Pick lottery tickets using magical timing, dice divination and planetary hours.



planetary-dice-divinationWhen buying lottery tickets, people often use lucky numbers.  Maybe it is a combination of birth dates and other significant dates, or other numbers that have a special meaning.  How often do lucky numbers win?  Quick pick numbers have exactly the same chance at winning as hand picked numbers. That is why people often turn to the simple lottery quick pick and let the system choose random numbers. 

With the quick pick, the winning numbers will appear in a random lottery ticket machine somewhere sometime, and one has to be at the right place at the right time to get that winning ticket.  Instead of trying to pick lucky numbers, how about trying to pick a lucky time to buy your quick pick lottery instead? 

Here is the official Occult View’s system of picking lottery tickets using magical timing. It combines dice divination with Solomonic magic.  I can’t guarantee success, but it can’t do any worse then any other system.


For this procedure we need a set of three dice, which are new and have never been used.  These dice will be used only for dice divination.  We will transform the dice into talismans.  The dice should be dice made of wood or bone.  Organic materials retain etheric patterns far better then plastic.  Dice made of wood should not be too hard to locate, bone dice would be a more difficult challenge.

We need to charge the dice with the power of the heavenly bodies in the night sky. This operation is done on a clear night, and best also under a full moon.  Place the dice and a small pouch or a cloth outside or on a window shelf exposing the dice to the rays of the moon.  According to your belief system, offer a prayer to God, request angelic intervention, or ask the Universe Itself to bless your dice and imbue them with the power of the stars and planets.  Do so with full conviction.

The dice will be charged with the celestial influence during the course of the night.  Before sunrise, gather the dice, place then in the pouch or wrap them in the cloth, and thank the Universe for their blessing.  NEVER let the dice be exposed to daylight.  The rays of the sun will erase the subtle celestial patterns retained by the dice.  Place the dice in a little trinket box some place away from the sun.  These dice will be used only for divination. 

Again, organic materials retain these subtle cosmic influences best.  Even better would be if we crafted our own dice from wood or bone, which is possible if one has some crafting talent and the tools.  The process of creating your own dice, and then charging them would be quite powerful.  A standard process in the old magical grimories (such as the Key of Solomon) is the manufacture of one’s own magical implements.  The more effort and time spent in making your own tools, the more powerful they become.


Based on numerology, certain numbers are associated with each of the traditional planets.  If possible perform this divination outdoors under the night sky.  But it can be done indoor as well.  Outdoors draw a circle with chalk about 2 feet in diameter.  In this circle sketch out the magic square and sigil of Jupiter, which governs matters concerning money.  This pattern is shown below.  If indoors, draw this pattern on parchment.



Holding your dice in your hand, ask the Universe for its help, to know the best time to accomplish your task.  Your task is to know the luckiest time to buy a lottery ticket.  Ask aloud and focus on the night sky, and visualize the power of the planets and stars invested in these dice.  Remember, the Universe wants to help you…all you need to do is ask. Then cast the dice into the circle/square you drew.  If a die leaves the circle, then it is not counted.  Add up the numbers of the dice inside or touching the circle, and compare the total to the chart below.  This number represents one of the traditional planets.  Don’t forget to erase the chalk drawing.




Below is a chart taken from the grimorie, The Key Of Solomon.  It is used for magical timing in the operation of magical rituals.  It was assumed there were correspondences between the planets and the purpose of an operation.  For our purpose, we are using this chart to pick the lucky hour to head out to the local convenience store or gas station and purchase a quick pick lottery ticket. 

Each day of the week has a different planet assigned to each hour of the day and night.  The hour to buy the ticket is based on the planet.  For example, if your dice chose the moon and it is Monday, then buy a ticket either at the 1st hour or the 8th hour during daylight, or the 3rd or 10th hour of nighttime.  These hours will tend to be when luck is on your side.



However, there is an additional wrinkle to these planetary hours.  Not every daylight or nighttime hour is exactly 60 minutes.  During the summer the days are longer and so the daylight “hours” are longer then 60 minutes. During the winter the night is longer, and the daylight hours are shorter then 60 minutes.  Determine the actual length of a day or night and divide by 12 and we have our actual planetary hours.  Here is a website calculator that can help:  http://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/sunrise.html

You can “right click” and print out these charts, fold them and keep them with your celestially charged dice, so they will be handy when the time comes for consulting the Universe.  Good luck!

