detail. If skeptics did, the extensive NDE research would turn their worldview upside-down.

The NDE is the atheist’s dinosaur fossil.

According to near-death experiences a religious belief, or lack of them, don’t seem to matter much. What people do experience is a judgment day when we have to relive all the harm or good we did in our life. If you hurt someone, you will experience exactly what they felt, no escaping that. It sounds supremely fair to me. Hitchens now realizes he was mistaken, but he had a good reason to distain much of religion. Nobody will go to hell because they recognized religion’s nonsense. That would be supremely unfair.

There is also a very real chance that Mr. Hitchens may contact with those who were closest to him.  There exists a window of opportunity where the deceased may contact the living.  When my mother passed away, she contacted my father who is something of an agnostic.  I wrote about it on my blog at the time.  This is very real stuff, and I hope Mr. Hitchens’ loved ones are receptive to the possibility.

Speaking of After Death Communications (ADC) here is an excellent interview on the topic from my favorite esoteric podcast: Binnallofameria He has an excellent interview with Bill Guggenheim about the topic.

Before he got sick Hitchens’ had an opinion column that appeared in my local newspaper’s editorial section.  He was extremely perceptive.  I am happy Christopher Hitchens still exists.

Below is an excellent documentary about the NDE:

The Dr. Eben Alexander NDE Melody


Above is a clip from the documentary series Through the Wormhole.  This episode dealt with the near-death experience of Dr. Eben Alexander.  He had one of the most unique near-death experiences I’ve ever heard about.  He had a multiple NDE while he was in a coma.  And he was able to recall it with remarkable detail.  Dr. Alexander is a neurosurgeon.  It is rare for a medical professional to have an NDE and he is in a unique position to understand what he went through.

Dr. Alexander gave an interview on Skeptiko. You can listen to the podcast or read the transcript here:

Neurosurgeon Dr. Eben Alexander’s Near-Death Experience Defies Medical Model of Consciousness

The doctor is a very smart and impressive individual.  We have two choices…either he was deluded, or his experience was as he related.  I assume his experience was exactly what he said it was…a genuine NDE.

During this excellent Skeptiko interview, Dr. Alexander said he had a transcendent experience where he attained incredible knowledge but was unable to bring it back.  It seemed transcendence is beyond human understanding.  However, I feel a great deal of transcendent information was brought back from the other side anyway.

Dr. Alexander is writing a book on his experience, and I look forward to reading it in great detail.  We can learn secrets from these mystical experiences.  For now, I will examine a few points from his Skeptiko interview:


Dr. Alexander went into an NDE several times during his coma, and each time he encountered what he described as a guardian angel.  Again, assuming this is real, and then we all have a guardian angel, spirit guide or possibly a “higher self”.  These are ancient beliefs and it appears there is merit in the concept of spiritual guides. That is a comforting thought.  However, if we all have a holy spiritual companion, would we want to disappoint them?  I’d want to make my spiritual companion proud of me!


During the Skeptiko interview Dr. Alexander said he saw arcs of silver-gold light in the sky emitting stunning hymns that descended from them.  He said the most accurate word to describe these arcs of light and their hymns was “angels”.  At the same time he described seeing waterfalls and pools of water.  These arcs of lights occurred while his NDE was still apparently confined to the physical world.  Afterwards he described leaving the physical universe.

How to interpret this information?  Earth has planetary angels working on our planet, just as individuals have personal guardian angels.  Interesting…earth may have its own planetary guardian angels.  And that brings up the same question…do we want to make our world’s angels proud of us or not?


For myself, this passage from the Skeptiko interview was the most interesting since it may be useful in our daily living existence:

Dr. Alexander said:

“But suffice it to say that I would find myself back at the earthworm eye-view. What I learned was that if I could recall the notes of that melody, the spinning melody, that would start the melody spinning again and that would take me back into that beautiful, crisp, clear hyper-real valley on the butterfly wing. My guardian angel was always there and she was always very comforting.”

