Illuminati reborn under Supreme Court ruling

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Supreme Illuminati

Supreme Illuminati

The Supreme Court ruled that corporations have the same rights as living human beings when it comes to free speech. Therefore corporations should have no restrictions on spending money to influence the political process. The Court ruled that a piece of paper and those who control that paper (which is essentially what a corporation is) can spend unlimited corporate dollars on political advertising. To avoid bad PR, this funding can be disguised through front groups.

In my opinion, this is a disaster for democracy. Big Business already has overwhelming power with its lobbying. Now it can spend to directly influence voters, promoting its narrow interests. When it comes to American voters, an interested party does not need to persuade 50% of the population, only about 5-10%, the usual margin of victory. Access to unlimited advertising resources can decide nearly any election at will.

This could be the end of a working democracy in America. It is not hard to manipulate and frighten Americans to act against their own self interest. When true democracy fails who will be in charge? We will have the new Illuminati…invisible individuals pulling the strings, answerable to no one.

Conspiracy theorists like to imagine the Illuminati is secretly in control of the world. Because of the Supreme Court ruling we will soon have a true, reborn Illuminati governing events. Corporations (domestic and foreign) will now freely, secretly collude, pool their resources and choose our leadership. The Supreme Court gave our new Illuminati the keys to near dictatorial power. And we won’t know who they are! Politicians will be subservient slaves to this international corporate Illuminati.

With global big business controlling elections and thereby government, we will enter a period of government by oligarchy, where CEOs, billionaires and foreigners (under front corporations) decide policy. Who will stop them? Politicians? The voters? They haven’t yet.

This happened recently. With the collapse of the Soviet Union, Russian billionaires became oligarchs. Russian president Vladimir Putin finally put an end to the oligarchs with strong arm tactics, and put the Russian government firmly back in control.  In the future America may need to do the same.  America will need a political strong arm, our own Putin, to replace the neo-illuminati.