Collecting the Occult



I’ve scanned some pages (above) from an old occult catalog.  Nowadays everything is sold online, and quaint catalogs like this are pretty much part of the past.  I don’t think the company that published this still exists.  Yet, I get a kick 1-page1out of checking out the different offerings from the past.  These pages contain a mixture of cool stuff and some silly stuff.

I wonder…does anybody collect vintage occult items?  I love collecting things. But I’ve realized that vintage occult objects are not easy to find.  Not many people are into this topic to begin with, and I don’t think those who are consider acquiring these items as collectables.   I know there is a healthy market for vintage books with occult topics.  Outside of that, what is collectable? 

True antique tarot cards are extremely rare and are not to be found.  Modern mass produced decks are easy to find, but forget finding something made by woodcut.  I know that there are collectors of Ouija talking boards and there are some nice pieces to be found.  But that is as much a part of game collecting as occult collecting.  Here is a great site for talking board collectors:

ouija1Does anyone collect interesting vintage items?  There is not a big market for these items yet, which might make vintage occult artifacts something worth acquiring.  I think this stuff is cool!