Magical Timing Update:

If anyone thinks magical timing is completely foolish, check out this story below about a woman who won multiple millions over the years.

4-time Texas lotto winner rich with money, mystery

“The odds that Joan Ginther would hit four Texas Lottery jackpots for a combined nearly $21 million are astronomical. Mathematicians say the chances are as slim as 1 in 18 septillion — that’s 18 followed by 24 zeros.”

Her winnings from scratch-off tickets were $2 million in 2006 and $3 million in 2008, and $10 million last month (2010).  Plus Ginther split an $11 million lottery jackpot in 1993.  What are the odds?  Just about impossible.  Yet it happened.  And it was not by using lucky numbers; scratch-off tickets are all about being at the right place at the right time.  Did Joan Ginther have an uncanny knack, consciously or subconsciously, of magical timing?  It can’t be mere chance.

Lottery winner update:  Another story about a multipe lottery winner.

 Months after winning $1M in lottery, man wins $2M

I liked that the winner had a dream 6 years ago in which he won a big prize.  “Pullen recalled a dream six years ago in which he won a lot of money. Even after the $1 million win in June, he didn’t feel like the dream was complete.”

And another lottery story:  Psychic predicted own lottery win

And yet another lottery story: Atlanta man wins $1 million lottery for second time in three years

2010 Predictions: Iran, America, Obama and Michael Jackson reincarnated

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michael-jackson-phantom-operaPredicting the future is a fool’s game.   Who predicted the great events of the past decade?  Nobody. But why should that stop me?  Dusting off my crystal ball, I walk where fools fear to tread to make some daring predictions for 2010.
Gazing into my crystal ball…I foresee…

1.  Iran
I predict Iran will be the big story for 2010.  The people of Iran are trying to win back their government from dictatorship. Will it work?  Is the dictatorial regime at the end of its rope?  Unlike what happened with the downfall of communism in Eastern Europe, I don’t foresee Iran reforming itself.  I wish it would be different.  Instead, I foresee Iran on the cusp of creating a nuclear weapon.  And Israel will attack Iran to prevent it from acquiring that nuclear weapon.  This will be the big event of 2010.  I foresee war late in 2010, perhaps November.  Hope I am wrong, and the people of Iran win self determination.

My Crystal Ball

My Crystal Ball

2.  America
Better days are ahead…in a small way.  We will recover from our economic meltdown.  However, America’s long-term decline will slowly continue, a trend that has been going on for over a decade.  Asia will continue to prosper.  America has reached the point of no return, having outsourced its manufacturing around the world.  The world’s glory days (and jobs) have moved East.  Even so, the Dow Jones Industrial Average will get close to 12,000 by 2010’s end, until prediction number 1 kicks in.  Hold stocks until October, then sell and wait for a buying opportunity afterwards.

3. President Obama
With President Obama we have an intelligent, moderate, levelheaded leader.  What is not widely recognized is he is also bringing good karma back to America.  This will result in many unrecognized benefits.  Life is a state of mind and if we can change our national mindset, we can change our lives.  The decade ahead will be better then the decade behind us.  This shouldn’t be too hard to accomplish!

4.  The reincarnation of Michael Jackson

Celebrity predictions are a must.   Michael Jackson will be reincarnated in 2010.  He will be reborn in Tennessee, a web-footed infant girl, to a young Hispanic woman.  Michael Jackson had many unresolved issues in life and will feel the need to return for another lifetime to resolve these issues.  Now as a woman, he will still retain his talent and grow up to become an opera singer.  Yet as a young woman she will feel she is wearing a mask.  One day while using past life regression therapy, she will discover she is the reincarnation of Michael Jackson and choose to leave the opera and become a famed pop singer instead.

Gypsy Witch Fortune Telling Playing Cards



I am reviewing an old and unusual set of divinatory cards.  They are not tarot cards, nor do they belong to traditional cartomancy.  They are the Gypsy Witch Fortune Telling Playing Cards.  The Gypsy Witch cards have been around for a long time. They were first published in 1904 and have been around ever since, and predate many of our better known tarot decks such as the famous Rider-Waite deck which was first published in 1909.

