Occult View is not a Black Hat

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I noticed that Mcafee has recently graded my site as gray…meaning questionable.  It has always been green…meaning safe.  As I’ve not had any affiliate ads or anything I’d think of as questionable, I was safe.

Myself, I don’t trust anything.  Clicking on anything online can lead to all kinds of bad stuff.  Myself, I use Mcafee’s SiteAdvisor, and won’t visit a site rated red for “dangerous” or even gray as “questionable”.  But now I am gray for some reason.  I will remove all widgets outside of a flag counter, which is a cool thing.  Widgets are fun, but can be compromised.  The web is a dangerous place, and I just want any visitors to know I’m not a black hat.

Occult View has a new hosting service

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My blog has successfully completed its move to a new hosting service. I still have to test things out. I have a few glitches, but I’ll work them out. I was worried about this move. My previous service suspended my account for using too much of their server’s capacity. I had to make a move fast.

Here is my advice for bloggers, for what it’s worth. If you are a serious blogger, own your domain name on a hosting service. If you utilize a free blogging service, you won’t get the recognition that owning your own site will offer on the search engines. If you start with a free blogging service and grow, you’ll eventually want to own your domain name. Accomplishing that afterwards will be a huge hassle and you may be unable to move your existing content over.

I’m glad I started off using WordPress with my own domain name. When I started I was a tiny blog with no visitors. Why invest in blogging? If blogging is a hobby, then free sites are great. But if you are a passionate blogger, start off with room to grow.

When I started I made a mistake. I choose a hosting service that was wonderful at the time but I didn’t give myself room to grow. Thank goodness I at least owned my domain name; all my content (3 years of it) can follow me wherever I go.

I did research for a new hosting service, looking for one with a good reputation for customer service. You get what you pay for. And you can get excellent service for the same price as others with horrible service.

I picked InMotion Hosting because of their reputation. They were very helpful in making my move. Thanks Eric! I give them my endorsement. And I want to thank E for her help, I couldn’t have done this without her skills. Thank you E! Hugs and kisses!