When Dr. Alexander talked about the melody, he reminded me of Esther Hicks.  Esther Hicks is the famed author of the book Law of Attraction and is the leading voice on the topic.  She essentially described the Law of Attraction as attaining the same “vibration” as the universal “source”.  The goal is to attune our own personal vibration so it is in tune with this source.  It is achieved thru how we think and feel.  Thoughts are vibration and can connect by vibrating in harmony with the universe.

What are vibrations if not a melody?  Music and hymns are vibration.  Dr. Alexander was able to return to the “source” by remembering his melody/vibration.  Can we do the same without having first hearing the divine melody?

Dr. Alexander shared his mystical experience with us, and it connects with other mystical experiences.  Isn’t it interesting that mysticism shares a common theme?

During a NDE: A prediction of details concerning your own funeral



I will offer a story of an unusual near-death experience. Sally told me an account concerning her mother who had died 20 years ago. Her mother, named Nancy, had a stroke and was sent to the hospital. Nancy already had a bad heart, so the stroke was another very challenging health problem.

During her stay in the hospital Nancy told her daughter about a strange experience; she thought she had died in the hospital but returned to life. During that time she felt she left her body.

When Nancy left her body she did not describe the NDE as is typically told. She did not hover over her body or experience a tunnel of light. Instead she felt herself sinking into the ground. She was under the ground when she arose again above ground, but then sank back into the earth. Then she appeared in a large room.

This room looked like a waiting room that is typical everywhere, so she sat down. Nancy recalled she was missing her glasses and dentures and felt self-conscious about that. People were sitting on chairs waiting for someone or something. Occasionally a door would open, and a light would emanate from the door as someone seated would get up and pass through the doorway.

For some reason she thought her deceased daughter-in-law might be in this room. Nancy’s daughter-in-law died three years previously and she had been very fond of her. She got up to walk around looking at those seated. Then she saw her…sitting on a chair. She approached her daughter-in-law who smiled and said, “I’ll be waiting for you here.”

The mysterious waiting room disappeared and she was back in her hospital room. Nancy related this story to Sally, and both thought it strange. Unfortunately, three weeks later, while still in the hospital Nancy caught pneumonia and died.

Sally was unable to find her mother’s glasses or dentures for her funeral, so Nancy was buried without them. The spot where Nancy was buried was not the best location in the cemetery. The grass around the grave was not green and it just wasn’t an attractive spot. So the family decided to dig her up and rebury their mother in a more appealing area in the cemetery.

Shortly afterwards Sally finally came across her mother’s glasses and dentures. Then Nancy’s strange story struck her. In Nancy’s account she descended into the earth, arose from it, only to go back into the earth. That is what happened with her burial. Her coffin was taken up from the earth only to be reburied again. And she was buried without her glasses and dentures, which she described in her story as well.  Events surrounding her funeral had been predicted during her NDE.

Dying coma patient awakens briefly with message for daughter

Famous "Christ in the clouds" photograph

Famous "Christ in the clouds" photograph

We most likely experience paranormal phenomena when death surrounds us.  When someone is at death’s doorstop the barrier between the physical world and whatever lies beyond is thin.  If we are sensitive to the possibility and perceptive, family and friends might experience a death premonition, a visit by a crisis apparition, or even contact after the death.  The dying may have out-of body experiences and visions.  It is unfortunate these paranormal events happen mostly during tragic times.

I was told this story recently.  A young lady’s father was dying from an illness and he had fallen into a coma.  One time the daughter was at his bedside at the hospital holding her father’s hand.  Suddenly he awoke from his coma.  She was startled.  Her father turned to her, gripped her hand and looked her in the eye and said, “I saw Jesus.” 

He told his daughter he had seen Jesus and He was awaiting him.  Jesus stood in a beautiful garden and spoke to him, telling him he was welcome, when he was ready.  Yet, the father said he still had some inner issue he needed to come to resolution with before he was ready.  Shortly afterward the father slipped back into his coma.  He never awakened again and died soon afterwards.