This is a curious deck of cards.  They claim to be based on ideas by the famed French cartomancer, Madam Lenormand.  There are numerous Lenormand style decks that make use of mnemonic images on the cards.   The images and their meanings don’t seem to correspond to the accepted meanings attributed to the suits or numerology.  The Lenormand style cards are unique in themselves, and today we’d call this style of deck oracle cards. 

The Gypsy Witch deck is a facsimile of the Lenormand decks that were developed after her death.  This Gypsy Witch deck is a standard deck of playing cards, but each card has an illustration and the meaning written down.  The illustrations are old Victorian style images.  This adds charm to the deck.  With the meanings of the cards written on each card, we’d think it would be easy to use.  There is nothing to memorize. I bought my deck out of curiosity long ago.  However, I rarely used these cards. Why?

I have issues with the Gypsy Witch Fortune Telling Deck.  First, these cards have no relationship with traditional cartomancy or the tarot.  Cartomancy certainly has a wide variety of  interpretations towards any card’s meaning, but there are some simple “rules”.  One is the meaning of the suits.  The heart represents matters of the heart and emotion; the diamond represents matters of money and commerce, and so on.  With this deck, the pips and numbers have NO relationship with the meanings and imagery depicted. 

Comparing gypsy witch cards with tarot cards

Comparing gypsy witch cards with tarot cards

Scary cards

Scary cards

Above is an example of their Aces compared to the same with the Rider-Waite deck.  Do the meanings written on the card have any relationship with the suits?  Expect for the Ace of Spades, no.  Which begs the question, is any correspondence necessary?  Are there really any rules when it comes to inspiring our intuition?  Is any system of symbolism only in our imagination?  Probably.  Intuition does not follow rules.   But I like to think there is some sort of system behind cartomancy.  If there is a system behind the Lenormand style decks, I don’t understand it. 

Another issue with these cards is their meaning is literally spelled out on each card. Reading people’s fortunes is not a game.  Many people take it quite seriously.  If a deck has written meanings that the participant can read along with the reader, it takes away from the reader their responsibility to “soften the blow” if something negative is seen.   Who knows if a reading will ever become reality?  And this deck has quite a few scary cards.  I have a pair of images to the left.  Imagine if someone saw these two in their layout…the 5 of Spades, with an image of a coffin, combined with the 10 of Diamonds, the Scythe, suggests an early death.  Spelled out right on the card.  Yikes!  That is way too literal.

One thing I like about this deck is its method of reading cards, which seems intriguing.  It could easily be used with tarot cards.  It uses a card to represent the participant in the center, and is surrounded by an inner square of eight cards, and an outer square of eight cards.  The inner square of cards shape the destiny of the participant, and the outer square of cards represent the forces surrounding him or her.    Below is a chart I made to show how it works. This type of layout has a lot of possibilities, and makes for a change from the typical Celtic Cross layout.



Print out these instructions, right click and print:

Gypsy Witch Fortune Telling Instructions

Gypsy Witch Fortune Telling Instructions


The reverse side of the instruction booklet:

Instructions reverse side

Instructions reverse side

Cartomancy and numerology

Suits of Cartomancy

Suits of Cartomancy

There is a difference between tarot reading and cartomancy.  Tarot cards have become so popular that the art of cartomancy has somewhat fallen out of favor.  Cartomancy is divination with playing cards.  Skill with cartomancy is still an important ability when reading tarot cards if we include the minor arcana in the deck with a reading.  A deck like the Rider-Waite has unique images for every card of the minor arcana, so that makes it easy.  But with many other decks…all we have to go by are the suits and the number of pips.

The symbolism of the major arcana is fairly standard.  I have not seen any real standard meanings for the minor arcana.  The way I look at them, we are pretty much on our own when it comes to determining their meaning in divination.  We still need some guidance, so I combine numerology along with the recognized meanings behind the suits.  A problem is that numerology also doesn’t have any rock solid meanings either.  However, we may be able to cobble together some basic ideas.

First are the meanings of the suits.  The heart represents the feminine principle, emotions and matters of relationships and the family.  In the tarot the cup symbolizes it.  The club (tarot’s literal club) represents the masculine principle, of labor and effort and non-emotional pursuits.  The diamond (tarot’s coin) obviously represents money and matters of money and wealth.  And finally the spade (tarot’s sword) represents strife and conflict of one sort or another.

