A Halloween Miracle? A Puddle Of Black Ooze Appeared From Nowhere

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paranormal shoeprint

On Halloween day something strange happened to me, something I can’t quite explain.  It doesn’t mean there isn’t a perfectly normal explanation, but I haven’t figured it out yet.

On Halloween I was working at my day job.  In the afternoon I went to the men’s room to answer the “call of nature”.  Afterwards I went to wash my hands.  During that I noticed something at my feet.

There was moisture on the floor and beneath my shoes was a puddle of black ooze or sludge.  I didn’t notice anything when I entered this public restroom.  The black ooze seemed to appear from nowhere.  I didn’t walk in with mud on my shoes.  It seemed as if the soles of my shoes had started to dissolve in a puddle of melting rubber.  It was not a small puddle either.

The weird thing is as I walked away from the sink where I washed my hands, I left shoeprints…many of them.  There were no shoeprints anywhere else, only mine.  The floor was spotless: no other sludgy prints.  There was quite a mess on the floor where I stood.  I grabbed a bunch of the paper towels from the dispenser and tried to clean as much of this mess as I could.  There was dampness on the floor but I could not see where it came from.  I observed the sink and there didn’t appear to be any leaking.

After wiping as much as I could in a minute or two, I discarded the dirty paper towels and left.  My shoes, still wet, created footprints on the floor.  As I left the men’s room the shoeprints continued on the carpeted hallway.  The picture above is one of these restroom shoeprints.

Not long after I returned to this men’s room.  Nothing had changed.  No new shoeprints were visible, only my own.  No new puddles of oozy sludge where anywhere.  Others must have used this sink not long after I had, as this is a public restroom.

The day after Halloween I returned to the same men’s room, and again nothing changed.  No new sludge prints.  The only prints were my own leaving the sink.  Over this weekend the cleaning staff will mop the floors and clean this restroom.

On Monday I will take another look.  If someone had stomped in with muddy shoes I’d think there would be signs approaching the sink.  If the sink had a leak, which is possible, where would this black ooze come from?  Perhaps the black ooze dripped from the ceiling?  If so there should be new black ooze puddle on the floor to attract attention.  I’m sure there is an explanation for this, but what?  On Halloween day a puddle of black ooze appeared from nowhere beneath my feet.  What does that mean?  Was it a Halloween miracle?  If nothing else, it was certainly a Halloween synchronicity.

The Secret of Amazing Halloween Lawn Displays

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HALLOWEEN WELCOMEPictured are some amazing Halloween lawn displays in my neighborhood.  We all have these around us during the season.  Halloween lawn displays speak something of the individuals who assembled this effort.   Step by step, someone put thought into each detail.  Some Halloween lawn decorations can be a haphazard display created without much thought.  But if someone wants the public to see their creation, then usually a lawn “artist” puts thought into the display.


Adults mostly lack the imagination to create a proper Halloween lawn display.  Usually an adult’s imagination has long been discarded in the weary toils of adulthood.  I’d wager children are responsible for much of the Halloween details.  These decorations are collaboration between parent and child.  Without the inspiration of a child, an adult could hardly be bothered to put their energy in such pointless endeavors.  As a combined effort, it inspires both adult and child together to create something each alone could not achieve.  Halloween lawn decorations are a snapshot of the creative relationship between parents and their children.



Halloween cemetary

The Hidden Truth Behind Halloween’s Evil Witch

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Evil Halloween Witch

One of the enduring symbols of Halloween is the evil, broom-flying witch.  The witch has been transformed into a harmless, cartoon-like image that nobody takes seriously.  As part of the iconography of Halloween the witch shares her place with vampires, Frankenstein’s monster and other fictional creations.

broom flying witchHowever, unlike Halloween’s other monsters there is a hidden element of truth to the witch.  The devil-worshipping witch of the inquisition never really existed and was a creation of the church back in the burning days.  Superstition combined with ignorance to place blame for natural misfortunes on suspicious individuals.  It is incredible to believe anyone actually believed witches flew brooms to their Sabbath.

