Spontaneous Faith Healing: How To Do It Yourself


crutchSpontaneous healing.  Sometimes the body almost miraculously heals itself.  Medicine does not understand this phenomenon, but there are many incidents of this occurring and its reality is not in dispute.  We just don’t have any idea how or why it occurs.  Sometimes it happens by itself, other times faith healers are involved. 

Recently I got a call from Sally.  She tripped and sprained her ankle.  Oh no!  I felt bad for her and I stopped by to see how she was doing.  She fell down outside four hours earlier that day.  She had her leg raised up on her ottoman and was in pain.  She tried but couldn’t walk, unable to put any pressure on her foot.  She was unable to move her ankle without intense pain.  Having my own experience with a sprained ankle, I looked at her ankle.  It was badly swollen.  I told her she’d have to go to the doctor and get an X-Ray.  I lent her a crutch I still owned.  I told her to lie down and don’t move her foot, and I’d return the next day to help her out.

Early the following day, I returned to give her a hand.  To my surprise Sally was walking around like nothing happened.  She showed me her ankle, and now there was only the slightest hint of swelling.  She said it was like a miracle.  She went to sleep and awoke without any injury or pain.  Overnight the foot healed itself.  Then she told me what she did to heal her own foot.

Sally was a fan of Dr. Oz and his syndicated television health show.  She records it daily.  On one show Dr. Oz had an unusual topic…spontaneous healing and faith healing.  The featured guest was Dr. Issam Nemeh.  This faith healer claimed to heal with his hands and the power of prayer.  I watched the episode she recorded with Dr. Nemeh, and it appears his reputation as a faith healer is justified. 

Issam Nemeh described his technique when Dr. Oz asked him how it works.  He replied,  “I’m not the energy source, but we are a part of the all, and when we have the right state of mind then God does connect us together and he does communicate things to me, I could feel things happening within the body of those who I’m praying for. I am not disconnected.”

“You don’t have to be religious, you don’t have to have faith, you can be an Atheist, what matters is we were talking before about one very important principle, the love that we have. Because the heart of God himself is Love. No you don’t have to have any faith to be healed.”

Here is a transcript of that Dr. Oz show: Dr. Oz: Faith Healer Dr. Issam Nemeh The Man Who Heals With His Hands

As Sally’s ankle began to hurt and swell shortly after she fell, she wanted to help herself.  When the pain began, she remembered the Dr Oz/Dr. Nemeh segment, and decided to try touch healing on her self.  The normal reaction to an injury is fear.  Sally rejected fear. Using Dr Nemeh’s technique on herself, she stroked and caressed her ankle, giving her foot unconditional love.  She treated her foot as if it were a loved pet, talking to her foot and caressing it, telling her foot…”My sweet little foot, I love you.”  She used the power of love as described by Nemeh.

The next morning, she wondered how her foot was.  Sally said she tried to move her toes.  They moved.  She tried to move her ankle, it moved.  The pain and swelling was gone.  Her foot was fine, and she was able to immediately walk on it where the night before she couldn’t.

Sally is not a religious person.  She does not believe in God, but in an impersonal universal Source.  She did not use prayers to God requesting a healing.  She used the power of love and positive emotions.  Was her experience an example of spontaneous healing that would have occurred anyway regardless of what she did?  Did she induce self-healing using mind over matter?  Or did she tap into a universal force of healing?   She thought it seemed miraculous regardless.

UPDATE:  I visited Sally to see how she was doing.  She is still perfectly fine.  I suggested we check out some YouTube videos about Dr. Issam Nemeh.  I liked one were Dr. Nemeh healed remotely over Skype.  A strange vibrating sound occurred in the communication when he healed using Skype, his fingers hovering over the computer screen.  The sound was different for each individual. Nemeh said all is vibration, and each person has their own personal vibration (paraphrase).  His description reminded me of Esther Hicks, famed author of “Law of Attraction”. Hicks describes everything as vibration.  There is a common thread linking this together, a spiritual power that manifests in a way we can only define as vibration.  Sally had an OMG moment when she saw this video.  It is pretty amazing.

Surviving fatal cancer with vegetable juice



In the traditions of many magical practices plants are very important.  The correct use of herbs for medical purposes was a vital component in the basket of skills for the historical cunning man or woman, the shaman, the medicine man, and eastern medicine.  Intimate knowledge of herbal remedies could be considered one of the foundations of magical peoples throughout history. When science did not exist, the cunning man or woman understood the properties of plants and their uses, which seemed almost magical.  Combining the use of plants along with spells to cure aliments blurred people’s understanding on what exactly was happening.  But it often worked.  Even the spell craft offered an important psychological component, similar to the placebo effect. 

The power of the “Green” should not be underestimated.   The roots that grow beneath the earth, and the leaves that absorb the power of the sun, and the fruit that is the offspring of root and leaf are our source of life, our oxygen.  Human life has a direct, intimate connection to the plant world we take for granted.

Seven years ago my mother came down with colon cancer.  It was not properly diagnosed at first.  She began suffering from malnutrition at the same time her belly swelled.  We took her to the hospital, and after they looked at her, they did not let her leave the hospital.  She had an advanced stage of colon cancer.  They were to operate immediately.

The surgeon removed a tumor from my mother’s colon that was literally the size of a football.   The surgeon did the very best he could.  We were told she had T4 grade cancer, and it would be fatal.  They gave my mother six months to live.  I saw my mother in the hospital after the operation.  She had tubes in her arms and was totally miserable.  Our family never experienced anything like this before.  I watched her helpless.  For the first time in my life I felt despair.  Mentally I had to resolve myself to accept my mother would die.  I felt bad for my father, what would he do without mom?  I hate cancer; it is a horrible terrible thing.

After my mother returned home, she was faced with new challenges as a cancer patient.  She was on chemotherapy and radiation treatment.  However, she also took matters into her own hands.  She had long been interested in alternative medicine and the curative power of foods.  She decided she would begin to seriously drink vegetable juices.  She asked the doctors about that, and they discouraged her because chemotherapy was meant to attack the cancer but also the immune system. Anything that would interfere and limit the impact of the chemotherapy would be counterproductive, even dangerous, in their opinion.

My mother decided to begin a diet of vegetable juice anyway.   She almost lived on this juice.  Every day for months she would drink glasses of homemade juice.   She often added prune juice afterward because so much juice and fiber can make the intestines bind up.  I asked her the ingredients.  She juiced mostly carrots, along with broccoli, spinach, and other veggies too.  Apples were also added to make the juice tastier.  She also spent many hours in the sunlight.  She believed the sun had curative properties along with the vegetable juice.  Mother never got ill from the chemo, did not lose her hair.  She did come down with a brief bout of chicken pox as the chemotherapy tore down her immune system releasing the long dormant pox.  Other then that she handled the chemo well and was on it for a long time.

Months later she was at the hospital for an exam.  They did tests. There was no trace of the cancer in her.  The operating surgeon saw my mom, and he told her, “You’re not supposed to be here.”  If anyone knew the seriousness of her cancer, it was her surgeon.  They literally had no explanation for the disappearance of her cancer.  It was baffling; she only had six months to live.  It is now twelve years later and my mom is alive and well and cancer free.  She no longer juices often (it really is a hassle). 

I credit her survival with her choice to embrace the power of the Green, along with modern medicine.  I don’t know if vegetable juice would get the same results for others who are now facing cancer.  But I know it worked for my mom.  I believe it saved her life.  No matter how desperate our medical situation might be there can be hope, even if its slim to none.  With the help of a juicer.