The connection between karma and the law of attraction



What is the difference between the concept of karma and the law of attraction?  It seems both are very similar, with their basic idea of “what goes around comes around”.  However, they are different.

I don’t refer to karma with a big “K”, the Karma of Hinduism, Buddhism and reincarnation.  I am talking about the little k version of karma.  This is the karma of Western thought, which is that we gather onto ourselves a spiritual legacy based on our actions and motivations.  We accumulate these spiritual “points” over our lifetime, both good and bad in the natural process of living our lives.  Our life will become a reflection of our karma.  Most of us probably gather a selection of both good and bad karma points, and they sort of cancel each other out.  The result would be something of an undefined karma, neither good nor bad.

Some people (I know a few) accumulate a lot of bad karma in their lives.  It seems these people really don’t care if they harm people.  Their concerns seem strictly self-oriented. The saying that, “what goes around comes around” is often true, but not always.  If people step on other’s lives often enough, it might eventually come back to bite them.  But not always.  I know people who have spent a lifetime in the pursuit of attainment at the expense of others, and they never seemed to suffer any adverse consequences.

Or so it would seem.  From my observations, those who have spent their life acquiring bad karma are not happy people.  A higher power does not have to strike such a person with a lightening bolt.  They create their own misery.  They may not even realize they are miserable because they have not felt joy in such a long time.  Beneath the blindness of their condition is a gnawing emptiness and meaninglessness.

On the other hand, there are people whose lives seem filled with a powerful positive karma.  When we come in contact with them, we can sense this.  It feels like such people know great secrets about life.  Associating with such people is a positive experience, and it feels like their good karma will rub off on us.  Their secret is that life is about loving the world around us, not only yourself.

This leads me to my thoughts about the connection between the law of attraction and karma.  The way the law of attraction is often presented, it is shown as a path towards personal attainment and self-satisfaction. Is that enough?  I think we need to add into this mix the idea of karma.  We probably should direct the law of attraction not only towards ourselves, but also to the benefit of others.  The greatest joy in life comes from the joy we give another.  Without a higher purpose in life of some sort, according to our belief system, attaining what we imagine we want will not likely be enough.

I also suspect that with a powerful karma comes a greater ability to manifest reality, by combining karma with a deep understanding of the law of attraction.  It should not only be used for our benefit, but to be of service to others.  I think that is what the great spiritual teachers of history had going for them.  A combination!  The historic spiritual giants are obvious.  Even in modern times we have our great, history changing people who embody this special spiritual power, like the Dalai Lama, Nelson Mandela, Martin Luther King Jr, George W Bush…

What you say…something is wrong with this picture?  Could somebody be out of place here?  It is possible for a world leader’s terrible karma to make the world into a worse place.  The whole world is now experiencing the awful consequences of a former leader’s knee-deep bad karma, combined with his power of negative attraction, and it isn’t pretty.