Yet…the hidden truth behind the facade of the evil witch is the concept of the curse.  Modernity has left behind belief in such things, and a good thing it has.  If people realized that curses were actually possible…imagine the chaos in society.  We’d be wondering if bad luck was simple chance or the hand of some malicious influence, perhaps that strange neighbor we never liked to begin with.  What if those who knew the secret could actually curse us?

I feel it is possible to curse someone but it requires continued effort over an extended period of time.  Call a curse projecting focused hate towards someone.  Over time it could have an effect.  Projecting hate can also backfire and curse the curser.   A curse (and hate) is destructive all around.  It is bad karma.

Instead we transform the power of the curse into a cartoon character and subconsciously take away its power.  Consider the fictional Halloween witch, and much of the symbolism of Halloween as unconscious talismans of protection against the powers of the spirits.  By demeaning them we diminish them.

Halloween Symbolizes Death

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When people decorate their lawns for Halloween, do they really understand why they decorate their lawns the way they do?  Most people assume they are merely using spooky elements as part of Halloween.  Yet there is a theme that runs through many decorations and it subconsciously fits the original purpose of Halloween.  Halloween is a celebration of the dead and the spirit world.  Most Halloween decorations symbolize death.  Skeletons, ghosts, vampires, monsters, zombies…they are symbols of death and the dead.


I took a few pictures of Halloween decorations and the cemetery motif was widely used.  Tombstones and graves are obvious symbols of death.  What is so fun about death?  We face our fear of death by portraying it once a year.  The nice part is after the holiday; we pack away the decorations and can be grateful we were alive to celebrate it and the holidays ahead.

I wish everyone a happy Halloween and may we live to see another one.  Some of us won’t make it.


Halloween decorations

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Hanged Man Halloween Decoration

Hanged Man Halloween Decoration

skeleton-hangingIt is amazing Halloween endures while retaining influence from its original pagan roots.  With all the costumes and decorations, Halloween is a celebration of the spirits and their spirit world.  When we decorate our homes we don’t realize we are creating a physical representation of the spirit world on our front lawns. 

Many of these Halloween decorations are quite gruesome.  They are recreating the dark side of the spirit world, the lower astral plane where dwell nasties: lost souls, low-vibration spirits and demons.  We might imagine today’s Halloween is mostly influenced by horror movies.  But what also inspires horror movies?  We tap into the lower astral realm, the place of dreams, imagination and nightmares.  Whatever hell might be, it can still reach out to the living.

Many Christians oppose Halloween, and they are being true to their understanding of the spiritual universe.  However, once in awhile it is fun to tap into that secret place where we can pretend to be someone or something else, and enjoy being scared, or to scare others.  The dark side has its thrills.  And right around the corner is Christmas with its lights.  Soon we’ll be recreating the heavens on our front lawns.  The higher astral plane’s turn is next.

Front Lawn Graveyard

Front Lawn Graveyard


Daylight orb in front of Halloween lawn decorations

Daylight orb in front of Halloween lawn decorations

Has Halloween been watered down?

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Halloween is my favorite American holiday.  Christmas is great, except we spend too much money.  Thanksgiving is about family and food but turkey makes me sleepy.  Halloween is for fun, without stress or worry.  We may not get the day off from work like the other Big Two holidays, but Halloween does not cost much either.  Our investment is in some trick-or-treating candy and perhaps a costume and some holiday decorations.  Some people really get into the Halloween spirit and do a great job with their home’s Halloween decoration.

Halloween started as a pagan European holiday to celebrate the end of summer and honor the denizens of the spirit world.  For some strange reason, modern America took this holiday to heart and turned it into a big deal.  This is odd considering American is essentially a Christian nation.  Then again, Christmas is partly a pagan holiday too.  It seems paganism has not been completely extinguished from the popular imagination.

ghoulHowever, there are people who frown on Halloween.  Some Christians understand the pagan background of Halloween and resist its allure.  Others don’t like the scary side of the holiday.  An example below is an article from a Chicago Tribune writer who does not like the fact that Halloween celebrates ghoulishness.

