Evidence of Noah’s Ark and the Great Flood

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In response to a little boy’s question about the age of the earth and evolution, Texas Governor Rick Perry responded, “That’s a theory that is out there — and it’s got some gaps in it. In Texas, we teach both creationism and evolution.”

Governor Perry is not alone in his skepticism of evolution. Polls suggest around 45% of Americans believe in biblical creationism: mankind came from Adam and Eve, the earth is 10,000 years old and Noah’s great flood caused the extinction of the dinosaurs.

Some suggest biblical creationism has gaps in it as well. I will demonstrate a gap in creationism and offer scientific evidence to fill that gap.

A gap in creationism: how did all the world’s animals get to Noah’s Ark? Since the Great Flood destroyed all life on earth, only those animals on Noah’s Ark survived. But how did unique animals from faraway places such as South America and Australia get to Noah’s Ark?

Consider the kangaroo and the koala bear which live only in Australia. How did they reach the Middle East, the location of the Ark? Mating pairs would have to swim across the Indian Ocean, without food, water or sleep until they reached South Asia.

Once they reached Asia, they would have to make the trek across the vast continent towards Noah’s Ark. Also consider that dinosaurs lived with mankind before the great flood. The koala bears would have to avoid being devoured by ravenous velociraptors and other carnivorous dinosaurs that rampaged the pre-diluvian world.

Let’s assume creatures like the Amazon River’s caimans managed to reach Noah’s Ark, surviving to repopulate the planet after the flood. A greater question is this: why did they return to their original habitat? Why didn’t they stick around Mount Ararat and repopulate this region first? One would imagine central Asia would contain every species of animal, while places like Australia would be devoid of animals. Remember, the flood happened only 5,000 years ago.

I have an answer for all these questions. Animals grew wings and flew there! This would solve the problem of animals crossing vast oceans. They grew wings especially for the trip. It also answers the riddle of how/why they returned to their original habitat. Afterwards they simply flew back home. Once all the animals returned from whence they came, their wings fell off.

You may ask…but where is the scientific evidence for any of this? It exists in the Australian platypus, the small beaver-like creature with the beak of a duck. When the platypus grew its wings, it also grew the duckbill by accident. When the platypus flew back to Australia after the flood, its wings fell off but the beak remained. The beaver-creature was inadvertently left with a duckbill, evidence of Noah’s flood.

I plan on writing the Texas State Board of Education asking them to include my Winged Platypus Theory in their biology curriculum. Our children need to know!