Jury Duty: Using Tarot Cards to Determine the Verdict

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jury duty

I’m called for jury duty, which is our civic duty. Can I use Tarot cards to determine the verdict? I think so. Let me explain why.

About a decade ago I was picked to be a juror on a murder trial. It was a gangbanger drive by shooting. The only evidence was the testimony of the witnesses’…rival gangbangers. They picked the leader of their rival gang as the shooter.

The bullet killed somebody in the household, thru the window. I don’t recall exactly who got killed. What I do remember is that the witnesses were from a rival gang…and I couldn’t understand a word they were speaking. They were talking jive…street slang. The prosecutor had to interpret what they said as if they were speaking Russian.

If an old grandma testified, I might have given some thought to her testimony. As it was, it was one gangbanger’s word against another’s. In the jury deliberations people played amateur CSI, based on what we saw on TV. They drew sketches on a chalkboard trying to figure out the trajectory of the bullet. OMG. This is really how jury’s work. TV CSI.

I have a better idea. Consult the spirit world.

Was the guy guilty? We had no idea. Some said he must be guilty of something, so let’s convict him. I wish I had my tarot cards with me. I would have consulted the spirits for an answer. Was this guy guilty? Only the spirits know. So in a future jury, I will consult the tarot cards for an answer. The cards have a wisdom that mere CSI may not.


Trial by Tarot. I like that idea! I want to experiment with this concept.

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  1. Dave Says:

    Well, I wasn’t picked for the jury. My experiment with tarot cards will have to wait.

  2. Marcia Queiroz Says:

    Hello David. Just recently met your site and I?ve been enjoying your articles, are really excellent, I discovered occultview.com on Google researching pentacles. Hugs here from Rio de Janeiro- Brazil.
    P.S. Please, disregard the previous comment, I wrote in Portuguese.. sorry.

  3. David Says:

    Hi Marcia,
    Thanks for the nice words. I think most of my visitors stumble on it by accident.

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