When we combine these basic core concepts with a number, we can sort of figure out what is going on.  Below are some generally accepted ideas about the symbolism with numbers:

number-symbolismONE:  Unity.
This would be the pure essence of a thing without balance.   An Ace of Hearts could symbolize unconditional love…or an unrequited fatal attraction!

TWO:  Duality.
This symbolizes two opposites, the ying and yang, which may not be in balance.  The two sides of a coin that don’t connect.

THREE:  Spirit.
Where the number 1 is a point, and 2 cannot form a shape, 3 can now create the first geometric shape…the triangle.   Unity and Duality combined into manifesting reality in 3 dimensions.  And when a couple gives birth to a child, two now becomes three and that is the start of society and the continuation of life.

FOUR:  Physical matter.
The square, and the material world, the 4 corners of the compass, the 4 classic elements, the 4 seasons of nature define the number.

FIVE:  The Body.
5 points create the Pentagram or Pentagon.  This represents the human body.  Now the 4 points of matter and physicality are ruled over by the 5th point of the brain-spirit.  The 5 points symbolize the human body, the arms and legs and head, with the head ruling over all of them.  This also symbolizes the power of humanity to control matter and nature in general.

SIX:  Balance and Harmony.
Six points creates the Hexagram or Hexagon.  This is a special number, the first perfect number.  1+2+3 = 6, and 1x2x3=6.  It is the union of two triangles upwards and downwards merged together in unity.  Unlike the number two which can be unbalanced, here is balance achieved.  It is the combination of forces…like the male and female principles or sky and earth.

SEVEN:   Good Fortune.
Seven is a prime number and the seven points create the Heptagon or Heptagram.  This is considered to be a lucky number.  It is the sum of 3 (spirit) and 4 (matter).   This combination of spirit and matter means we will get what we seek.  It can create two heptagrams and the second is called the Fairy Star and imbued with special importance in some traditions.

Eight:   Material Concerns.
The two squares of matter are combined into one.  This is not about material objects itself but about our relationship to material matters.  It is the complexity of material existence.  The eight points creates the Octagon and Octagram.  This number is often thought of as symbolizing success.

NINE:  Chaos
This number is considered a negative number.  I think because it is a chaotic number.  Nine points can suddenly take many geometric shapes; meaning order is giving away to chaos.  Chaos does not have to be bad, but it opens up the door to chance and randomness.

TEN:   Completion
Ten is the number of completion.   Mathematics is based on 10.

Now if we have a suit card, we can come up with some idea what it might represent without having to remember each card’s meaning.  A nine of spades would be a bad card…chaos and conflict.   But a ten of spades could represent success from a conflict.  The real trick is how each card relates to others in a layout, and modifies their meaning.  It really becomes an intuitive exercise.  I find pondering a card layout is a lot like playing chess…a lot of thinking is going on.  It’s like trying to fit the pieces of a puzzle together.  Except chess has clear rules!

The Occult in the Bible and Prophecy



the-judgmentI consider the Bible to be an occult scripture.  How so?  Isn’t the Bible supposed to be the exact opposite of anything occult?   I could refer to the Kabbalah or the bible code concept.  Christianity has been the inspiration for mysticism of all varieties.   Occultism has strong foundations in Christianity. 

As an example, here are two versions of the tarot card “Judgment”.  Its imagery is clearly taken from the Christian idea of the resurrection of the dead on the Day of Judgment.  Their meaning is not quite that.  The angel at the top could be interpreted as spiritual guidance from Above, or as our own higher self, the part of us connected to the Universe, often called our higher guardian angel.  Whichever, it is calling on us towards the path to enlightenment and becoming one with the Universe.  Of note is that one character at the bottom who has their back turned to us.  This represents our self in the scene, seeking inspiration, face turned toward the event.  This card invites our direct participation. 

judgment-cardHowever, with the idea of an Occult Bible, I am referring to something else. First is the definition of “occult”.  Occult is defined as dealing with the supernatural, with spiritual agencies, about matters that are beyond human comprehension, and concerning secret and hidden knowledge. Occult literally means, “hidden or concealed”.   That is the Bible from my perspective…dealing with deep spiritual and supernatural concepts in a cryptic, indirect way.

