Is channeling spirit guides a good idea or dangerous? Abramelin’s answer.

Books on channeling

Books on channeling

Are spirit guides a good idea? Or is channeling spirit guides actually contacting dangerous entities and should be avoided? The answer may not be entirely clear. We have examples of channeling with both productive and disastrous results.

Another open question is when channeling, are we actually contacting an objective disincarnate spirit or our own inner self, higher self or subconscious. Does it make any difference? Individuals who had contact with spirit beings, real or imagined, had an impact on history.

Esther Hicks is the famous author of The Law of Attraction and a leading motivational speaker on the topic of the law of attraction. Her knowledge of the topic is profound with surprising depth. She is known for her spirit guide Abraham who inspired her. Abraham led her to personal fame and fortune as well as inspiring many.

Hicks was introduced into spirit guides by a book by Jane Roberts, author of Seth Speaks. Jane Roberts was a writer and spirit medium that introduced channeling to a wide audience. Roberts was introduced to channeling thru experimenting with a Ouija board. Eventually she came into communication with her spirit guide…Seth.

Channeling and communication with spirit guides is denounced by organized religion. Yet religion seems to be inspired by spirit guides too. The difference is when religious revelations are written down into scripture, it makes all the difference. Joseph Smith, Jr., founder of the Church of Latter Day Saints wrote the Book of Mormon after contact with the angel Moroni. Now Mormonism is a world religion. Was this channeling turned into a religion?

Judaism and Christianity were inspired by contact with what could be called Spirit Guides too. They stood the test of time because their adherents had the good sense to write down these experiences into scriptures.  Scripture could be described as “safe” channeling for the masses. Instead of trying to do it your self, just accept someone else’s experiences as truth. Still, scriptures without profound truths at its core will not endure. Where did these profound truths come from? Divine revelation, or from human reason?

For some thoughts, I will consult an unusual source, a famous magical grimoire, The Sacred Magic of Abramelin The Mage. This manuscript was written in the 15th century, seemingly inspired by an Egyptian mage, and is considered one of the great books of magic. This grimoire proclaimed all other magic in error except its own method. It viewed all attempts at contacting spirits as making pacts with demons. What it introduced was a new concept…developing a relationship with your Guardian Angel.

This idea was influential on the modern occult movement. The Abramelin operation took 6 months to complete.  During this time the adherent followed rituals of prayer, piety, purification and asceticism, attempting to enter a heightened state of consciousness. At the end of this period of time the adherent attempted to contact their Holy Guardian Angel.

It appears the Abramelin method of contacting one’s angel (or higher self) is to essentially become like an angel. The specific rituals seem almost besides the point, what matters is that one “vibrates” at the same frequency as the spirit being one seeks to communicate with. If an angel will not lower itself to communicate with an un-evolved personality, then one has to raise one’s self to the angel’s level.

This seems to make sense with channeling, regardless if it is real or only in our mind. We channel who we are. If someone dwells in the depths of hostility and negativity, they will contact entities/subconscious thoughts that share these spiritual vibrations. Richard Ramirez, the infamous Night Stalker serial killer could be an example of channeling extreme negativity with horrifying consequences.

Maybe the way to contact the angelic world is to think like an angel. History is filled with saints, prophets and mystics of all religions who performed miracles with angelic assistance. Was it because they attained a state of existence that mirrored the Divine? Which is a problem for the average individual. It’s not easy being a saint. Most of us don’t have the inclination. How can anyone accomplish this great task?

Here is my suggestion for the average man or woman to perform the Abramelin operation without going into seclusion for 6 months. Mirroring the divine is not a matter of piety and religious fervor. Religious people can be quite evil in their devotion to their doctrines. Angels are beings of love. The path of the angel is the path of love. Not only love for spouse, family and friends, but love for all humanity, all living things.

To love all things unconditionally does not come naturally, but we can train ourselves. Pay attention to the merit in all individuals. Develop empathy. Recognize the value in everyone. Spend some time talking to the lonely old neighbor, and actually listen to him or her. Be positive towards others, offer encouragement and help without expectation of reward. Be a blessing to the world. Do this often and consistently, and you will begin to vibrate like the angels themselves. Watch for the results that follow!