Explaining My Occult View Sidebar

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I suspect most people who visit blogs don’t pay much attention to the sidebar.  The sidebar is that space, left or right, essentially filled with crap.  However, my sidebar is not crap but very special (in my imagination) and has some useful tools.

Looking at the right hand side, what exactly is all this stuff?  At the top is a widget for Entrecard.  Entrecard is a blogging service that shares links to other blogs using these square images.  I place this at the top since I share this space with other bloggers, many which are quite good.  However, Entrecard does have paid spots that appear so I can’t say every link is approved.

Below the Entrecard widget is one showing the current moon phase.  This is very useful!  What is the moon doing?  The phases of the moon can be useful for many things, from ceremonial magic and ghost hunting to the possibility of the moon triggering earthquakes.

Below the Moon Phase thing is another useful tool…a solar weather indicator.  It shows the current state of solar X-Rays and the condition of earth’s geomagnetic field.  When I see an X Class solar flare appear, I take pay attention!  Again this can be useful for esoteric purposes.  Do solar flares influence paranormal phenomena and ghosts?

There is a link for Glastonbury Radio.  Unfortunately, I rarely have a chance to listen when it is active, but it is there for anyone who wants to listen.

Then is a bookmark thing, for social networks.  I could do better then this tiny thing.  Should I have my Occult View on Facebook?  I currently don’t.  Facebook is fun but maybe a fad that will fade away in a few years into just another website.  However I loved the Social Network movie.

There is a Search tool, which is very useful.  I use this myself.  I can lose track of what I posted years ago and I can search my own site for it using keywords.

Below I have a mess.  Categories.  I really haven’t given much thought to this as I blogged, and I really need to go back and fit everything in more clearly defined categories.  I made them up as I went along.  However, if I altered all my categories, would that affect my SEO in a negative way?

I have an About Me page.  That is myself in the picture by the Chicago Bean.  I don’t use any bio info, since it really doesn’t matter.  Likes/dislikes?  Favorites?  That’s for Facebook, not an esoteric blog.

There is a “Contact Me” link if you want to email me.  However, I really don’t check this email account daily.  If you want my attention post a comment!  I check my blog comments constantly.

There is a monthly archives dropdown.  Checking it out, I see I’ve been blogging for a while, not often, but regularly.

My blogroll.  There are sites I personally visit.  I had more, but I’ve found blogs tend to vanish, even interesting ones.  Then I had a dead link.  There are truly cool sites here, I am fond of the podcasts.  For anyone who cares, I sometimes join the discussion board on Blogcatalog.  I am Davedol.  I use a devil as an avatar.

Then I have a “Subscribe to my RSS” and Subscribe via email.  The subscribe via email is nice in that it sends out an email when I have a new post; you won’t have to wonder if I posted something new or not.  Just wait for the email notice!

Then we have my recent posts, which is self-explanatory.

My tags exactly mirror my Categories.  And again, they are a mess and I need to clean it up.

Below are links to blog directories I have signed up for.  I set these up when I first started blogging hoping they would deliver some traffic to my blog.  Does anybody actually visit blog directories looking for blogs?  I have no idea.  However, one site that had a nice gimmick is blogged.com, which gives a grade to blogs.  I submitted my bog a few months after I started and got an 8.4.  Now that site is gone and is replaced by Chime.in.  At least my blog does not change.  I hope to keep it going for a another decade.

Now we come to a really cool widget.  Para Nexus Anomalous News.  This had a feed for current anomalous stories.  It doesn’t toss you into advertising, but delivers real online news about the paranormal from a variety of sources.  It is neat.

Below that is a flag counter.  It shows the number of visitors and from the nations they originated from.  A side benefit, click on it and you can get information about any nation shown.   I put up this widget about a year and a half ago, and as I write this I supposedly have 315,252 unique visitors so far.  I don’t know if I can believe that or not.  I really don’t track how many visitors I get.  If I only get a few, I am happy.

Finally we have a daily horoscope, if anyone is into that.  And lastly a random number generator (I assume it is random).  It comes in useful for psi experiments.

On thing you haven’t seen on my blog is advertising. I don’t blog for money.  I blog because I believe the topics I write about are important.  I may speculate about things, but the true stories are true stories, told to me in person.  These stories are too important to just fade away into someone’s memory.  They reveal a side of reality we don’t pay much attention to.  We can’t put “spirit” in a test tube, but we can put it into words.  When I encounter such stories, I put them into words.  And for all who commented with your own experiences, your words testify to your own encounter with spirit.  Thank you!

Occult View has a new hosting service

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My blog has successfully completed its move to a new hosting service. I still have to test things out. I have a few glitches, but I’ll work them out. I was worried about this move. My previous service suspended my account for using too much of their server’s capacity. I had to make a move fast.

Here is my advice for bloggers, for what it’s worth. If you are a serious blogger, own your domain name on a hosting service. If you utilize a free blogging service, you won’t get the recognition that owning your own site will offer on the search engines. If you start with a free blogging service and grow, you’ll eventually want to own your domain name. Accomplishing that afterwards will be a huge hassle and you may be unable to move your existing content over.

I’m glad I started off using WordPress with my own domain name. When I started I was a tiny blog with no visitors. Why invest in blogging? If blogging is a hobby, then free sites are great. But if you are a passionate blogger, start off with room to grow.

When I started I made a mistake. I choose a hosting service that was wonderful at the time but I didn’t give myself room to grow. Thank goodness I at least owned my domain name; all my content (3 years of it) can follow me wherever I go.

I did research for a new hosting service, looking for one with a good reputation for customer service. You get what you pay for. And you can get excellent service for the same price as others with horrible service.

I picked InMotion Hosting because of their reputation. They were very helpful in making my move. Thanks Eric! I give them my endorsement. And I want to thank E for her help, I couldn’t have done this without her skills. Thank you E! Hugs and kisses!