People assume the Bible is clear-cut in how it defines God and the nature of reality.  I personally don’t see it that way.  I see the Bible as mysterious with multiple layers of meaning.  The first glance is often the incorrect glance.  An example could be how Genesis explains the creation in seven days.  This can’t be literal (first glance).   If we look deeper, we see glimpses of the scientific evolution of the universe described in metaphors.  “Let there be light” can be viewed as starting with the Big Bang, and then a step-by-step process of cosmic evolution all the way down to human life…first plants, then sea life, then dinosaurs/birds, then mammals and finally humans.  It is not described as a simultaneous creation.  There might even be metaphors of what existed before the Big Bang…if only cosmologists had an open mind to consider the possibility. 

horses of apocalypseWhich leads to the most occult document of all…the bible’s book of Revelations.  Thoughts of Revelations lead directly to bible prophecy.  Talk about cryptic!  A lot of people have stumbled in trying to understand Revelations.  As a young guy I’d listen to a TV preacher named Charles Taylor discuss his view of biblical prophecy.  Over the years he gave updates, and I recall him putting great importance on the European Union.  He considered how the emerging 10-nation European Economic Union would transform into a 10-nation world power governed by the Antichrist.  Sounded good at the time.  Except now the European Union has 27 states!  Other proponents of Biblical prophecy like Hal Lindsay also laid big eggs.   Nostradamus had a better track record then these modern sages. 

Therefore, I fearlessly jump into where these others sages tread! I will give my two cents on eschatology.  I think the secret of understanding Revelations is in verse 8:8, the “Second Trumpet”.  It states that “something like a huge mountain, all ablaze, was thrown into the sea”.  Most of Revelations’ plagues that befall mankind sound remarkably like the byproduct of an asteroid hitting the earth producing an extinction level event on par with what caused the extinction of the dinosaurs.  There are vivid verses that visually describe the sky darkened by the debris hurling into the sky and falling down burning much of the planet.  Looked at from this perspective, the verses make chilling sense.  After this disaster will follow the collapse of civilization and all that entails.

When can we expect this to happen?  I sure hope not in my lifetime!  A lot of Christians believe in something called the “rapture”.   This means that before this asteroid slams into the earth, all proper born-again Christians who follow the correct theology will vanish into heaven, leaving behind all the rest of us to endure the end of the world.  “Proper” Christians have nothing to fear and actually look forward to the end of the world. 

Personally, I don’t think God plays favorites.  Muslims, Hindus, Buddhists, Jews, Catholics, pagans, or agnostics don’t deserve to be “left behind” while right wing Christians get to watch us from heaven while we handle the asteroid collision.  What is up with that theology?   I call it Chicken Theology.  Maybe “end times” preaching is too scary without a rapture? 

I will make my one true prediction concerning bible prophecy and the end of the world.  When that time comes, “proper” Christians will be stuck here on earth with the rest of us.  After the asteroid strikes, some Christians will be watching the event on TV and thinking, ”where the heck was the rapture?”  If the end of the world ever does transpire and we all remain in it together, it will mean that God really does not play favorites, favoring one theology over another.  And I will be proven right!  But I’d really, REALLY prefer not to have that last chance to say, “I told you so”.

Not a good day

Not a good day

Tarot symbolism and Spirit Elementals



The Rider-Waite Tarot is a legendary deck of tarot cards.  They are unique in having symbolic imagery for every card of the deck and not just the major arcana. The minor arcana consist of what is now our standard deck of playing cards, except it has the addition of a Page added to the face cards of King, Queen and Jack/Knight.  The Rider-Waite deck is full of symbolism from mystic A.E. Waite and Pamela Colman Smith.  It can be fun trying to find all the symbolism in the cards, like a game of spot the symbol. 

Tarot Suits

Tarot Suits

To understand the symbolism in the Rider-Waite deck, we need to understand that each of the four suits of the cards represents one of the four basic occult elements.  The suit of diamonds represents the element Earth, and in the Rider-Waite deck it is symbolized by the Coin.  The diamond/coin symbolizes matters of money, commerce, and property. 