The skeptic could say this was only a dream or hallucination.  It may also have been a near-death experience, and the father had the chance to express this to his daughter before dying.  People who had the near-death out-of-body experience often tell of contact with what they describe as God.  It may have been a voice, an impression, a white light, or what a person’s religion describes what God should be like. 

The voice may tell someone it is not their time yet and they have to return to the living, even if they don’t want to which is often the situation.  During the near-death experience people feel great peace and often don’t want to return to the pain of life.  In this coma patient’s case, the voice did not tell him to return to the living, but that he was welcome to the “other side” as soon as he was ready.  His was a one-way trip with a brief chance to communicate with his daughter.

The daughter has told her story to others, which is how I heard of it and now share it with you.

For an interesting Wall Street Journal story about NDE:

Seeking Proof in Near-Death Claims

An out-of-body experience story. Proof OBE are true?



Are out-of-body and near-death experiences true or are they simply a trick of the mind?  Throughout all cultures individuals have experienced the strangeness of the OBE.  These are so widespread science has taken an interest in the topic and has done some studies on it.  Most scientists claim the out-of-body experience is imaginary, only in the mind, and can be duplicated by stimulating parts of the brain.
It’s nice science has looked into this and they have their theories.  Is there any proof the out-of-body experience is an objective reality?   That consciousness can actually exist outside the physical body?  The many out-of-body stories contain powerful evidence, except these stories are not subject to the scientific method and thus can’t be replicated thru experimentation. 

An example of such a story was my father’s own out-of-body experience he had as a child.  In 1943 my father was 12 years old.  His family was living in Europe during World War II.  During these difficult times my grandfather’s family, as war refuges, ended up moving to a small village. 

Soon after they moved to this village my father got ill with the mumps and came down with a high fever.  During his high fever he lost consciousness for hours. 
Worried about their son, my grandparents called a doctor from another village for help. 

During his unconsciousness, my young father had an out-of-body experience.  He recalls hovering over his body.  He saw his parents and a doctor he never saw before.  They were putting wet towels on him trying to lower his fever.  He said he watched from overhead without any real thought to what was happening; he was just an observer.

Next, his awareness rose much higher.  Suddenly he was high above the village.  He was looking down as if he had an aerial view of the town.  He saw the entire village, all the streets and houses in detail.  What was odd was this happened at night, and the village did not have streetlights.  I asked dad how did he see anything if it was dark.  Dad said that was very peculiar.  He saw everything even in the dark. 

This is an interesting detail.  What does that say about the OBE?  The participant does not view with world with the physical senses. The disembodied consciousness can seemingly see in the dark, so perhaps it is viewing events with some “astral sight”.   It does not need light striking the optic nerves.

How long did this OBE last?  Dad said he did not know.  He recalls awakening and was back in his body, but barely able to think straight.   He drifted in and out of consciousness, but by the morning his fever broke.  Later the child began to recall the experience, and wondered about it.  As a child my dad liked to draw pictures.  The child decided to draw a map of the town from what he remembered of his aerial view. 

My young father never saw a map of this small village, and no maps seemed to have existed.  These old villages did not have straight, logical streets but curving streets and confusing ways.  Being curious about his experience, my young father decided to follow his hand drawn map and see if it was accurate or not.  To his amazement, he discovered his map was!   He found places on his map that he was did not know about but saw from ”above”.  What he was able to recall from his overhead view of the village was real.  He really wondered about this, but World War II was going on and soon they were on the move again.

A child had the curiosity to document what he saw during an out-of-body experience, and discovered it was accurate.  This suggests that the out-of-body experience is literally true.  Perhaps science will one day be able to recreate the actual event and study it for real.   If one day we have evidence of the reality of the OBE, it will change what we understand about the universe and its laws of nature.

