My father died on Christmas day, and his last words

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My Father

My Father

My father died on Christmas day.   It seems like dying on or near a holiday is fairly common.  He was in hospice and suffered from lung cancer.  It was obviously a difficult time for everybody.  I have theory why some people die on or near holidays.  They want their loved ones to be near and not at work.

On Christmas Eve he started to have pain.  I think his organs were beginning to fail.  He groaned in pain and swore like a sailor.  We tried to relieve his pain, and called hospice for morphine.  But it was Christmas Eve and getting assistance on that day was difficult.

As he suffered I stood by helpless.  Finally, father told me something.  Dad said, “I’m not in pain anymore”, and he slipped into a coma.  Those were his last words.  Later that evening the morphine finally arrived, but it was too late.  He didn’t need it now.  He died the following day, on Christmas day.

Dad was conscious when he spoke those last words.  I’ve pondered what they really meant.  Was it just no pain?  Or had his soul started the process of leaving his body where there is no pain.  There are accounts of this, where souls leave the body while the body is still alive, but now just a body without a soul.  I’d like to think that is what he was telling me.  No more pain as he began the transition to out-of-body.

As for hospice, it is not exactly as advertised.  They really don’t do much except provide a medical bed and some medical equipment.  The need for a caregiver is not provided and is up to the family to arrange that for themselves.  Don’t expect too much from hospice.

I miss my father.  I am house sitting his home.  As I sleep in his house, I hear all manner of sounds, creaking and knocking.  It is an old house and they make such sounds.  I’ve not experienced any after death communication.  But maybe one day, in my dreams my papa will visit me.

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  1. debbie Says:

    I’ve become curious about dreams of family that has passed on since my dad’s death in July, 2012. I’ve had three dreams of him. In the first he was still in bad shape physically, in the last two he had improved and looked happier. No words of wisdom shared but it was a joy to be briefly with him again.

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