The suit of hearts is the tarot’s Cup, and it symbolizes the element of Water.  Water represents matters of emotion, the heart, and relationships.  The suit of spades represents the element Air, and is shown as the sword in the Rider-Waite deck.  I tend to disagree with this, I think the spade/sword should represent fire, but so be it.  The spade/sword symbolizes conflict, politics, and power.  And finally the suit of clubs is symbolized by a literal wooden club in the Rider-Waite deck, representing the occult element of fire (as in kindling wood).

The first card of the major arcara is the Magician (or Juggler).  It shows the Magician at his working table and laid out before him are the four suits of the minor arcana (and our modern day playing cards).  The Magician seeks to obtain mastery over the four occult elements and thereby all aspects of the human condition.  Notice the magician points upward towards the Heavens/Universe and downward towards the earth, to call down divine power for dominion over the physical world. 

Aces and Queen of Cups

Aces and Queen of Cups

Today is Valentine’s Day, so in honor of the holiday lets look at the Rider-Waite Queen of Hearts/Cups.  Can you spot the symbolism in the Queen of Cups?  Now that we understand the Cup symbolizes the element of Water, we can see all the symbols of water in the card.  She sits on a throne at a beach with the water and sand at her feet.  She holds in her hands the elaborate Ace of Cups.  Her robe has the pattern of the ocean’s waves on it.  And most interesting, engraved on her throne are Undines, which in occult theory are the elementals of the water. 

Water Elementals

Water Elementals

In occult theory each of the four elements have spirits that exist in those elements.  In water exist the Undines, in earth the Gnomes, in the fire live the Salamanders, and in the air dwell the Sylphs.  These elementals are a big deal in occult theory.   Some say faeries are the same thing as the elementals.   I sort of doubt that.  Elementals are a cornerstone of occult practices and their power is summoned in ceremonial magic.   Faeries are not so cooperative! 

The Rider-Waite face cards have these elementals represented in them. Knowing the Rider-Waite cards are filled with elemental symbolism, it can be fun to search the cards yourself and see if you can spot the symbols.

Elemental Undines

Elemental Undines

Nostradamus on the Soviet Union. True clairvoyant or a fraud?



Was Nostradamus ever able to actually predict the future?  Was he a true clairvoyant or a faker?  Nostradamus is controversial for sure.  His predictions are murky, subject to multiple interpretations.  But he was specific with one of his most famous predictions below:

The year 1999, seventh month,
From the sky will come a great King of Terror:
To bring back to life the great King of the Mongols,
Before and after Mars to reign by good luck.

This prediction above is maybe Nostradamus’ greatest failure. This is one of his few quatrains where he put an actual date on a prediction…1999. He should have stuck with being vague and non-specific. We’d be still on the lookout for the King of the Mongols today! With many of Nostradamus’ predictions, he lays an egg or no egg at all. His predictions are vague enough that people can read whatever they want in them.

Yet, at the same time there are predictions that seem on target. There are enough of these that it seems he just might have had true glimpses of the future, even if it was hit or miss. Some of Nostradamus’ predictions are indeed uncanny and suggest genuine clairvoyance.  Before we totally dismiss Nostradamus as bogus…below is a verse that might be a “hit”.

Century IV, quatrain 50
Libra will see the Hesperias govern,
Holding the monarchy of heaven and earth:
No one will see the forces of Asia perished,
Only seven hold the hierarchy in order.

Commentators recognized the first two lines.  Libra is the sign of the zodiac symbolized by the scales, or balance. Hesperia means “West”. So the first line suggests that there will be balance in the world when the West governs, holding rule over the land and sky (foreshadowing air power in the 20th century). Very good, the global balance of power.



However commentators misinterpreted the last two lines, thinking they referred to China and the predicted King of the Mongols from verse X-72. Not so. Instead they are a part of Nostradamus’ series of successful predictions about the rise and fall of communism. This quatrain has already occurred.

What do the last two lines mean? The forces/power of Asia will not perish until seven have ruled in order? The “forces of Asia” being referred to is not China, but the former Soviet Union. The majority of the landmass of the Soviet Union was Asian, and at the time it was a world superpower. The “only seven hold the hierarchy in order” refers to the seven communist rulers who ruled the Soviet Union before it collapsed, or “perished”:

1. Vladmir Lenin (1917-1922) the beginning of communist Soviet Union
2. Joseph Stalin (1922-1953)
3. Nikita Krushchev (1953-1964)
4, Leonid Brezhnev (1964-1982).
5. Yuri Andropov (1082-1984)
6. Konstantin Cherneko (1984-1985)
7. Mikhail Gorbachev (1985-1991) the end of communist Soviet Union.