Spirit gender and sexuality



Recently I was discussing the topic of angels with someone.  The topic of angelology is large.  One question we pondered …why were all angels male?  All the Biblical angels had masculine names.  Where were the female angels?  Which lead me to expand that question to spirits in general.  Do spirits have a gender?  On the surface it would seem a spirit, being a non-physical entity would not have a gender.  Sex is a physical biological function for the reproduction of a species.  Why would a disembodied incorporeal spirit need a gender?

virgin-maryFirst let’s look at what religious traditions have to say about the possibility of spirit gender.  Traditional religions are clear that angels are sexless, neither man nor woman.  And humanity will become like the angels in the afterlife.  Here is a passage from the bible concerning this:

“‘In the resurrection, therefore, to which of the seven will she be wife? For they all had her.’ But Jesus answered them, “You are wrong, because you know neither the scriptures nor the power of God. For in the resurrection they neither marry nor are given in marriage, but are like angels in heaven.”” (Matthew 22:28-30)

This would seem to settle the topic from a religious viewpoint.  Yet, Jesus retained his male aspect after his resurrection.  Also intriguing are the Marian apparitions. When the Virgin Mary appeared to individuals (like at Fatima) she clearly retained her womanhood.  Does this mean what we were in life, we retain in the afterlife?  What about those who believe in reincarnation?  People who subscribe to reincarnation have reported that in past lives they often lived as different genders.  Different religious viewpoints come to different conclusions. 

Outside of religious thought, we can look at people’s first hand experiences with ghosts and out-of-body near-death experiences.  People who have encountered ghosts report that these spirits are clearly male or female.  Look at the story of the ghostly hitchhiker, Resurrection Mary, a famous Chicago area ghost.  Resurrection Mary was reported as a young woman seen walking alone down a street (Archer Avenue) near a local ballroom, and is offered a ride by a passerby.  When the car passes Resurrection Cemetery down the road, she asked the driver to stop and left the car only to vanish, or even vanished while in the car.  There were dozens of actual reports of Resurrection Mary over the decades; it was not just an urban legend.  Resurrection Mary and other ghosts clearly retain their sexuality identify after death. 

tunnel-of-lightLooking at near-death experiences, those who go through this experience feel they still resemble their physical body.  Here is an example from a previous post of mine:    http://occultview.com/2009/01/14/near-death-out-of-body-experience/    Also interesting, when the tunnel of light is encountered (a typical part of this experience) there are reports of being greeted by their dead loved ones.  Their deceased greeters appear as they did in life, but appear young and vigorous, not old or decrepit as when they passed away.  And they still appear as men or women.

Spiritualist and occult philosophy has a viewpoint about this.  According to these ideas, we have a physical body and a spirit/soul.   We also have something that is in-between these two…an invisible, ethereal double.  The ancient Egyptians called this concept the ‘Ka”, or life force.   This life force was an invisible double of our body.  At death, the Ka leaves the body.  Then this Ka “dies” and the Ba (the Egyptian name for the soul) is released to travel outside the realm of time/space.  This Ka double could be called our ghost.  Our ghost-double closely mirrors our physical self, including our sexual identify.   Some suggest that sexuality is not only a physical phenomena but also a spiritual one.   It is said our body’s life force connects with another’s life-force during sex,  sharing this life energy as well.   And what about the Soul, the Ba?  Does the soul retain any aspect of sexuality identify?  I have no clue about that. 

faunA step further into the unknown: can non-human incorporeal entities have sex with humans?  There is a strange passage from Genesis that suggests this is so.  This passage below is often interpreted as angelic entitles actually copulating with mortal women and breeding children.  Hard to get my mind around that one.

