How Bigfoot Vanishes Without a Trace

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One of the peculiarities of the Bigfoot phenomena is how Bigfoot seems able to vanish without a trace.  If Bigfoot is spotted, if only briefly, it is not seen again even if pursued.  No one seems able to locate or successfully hunt Bigfoot.  If Bigfoot leaves footprints, they also seem to suddenly end as well, as if he flew off.  This strange seeming ability to disappear, to dematerialize, has led people to speculate Bigfoot is not a physical being but a reflection of some paranormal event.

Let us assume, for the sake of argument, that Bigfoot is actually a physical animal.  How does he disappear and remain unobserved?  Does he climb up trees and live in the branches?  Does Bigfoot create primitive camouflage and burrows in the earth?  I’ll offer another solution.

What attracts instant attention to any Bigfoot sighting?  It is that Bigfoot is bipedal.  His very name implies it.  Any mammal walking on two legs would immediately attract our attention.  If a mammal walking on two legs were spotted in the distance or in the dark, our first impression would be it’s some manner of humanoid, or perhaps a hominid.  Only mankind walks on two legs; bipedal movement is a signature of our humanity.

What if Bigfoot could walk on either two legs, or all four limbs?  Sometimes Bigfoot walks upright, sometimes on all fours.  If discovered, alarmed or pursued, Bigfoot would drop to his four limbs and speed away.

Consider the implications for footprints.  If a beast walking on two limbs suddenly dropped to all four and sped away, its footprint would suddenly change.  Without all its weight on two legs the shape of its print would be distributed to all four limbs.  The distinctive nature of the Bigfoot would suddenly…vanish.

In seeking to discover Bigfoot, we are not looking for a beast that walks on four legs.  A four-legged beast would be considered a bear or a moose.  Imagine spotting a Bigfoot and afterwards only seeing an animal scampering away on four legs.  That animal could not possible be Bigfoot?

The idea of bipedal animals with human-like characteristics is universal.  The children’s story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears contain what we would call Bigfoot characters.  Little Red Riding Hood’s Big Bad Wolf is a man/beast.  The legend of the werewolf is exactly about a combination of man and animal.

We assume Bigfoot is an undiscovered hominid because it walks on two legs.  Without any clear and undisputed photographs of this beast, we are assuming it is a hominid because it makes sense.  What if there were some bipedal bears suffering from a strange compulsion to walk upright?  Call it a bipedal mental illness.  When disturbed the animal flees on his four legs and Bigfoot vanishes.

Searching for such a creature…they would seem supernatural.  When walking upright it was a two-legged man-beast, but on four legs it is a natural creature…not worthy of attention.  Looking for Bigfoot, we’d just see a scampering bear.  Could Bigfoot be a bear with a mental illness?

The Secret Behind Dallas and Wayne: The Bigfoot Hunters

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The secret to finding Bigfoot was given in the ancient grimorie The Key of Solomon.


The places best fitted for exercising and accomplishing magical arts and operations are those which are concealed, removed, and separated from the habitations of men. Wherefore desolate and uninhabited regions are most appropriate, such as the borders of lakes, forests, dark and obscure places, old and deserted houses, whither rarely and scarce ever men do come, mountains, caves, caverns, grottos, gardens, orchards; but best of all are cross-roads, and where four roads meet, during the depth and silence of night.

I came across Youtube videos of Dallas and Wayne: The Bigfoot Hunters.  When I watched the episode named The Mountain (shown above) I thought it was an intentional parody of the Animal Planet Channel reality show Finding Bigfoot.  It featured Dallas as a Matt Moneymaker type character, Wayne as a hulking Bobo type, Staci as the skeptical Ranae archetype and the rarely seen cameraman Andrew as the nondescript Cliff character.

I assumed Dallas & Wayne: The Bigfoot Hunters was a wickedly effective satire.  However, as I watched more of their episodes, I realized this was not a Finding Bigfoot parody but these guys were for real.  They actually are Bigfoot hunters.  And more so, Dallas & Wayne are far closer to the truth of Bigfoot then these other slicker reality shows.

Dallas: “What makes us the best because we believe.”

As we watch these episodes, listen carefully to how Dallas describes the nature of Bigfoot.  Dallas attempts to sense where Bigfoot may be and then chants a Native American chant or Wayne howls to summon Bigfoot.  In one episode Dallas suggested Bigfoot could partially materialize.  Perhaps we’d see only his head or a limb.  They know the secret of Bigfoot.

In classic ceremonial or ritual magic there is an operation where one attempts to summon spirits to manifest a visual appearance.  In this operation there is a magic circle and within is a censer or brazier.  The smoke from the incense may be used by invisible entities to create their visual appearance by wrapping themselves in smoke like clothing.  Seeing shapes in smoke suggest pareidolia, but this would be intentionally induced pareidolia.

What Dallas and Wayne do is nearly the same thing…they attempt to summon Bigfoot to visual appearance.  Bigfoot appears to materialize by using their natural surroundings, leaves and branches to create a visual appearance.  Or if we are lucky, they just appear.

We don’t need to wander far into the wilderness of Canada or Alaska to find Bigfoot.  We can find Bigfoot in our local forest preserve.  Bigfoot hunting is not much different then ghost hunting.  You can go to your local wilderness and attempt to summon them.  Take pictures and perhaps, with experience, you’ll see the Forest’s Children in your picture shots.