“The spirit of the Halloween holiday is exactly what I hate about it.”


If anything, I think Halloween has been watered down and made too nice.  There was a time long ago when people actually believed in the reality of the Spirit World.  The autumn traditions were to celebrate our ancestors and placate the Unseen World.  People were in touch with the cycles of nature along with our connection to the spirits.

Now, Halloween is a joke!  The scary aspects of nature and the spirits have been reduced to cartoons.  This can be summed up with breakfast cereals using cuddly monsters on them (Count Chocula, Franken Berry and Boo Berry).  The mighty faeries of the past became Disney characters.  There are still some scary parts to Halloween which evokes the dangers of the spirit world, but just as commercialism has watered down the meaning of Christmas, so it has with Halloween. 


Yet the spirit of Halloween still endures.  One example is the Wiccan celebration of Samhain.  I want to wish my Wiccan and pagan friends a wonderful Samhain!   And everybody else, have a fun Halloween.  This year Halloween is on a Saturday, so party on…Happy Halloween!

Occult meaning in Halloween costumes

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My Halloween Costumes

My Halloween Costumes

Halloween is a great holiday, and not just for children but for adults too.  It is now considered one of the top party days of the year.  Halloween has many traditions from trick-or-treat to carving pumpkins.  These traditions have pagan origins, which became popularized…and watered down.  My favorite tradition is dressing up in costume and heading out to a nightclub for a costume contest.  Nightclubs with big cash prizes tend to attract some really outstanding costumes.

Nosferatu Halloween Costume

Nosferatu Halloween Costume

Above are some costumes I’ve worn in Halloween’s past…a Freddy, a Red Devil and a Monster Hunter.  As the Red Devil I covered by face in red face paint, glued on some horns and pointy “Spock” ears and discovered it was a difficult and time consuming to clean off the face paint afterwards.  That was no fun.  I’ll stick with the simple facemasks, so I can quickly escape from the costume when the party is over.

To the left are some pictures I took over the years of others’ costumes that impressed me.  Some are really amazing.  People can put a lot of effort into their outfit. 

What is the point of the Halloween costume?  We could say it is just good fun, and so it is.  But as with nearly all Halloween traditions, there is symbolic and even spiritual significance behind the practices.  Is there a deeper occult meaning behind Halloween costumes and “dressing up”?

Having attended numerous costume parties, I’ve developed my own impression.  Watching partiers dressed up feels like we’ve entered a different world, a world outside of normality, something festive but bizarre.  Before us we have all manner of representations of the unknown.  Have we entered into an unconscious, unintended replica of the invisible spirit world?  Gathered together the costumed participants unknowingly mirror the spirit world, whose inhabitants (like faeries, demons and such) assume all manner of forms and shapes.

Thirteen Ghosts Jackal Costume

Thirteen Ghosts Jackal Costume

Wearing a costume has a psychological effect on the wearer and the observer.  Like an actor in a play, we become the character in a way.  And what characters are we becoming?  Very often creatures of imagination and spirit.  We use popular culture versions of these Beings of Spirit, but popular culture’s monsters have their origins in the folklore and the beliefs of the past.  Dracula, Jason, Freddy and such modern ghouls are a reflection of old beliefs…in ghosts, entities, the afterlife, and religion.

Examples of the role of masks are those worn by shaman or medicine men, which were used for religious and ceremonial purposes. These often-grotesque masks literally symbolized the spirits of the spirit world.  And the imagery often came from the shaman’s actual spiritual journey into this spirit world.  The mask physically represented the spirits, real or imagined.

Freddy Krueger Halloween Costumes

Freddy Krueger Halloween Costumes

When we dress up in our costumes on Halloween, imagine we attract invisible “visitors” to accompany us on our quest into the night.  Trick-or-treat or costume party, the whole point seems to be replicating the spirit world visiting the physical world for one night.  On Halloween legend suggests the barriers between the physical and the invisible world are thinnest.  The role of the costume is either to scare away these spirits…or to have them join in with us.  One night a year we pretend to be spirits ourselves.  What fun!