” There were giants in the earth in those days; and also after that, when the sons of God came in unto the daughters of men, and they bare children to them, the same became mighty men which were of old, men of renown. ” (Genesis 6:4)

In mythology non-human beings have a strong sexual identity, and often have intimate affairs with mortals.  Fauns, satyrs, nymphs, the fairy folk are all male or female. There are many stories in our folklore of non-human entities having something resembling sexual interaction with living people.  This was a common theme in faerie phenomena with many tales of the faerie being intensely interested in human sexuality.  Look at the stories of changelings, where the faerie steal away human children and replace them with something else, or faerie abduction of someone taken away into fairyland for sexual purposes.  Why would an immaterial being want such relationships with us? 

alien-entityThis still happens today, but it is called something else.  It is called the UFO alien abduction phenomena.  These reports very often include sexual experimentation on those abducted by these beings.  It seems like these entities’ primary purpose for contact with humans has something do to with reproduction.  These beings may not be flesh and blood alien from outer space, but the same entitles that were once called the faerie, and can appear in any form they wish.  They seem to steal away someone’s “Ka” for their own purposes and then return it.  Again, why?  We’d have to ask them!

A final thought.  The idea about a realm invisible to the physical world is not just speculation.  Science has already recognized something similar to this.  It is called dark matter.  We have no clue what this dark matter is, but it has a detectable gravitational influence on a cosmic scale.  The vast majority of the matter in the universe consists of this invisible dark matter; it holds our galaxies tighter preventing them from flying apart.  The idea of an invisible reality outside our perception may not just be a fantasy.


What are ghosts? Are hauntings real?



Are ghosts real?  Throughout history people have had countless experiences with ghosts.  I’ve known people who had their own personal experiences.  These stories are true; the ghost experience is real.  The real question is…what exactly are ghosts?  Are they only a common type of hallucination? 

The occult view has its own theory of death.  According to occult theory, all living things have an ethereal body double that matches our physical body.  The ancient Egyptians called it the Ka.  Today we’d call it our aura, or chi, or life force.  This ethereal double is not our mind or soul, but seems to be the conduit or interface between the soul and physical reality.  Maybe it’s the pathway wherein the spirit and brain connect; where spirit, matter and the quantum force of electro-magnetism interact inside our neurons.

When we die, this ethereal double is separated from our physical body.  During near death experiences, this is the experience of observing one’s body and surroundings.  It does not have to be a death experience; there are stories of crisis apparitions, someone in deep distress can suddenly appear to loved ones far away.  Since the ethereal double (or ghost) exists inside of time and space, it is able to observe and interact (in a limited way) with physicality.  It is interesting that ghost phenomena can be largely interpreted as manipulation of the electromagnetic force, albeit with a purpose.

However, when separated from the physical body, the ethereal double cannot long survive and the double/ghost itself will “die”.  What follows is the part of the near-death experience where the deceased enters the tunnel of light.  This is the passage from our world of time and space and matter, into the endless world of Spirit beyond.  Shedding of our double, the soul forever departs our universe for whatever is after. 



Sometimes, after death, a person does not want to move on.  It could be because of some turmoil or tragedy, tasks left undone, regrets, or entrenched attachment to this world.  In their ethereal state, they might even think they’re still alive, but in a somnolent dream-like state.  Ghosts seem to attach themselves to a place, replacing their attachment to their body.  Their degree of self awareness will affect if and how they interact with our world.  Many ghosts are invisibly sleepwalking around us right now and we’d never know it. 



In my Jan. 14 ’09 blog, I wrote about a friend’s true near-death experience.  He did not get to the point of seeing a tunnel of light.  But he did encounter other ghosts in the hospital.  By examining these near-death experiences, we get valuable clues about how the “other side” works.  For instance, it seems ghosts can communicate with each other.  I’ve been to a haunting investigation where it seemed that multiple entities inhabited a location.  I suspect that ghosts might be drawn to others of their own kind.  Who wants to wander bodiless alone?  And a more powerful ghost might attract a following of other lost souls, even dominate them.  As time goes by, the ghost will lose its original human shape and eventually end up as a circle of ethereal energy…an orb.  