The world power of Soviet communism perished after it’s seven communist rulers held rule in sequence. Maybe a handful of Nostradamus’ predictions are genuine. The problem is we don’t know beforehand which is the real deal, and which are not.




Here is a picture of Obama taking his oath of office with his hand raised.  When I saw this picture in the newspaper, I had to read Obama’s palm!  We have a great view of his hand for analyzing with palmistry.  What does it say?  Palmistry is not exactly a “hard science”; so reading the lines in our President’s hand is a matter of interpretation. 

palm-chart1First, lets look at Obama’s life line (marked A in the photo).  He has something special, a double lifeline!  That shows double vitality, a life full of energy and power.  His strong life line reveals a president full of vigor!

Obama’s head line (marked B) is strong and solid which speaks of a good intellect.  I noticed that the head line does not intersect either the life line or the heart line, it stands alone.  This speaks to someone who tends to be aloof, whose judgment is not overly influenced by the emotions of the heart line or the experiences of the life line.  Perhaps Obama’s coolness under pressure is reflected in his palm!

Obama’s heart line (marked C) is also strong and clear, and it soars upward.  This speaks to a rising compassion, and suggests a pretty normal love life.  What we don’t want for a president is someone who suffers from repressed or abnormal sexuality.  We’ve had enough of those types of politicians lately.  We need a leader with a healthy and normal emotional life, and Obama’s hand looks like a stable hand to me.

obama-palmObama’s fate line is most interesting.  It appears to be broken early on, but then goes straight up in an unbroken line.  No choppy days for our nation.  His path is clear, our destinies are clear.  From reading Obama’s palm, I safely predict better days ahead for our nation.

I am sure many of you are much better at reading palms then myself.  What do you read in the President’s hand? 

As for palmistry, this has become something of a lost form of divination.  People still consult horoscopes, or have their tarot cards read.  But nowadays, not too many people have their palms read.   I suggest this is because palm reading is really a pretty personal form of interaction.  Touching one’s hands and fingers, stroking and caressing the lines in our palms, is a petty intimate act.  Maybe too personal for strangers.

Our hands and fingers are very sensitive, full of nerve endings directly connected to our brain.  Hands are points of energy in our body.  They are the tools of our mind.  It is amazing how we can have such intricate control over the movement of our fingers.  I am amazed how a musician can control their instrument.   In ceremonial magic, there are occult gestures of power used to direct our inner energy outward.  I once saw something that was quite amazing.  In a darkened room, someone would touch their fingertips together, and slowly draw their hands apart.  When I looked with my peripheral vision, out of the corner of the eye, tiny visible streams of ethereal light were seen streaming between the fingers.  It looked like wisps of glowing smoke.  So it might not be a stretch to think that someone who is a true sensitive, or even just good at reading human nature, can examine our palms and discern facts about us. 

And speaking about occult gestures, I thought I’d end with a picture of our former Fearless Leader giving the devil’s salute!

The Devil's Salute

The Devil's Salute




There are a lot of tarot decks out there. But first and foremost has to be the old Tarot of Marseilles. This deck’s influence is really significant. Many other Tarot cards’ symbolism is based on these old designs. And in my opinion the Marseilles cards are also the ugliest of the Tarot cards. The images are stiff and blocky. Whoever drew these crude things was no artist. However, the stiff and awkward nature of the cards is probably due to the rigid symbolic structure of the cards. Unlike a lot of prettier modern Tarot cards, the entire image on the Marseilles card served a purpose. The Rider-Waite deck is a beautiful deck filled with its own style of symbolism, but in trying to improve on the Marseilles deck, it also loses something in the translation.

star-cardIn my previous posting, I wrote about using a “split perspective” to look for meaning in the Tarot cards. Usually, the top half of the card represents a spiritual or mental condition, and the bottom half symbolizes the physical result of this condition. This works with the Tarot of Marseilles, but not with modern cards that don’t follow the symbolic structure of the Marseilles deck. Lets consider the three celestial cards, the Star, the Moon and the Sun from the split perspective.

