Death of a Friend

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I had a friend I’ve know for over 14 years, who died recently.   He was an old retired guy who lived in the same building I did, and we got to know each other over the years.  He had a fairly remarkable life in his youth was one of the best pool players in the Chicago area.  Even as an expert in the game of “pockets” he was still an incredibly moral person, which is rare in that field.  The game never corrupted him.  He was always a smart and decent fellow.  We hit it off right away.

Recently he started to go blind.  He had good friends who aided him as blindness took over.  He was able to avoid going to a nursing home with the help of these friends.  He lived and died an independent man.  Dying in a nursing home was never going to happen as far as Jim was concerned.  He was a stubborn man, almost to a fault.  His name was Jim King.

I was unable to attend his funeral due to work obligations.  Afterwards, some of his friends joined me to lay a few flowers at his grave when I had a chance.  In the picture above, I am the man in black, and those pictured were those who helped Jim most.  I hope Jim noticed I overdressed for the visit, out of respect for him.

I had no Jim ghost visitations.  I don’t expect any.  He had family and friends waiting for him beyond.  He is playing pool in heaven with his buddies, with his family watching.


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