In my opinion, once a soul leaves it’s “ghost” behind, it leaves earth for good.  Can a medium contact the dead?  Maybe a medium can whisper to earthbound ghosts, but not the ghostless dead.   However…it just might be possible for our loved ones, outside of the circles of time/space, to contact us.  Someone with mediumistic abilities once told me that a man and a woman were watching over me.  She described my grandmother, but as a beautiful young woman, and deceased friend with uncanny accuracy.  I like the idea.  Maybe, just maybe, our loved ones do watch over us.  When the dead enter their tunnel of light…their loved ones are there waiting to greet them.  How did they know to show up in the first place?  They must know what we are doing!





I think near-death out-of-body experiences are the most fascinating, enlightening and important events.  I had the privilege to know someone who had such an experience.  His name was Glenn, and he was a close friend of mine who suffered from the same type of cancer that killed famed football player Walter Payton…bile duct cancer. It is a pretty rare form of cancer.  He told me his story after his experience.

The operation to remove the tumor was radical, called the Whipple Procedure. They were successful in removing the small tumor, but my friend nearly didn’t survive the operation itself. He was in intensive care for three weeks, and nearly did not make it.  Immediately after the operation, my friend had complications; there was an infection inside him that would not go away. The doctors brought him back to the operating room to try to find it. 

He was in intense pain; they put him under.  Then…he saw himself on the operating table. He was looking at himself from several feet away, and the doctors seemed very worried about him, as if he would not make it.  Glenn was outside of his body. My friend had been in such intense pain for so long, now he was totally free from it. He was watching what was happening before him as the doctors worked on him, with a sense of detachment. 

Then he noticed something.  He saw two people standing beside him, watching his body on the hospital bed sympathetically. The two were a sad looking adult man and little girl.  Somehow my friend knew that the man was the little girl’s father.  And they were not alive either.  Glenn felt that the two had died together, perhaps in a car accident, many years or even decades ago.  The style of their clothing was not current.  And Glenn had a knowing that the father felt so guilty about causing the death of his daughter that he could not leave his life behind.  And the daughter so loved her father she would not leave his side.  Glenn remarked that time seemed different on the other side and if we pause before going to our final destination, time slips by.

My friend turned and spoke to them out of concern.  He asked them what were they doing here…and told them that they should not be hanging around a hospital.  He told them that they were no longer alive, and they should leave this place and go on to where they were meant to go.  The man listened to Glenn and Glenn seemed to get across to them, because suddenly he had a feeling of peace come over him, like he had done the right thing.  Then the spirits of the father and daughter vanished. 

Yet…he sensed other figures in the distance, dark shapes wandering the hospital corridors.  Other lost souls.  Hospitals are really the most haunted of places. Then Glenn was suddenly outside the hospital.  He said he was walking the hospital grounds with such a feeling of peace.  Then…he heard a Voice.  Not a literal voice, but an impression, telling him “it’s not your time yet…you have to go back”.  He did not want to return to his body, he wanted to stay and be at peace.  Then, then next thing he awakened in terrible agony, back in his body in the hospital room.



Glenn told me this story several times. I asked him afterwards…what was he wearing?  Do spirits wear clothing?  Glenn said he recalled that he seemed to be perfectly dressed, with a freshly pressed shirt (Glenn was always a fashionable guy).  Could it just be a hallucination I asked?  No he said, he had plenty of hallucinations and delirium during his hospital stay, and this experience was utterly different then anything like that.  He said if he had a choice, he would not have returned.  Physically he withered from the consequences of his operations.  He used to be a robust 250-pound man, now he was 140 pounds.  But at the same time, he had attained a renewed inner peace and generosity of spirit.  And we both wondered what was meant by what the Voice said…it’s not your time…yet. 

Three years after his first operation, I learned what was meant by the Voice.  It was his time, but not quite yet.  Three years after his near-death experience his cancer returned.  I recall it was a truly gloomy rainy day when I went to visit him in the hospital.  He was in a coma.  I talked to him wondering if he could hear me, if he knew I was there.  But I knew that from his experience, he no longer feared death.  He had long abandoned any grudges or grievances he had, he became a changed man.  And the next day when he passed away, I knew he would be happy he did not have to return a second time.