A Modern Banshee: Multiple Ghost Sightings Precede a Brutal Murder

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In folklore the banshee is a female fairy spirit that wails to warn of an approaching death.  We all assume the banshee is simply folklore.  Yet maybe behind folklore there is truth just interpreted differently.

Lara is a widow.  Her husband died around two years ago.  I was chatting with her when she told me about something that happened the previous night that was unnerving.  She was asleep, lying in the same bed where she had slept with her deceased husband.  Lara said she still tends to still sleep on her side of the bed even now.

It was early morning when she was awakened.   Awakened by pressure on her husband’s side of the bed’s mattress.  It was identical to the movement she experienced when her husband laid down or moved around beside her.  The bed creaked, the mattress moved.  Startled she turned and saw her husband in their bed.  And then he was gone.

Lara got out of bed, not comprehending what just happened.  She decided to call her daughter who would be getting ready to go to work at this early hour.  She immediately called her daughter and told her what she had just experienced only minutes ago.

Talking with her grown daughter, her daughter said she had her own visitation from dad only a couple of nights earlier ago.  She saw him, briefly, in her apartment.

Here we have multiple ghost/spirit sightings or ADC (After Death Communication) days apart of the same individual to members of the family.  That is remarkable.

Less then a week after Lara’s encounter with her husband’s spirit she received some shocking awful news.  Her nephew (who was in his early 40s) was beaten to death in his apartment.  It was a brutal murder.  Some thugs entered his apartment and simply beat him until he died.  Why?  Nobody really knows yet.  The police have an active investigation going.  They are confident they will bring the killers to justice.  We hope.

This nephew was her favorite, who she always thought of as like a son to her.  She and all her extended family were obviously in shock.  When I heard of her nephew’s death I didn’t get any details until later.  Then I recalled she told me the ghost story shortly before the murder.

Perhaps Lara’s deceased husband visited Lara and her daughter shortly before this hideous event not to prevent it, or to even warn them.  But to comfort them and let them know there is a life after death, and the nephew would be ok. The role of the banshee may not be so much to warn of ruin, but to let the living know death is not the final word.