What was the child’s doppelganger?


At a holiday party I heard a strange story. During conversations I asked for unusual experiences. A friend’s mother related this uncanny story. She is now in her 60s, and this event happened long ago when she was between 4-5 years old. She said she could remember this event as if it happened yesterday, even though she was very young. The event was so vivid it was burned in her memory. She said she didn’t care if anyone believed her or not; she was quite animated describing it.

She recounted the story, how as a young girl, she walked into her 3-year-old younger brother’s bedroom. Her brother was asleep in bed. Yet at the same time her brother stood next to his bed. A double of her sleeping brother was standing by the bed while he slept!

Her toddler brother’s doppelganger turned to look at her. Even as a small child she was taken aback. Her brother’s doppelganger began to slowly walk towards her. He did not make a sound, just walked up to her as a child his age would. He stood right in front of her, facing her.  The total experience lasted for over a minute, and then he vanished.

She cried out for her mother,”Mom mom!” Mother arrived and checked her brother. He was fine, just sleeping. Nothing was amiss; everything was ok.

To this day she clearly remembers this event where most events from that age are often forgotten. I wondered…what was that all about? Assuming she saw the event exactly as described, I could only describe what she saw as a doppelganger. There are legends of doubles and fetches that were often considered bad omens, harbingers of doom. Are they only folklore?

The doppelganger phenomena are truly rare and bizarre. How to explain it?

The sighting of the duplicate of an individual involved in a deadly situation is called a crisis apparition. This is one of the most common of paranormal events. It appears the spirit of someone in a near-death situation may visit us. Confusing the crisis apparition with the doppelganger may have given the doppelganger its bad reputation. However, this young child was merely sleeping. He was not in a crisis.

Mystics, saints and holy men and women were reported to be able to appear at two locations at one time. This is called bilocation. However, this child was a toddler, not a mystic.

Perhaps what she had seen was a tulpa? A tulpa is believed to be a thoughtform made visible. However, according to Buddhism the tulpa required great mystical abilities to manifest them. The tulpa/thoughform is an act of conscious creation. It seemed unlikely a toddler could manifest a tulpa, even by accident. Has anyone seen an experienced practitioner create any tulpas recently?


Abduction by fairies

There is another unsettling possibility. In folklore there were many stories of children being abducted by fairies, to be replaced with changelings. These legends seem to be an explanation why some children die mysteriously. Was it a demonic entity? This phenomenon exists today as alien abductions. There are ideas around that some children are “star children” who are the result of alien experimentation. Did she stumble on an attempted “alien abduction”? Was this small child being visited by an entity that took the brother’s shape when confronted by his sister?

If it was an unknown or alien entity, what was it doing in the toddler’s bedroom? What was its purpose? Children are said to be more sensitive to the otherworldly then adults.  The sister may have perceived what is normally invisible to adults.  Perhaps she accidentally interfered with its goals.

If something like this happened 60 years ago, it could happen today to anyone, anywhere. Folklore is filled with methods to protect us against “entities”. Maybe they had good reasons for it.