In the Star card, the stars in the top half are literally the heavens, the universe. The bottom half is a woman pouring water into a pond. This card symbolizes the harmony between the spirit above and the person below, between the individual and the Universe. When our thoughts and goals are in harmony with the universe, then there is serenity and clearness of purpose in life. Pouring water into the pond symbolizes creativity and inspiration gained from having unity with the Universe.

moon-card1The Moon card symbolizes something all together different. The moon is not the physical moon, but is a metaphor for passivity and negativity. It is a state of mind that dwells in darkness. The bottom half of the Moon card shows the same two characters again as in the previous cards (Devil, Lightening Struck Tower), but now they take the form of hounds baying at the moon. The dogs represent humanity as devolved, lost souls. Unlike the Devil Card where the two bottom characters still retained elements of their humanity, now all traces of humanity are gone. In the Devil card our Ego was our biggest enemy. Now even the ego is stripped away. What is left is a state of emptiness. An emptiness similar to that experienced by people have lost their sense of self, who are overwhelmed by outside forces. Looking at the bottom half of the Moon card, instead of dogs, imagine people lost in self-destructive behavior like crime, abuse, and addictions.

The Sun card is the opposite of the Moon card. The Sun represents blazing positive energy. It is a state of mind full of self-confidence, of belief in our self. Our ego is in charge, but in a healthy way. With the power of our positive mindset, we will attract to our lives what we desire. The Sun card’s bottom half once again shows the same two characters, but now they are fully realized as human. They have achieved their potential.


sun-cardUsing this system of interpretation, it is possible to also see the Law of Attraction demonstrated in the Tarot. Is the Law of Attraction an intentional element of the original Tarot? It was not called that centuries ago, but the occult idea of “as is above, so it is below” was always a core concept of occult thought. Our state of mind will become manifest in reality. The Tarot shows different states of mind, and their consequences.



What is the secret in the Tarot?  To clearly understand the original Tarot, I like to view most of the cards in two, the top half and bottom half.  The bottom half symbolizes the physical world we live in.  The characters in the bottom half are ourselves, the viewer.  The top half represents a state of mind or spiritual condition…the influences that shape the physical world in the lower half.  It is in line with the central occult idea, “as it is above, so it is below”.

There are geninue spiritual connections between what is above (spirit) and what is below (matter).  The most common approach to this nowadays is the Law of Attraction.  The Law of Attraction, as popularized by “The Secret” is that we attract to our lives what we think.  If we think positively, then we attract positive results.  The opposite is also true, if we dwell in negativity, then we attract negative results.  This is all very true.

lovers-cardWhat is interesting about the Tarot is that it’s almost about the Law of Attraction.  The upper half of the Tarot symbolizes our state of mind.  The bottom half symbolizes the result of this state of mind.  We can pick and choose our condition, the Tarot says.  Are we the Fool card, wandering around in ignorance?  Or are we the clever Juggler card, who understands his condition and masters it?  I have created two examples to illustrate my point.  Lets look at them.

First is the “Lovers” card which I split top from bottom. In the bottom is a man faced with a choice between two women, an older woman to his left, a younger to his right.  I think the card is about choosing between different paths.  In the upper half of the card, a spiritual force (cupid) attempts to direct the man’s attention towards one choice, away from another (cupid’s arrow is aimed at the young lady).  I believe the cupid symbolizes our conscience, our spirituality.  Do we listen to our conscience?  Are we open to our spiritual side?  Or are we closed off to it?  If we lose our connection with our spiritual side…we might become what is the next card to consider…the Devil.

devil-cardHereThen we have the Devil card.  The bottom half of the Devil card shows two enslaved semi-human beings.  They symbolize those of us who are in spiritual blindness, enslaved by our lusts, doubts, prejudices, negativity.   What is curious is that what ties them down are loose ropes around their necks…they can easily escape if they wish…but don’t!  They remain trapped by their own choice.  Their semi-human nature shows they retain a measure of their humanity, and have the capacity to take another path.  We are trapped by our own thoughts and little else.  The Devil does not force anybody to do anything.  Nobody is kidnapped.  The Devil in the upper half symbolizes the concept of being cut off from our spiritual side.  We only listen to our lower material self, our ego.  The Devil is not a literal Devil, but our own ego at work.  When we lose contact with our spiritual side, we are lost.


In my next post I will examine some more cards from the “split perspective”.