Below are some more videos of Dallas and Wayne:

Why Bigfoot is a Troll

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It is generally thought Bigfoot is a yet undiscovered man/ape hominid wandering the forests of North America.  There are Bigfoot sightings reported from the Appalachian Mountains to the Rocky Mountains and in the forests in between.  Can a hominid exist everywhere on the continent without ever once being caught?  I submit this is not credible.  We are not dealing with an animal enigma.  Either this is all a hoax inspiring more hoaxes and pranks, or we have something else going on, something very strange indeed.

If the North American Bigfoot were seen a hundred years ago in Scandinavia, what would they call it?  A troll.  These beings (trolls/ogres/giants) are written about in the world’s folklore.  The Bible even mentions these giants.  The evidence suggests Bigfoot is not an animal but a troll.

What is a troll?  A troll is a giant that is never entirely in our world and as such can never be clearly photographed or videotaped.  Any image taken would necessarily be blurry.  Even if a troll stood 10 feet away their picture would be an indistinct blur.  Our visual perception of trolls depends not only on our optic nerves but also how our mind interprets them.  Trolls are creatures of our imagination, 90% mental and 10% physical.  In our mind we perceive the troll more clearly then what is actually present.  A troll can best be described as a vibration.


What evidence suggests Bigfoot is actually a troll?

1.  Trolls are Blurry Beings:  a troll cannot be clearly photographed.

Ever wonder why all Bigfoot photos are fuzzy/blurry?  The fact that all Bigfoot videos and photos are hard-to-make-out reinforces this concept.

2.  Physical evidence of trolls vanishes.

Why don’t we have any Bigfoot DNA?  Physical troll evidence is also mostly in our minds.  What appeared as evidence at the time later turns out to be an illusion.  For example, suppose we’re lucky enough to get a hair sample of a troll.  The next morning we’d discover the hair we put in our backpack turned out to be straw instead.  We’d swear we put hair in there.  Tales of troll’s gold turning into stones is universal in folklore.  Just as our perception of a troll is halfway in our imagination, so would be our perception of evidence collected during an encounter.

3.  Trolls vanish without a trace.

Bigfoot hunters have tracked Bigfoot footprints only to discover the footprints inexplicable end.  Suddenly there is nothing as if this giant man/ape just vanished.  How can an 800-pound creature walk around without a trace of prints?  This elusiveness is the signature of a troll.  Trolls can dematerialize.  Trolls co-exist in our world but mostly another.  What brings trolls into human interaction is unknown but contact is brief.  This explains why we can never find Bigfoot, but they can find us.

Assuming Bigfoot is a troll, this would suggest new methods are needed to discover Bigfoot.  For instance, in Scandinavian folklore church bells are credited with driving away the trolls.  It is believed the church bells’ representation of Christianity scared the trolls.  What is more likely is that trolls, as entities of vibration, had their vibration disrupted by the sharp ring/vibration of the church bell.  If you want to chase away a Bigfoot, ring a bell loudly and it should vanish before your eyes.

I’d suggest the TV show Finding Bigfoot include a shaman in their team.  Not a pretender, a poser, or a celebrity wannabe shaman, but a genuine Native American shaman.  The Finding Bigfoot team might have better success at detecting Bigfoot then they currently do howling in the night.

Bigfoot Sightings Explained

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What to make of Bigfoot sightings? Honest people claimed to have seen Sasquatch. Usually these sightings were in the dark of night, perhaps of glowing eyes reflecting a source of light.  These eyes stood as tall as a man and stared right back at you. Cloaked in darkness these eyes were accompanied by an inhuman sound…a grunting or growling. Sometimes a tent may be attacked by this taller-then-human figure, and the witnesses fled in terror of the Bigfoot’s onslaught. Afterwards a gigantic humanoid shape may be glimpsed lumbering away into the night.

I’d suggest Bigfoot hunters be cautious, for they may actually encounter something huge and hairy and dangerous. This entity is all too real, a living, breathing being.

A standing bear!

Bigfoot raiding a camp?

Ever see videos of a bear standing up? It looks like Bigfoot, especially if seen in the dark. A bear may walk on two legs if it is curious and wants to get a good look at something. That snarling noise outside your tent is not an ape/man hominid…but a bear! I wouldn’t want to run into a hungry bear dreaming it was a timid Sasquatch.

On the PBS show Nature they had: Wolverine: Chasing the Phantom.

From their article about wolverines:

“Wolverines are among the most elusive creatures on the planet. They seek out the toughest terrain – the most rugged, remote and fiercely raw – and they’ve always been scarce to begin with. So they’re hard to find.”
“Few researchers have observed wolverines in the wild, though some have tried, for years on end. Most must settle for capturing their images on remote cameras, tracking them from a distance, and getting to know them from their DNA”.

Doesn’t trying to find a wolverine resemble trying to find a Bigfoot? The difference is researchers have found their wolverines. You’d imagine in the process they’d come across a Bigfoot too, if only by accident. Instead Bigfoot appears to hang around campgrounds so it can be videotaped.

Outside of standing bears and outright hoaxes, are there any other explanations for Bigfoot sightings?  There may be an outside chance Bigfoot is actually an esoteric entity. History is full of legends and folklore of the Wild Man, of giants and trolls and ogres. These are not physical beings, but creatures of the imagination and hard to see or define:  Blurry Beings.  Trying to snap the picture of a troll would probably get results similar to our current assembly of Bigfoot photos…fuzzy and indistinct.  Are Bigfoot sightings actually troll sightings?