UFO Over Yosemite Park Quarter?

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This is perhaps the strangest UFO sighting of all time. Is there a UFO over the Yosemite Park, America the Beautiful Quarter? Just as UFOs are elusive, so is this UFO on the Yosemite Park Quarter. I came across this coin in my pocket change when I noticed something. There was a tiny UFO shape hovering over one of the valley rocks.

UFO OVER YOSEMITE QUARTERChecking out images of this quarter online, I did not see this UFO shape on any of these quarters. That was odd. Maybe it was just a scratch on the quarter? I am no coin expert, but it appears that this shape is raised from the surface, and not a scratch. Also of note, just below on the ridge is another raised bump. It is on the ridge itself and also doesn’t appear in any of the quarter images. Based on the shadows, it is raised from the coin and appears to be a die strike error and not a scratch.

Does anyone know of this is as a recognized coin die strike error variant? Has anyone else seen this? If so please let me know. Die strike variants are pretty rare, so this might be a one of a kind item; more likely there could be a number of these out in circulation.

It does make me wonder if this quarter’s aberration was a simple random minting error, or perhaps intentional by someone. The reason I ask is it reminds me of the scenes from the movie “Close Encounter of the Third Kind”. In that movie the UFOs hovered over Devil’s Tower in Wyoming, which resembles the image on the quarter. Was some U.S. Mint engraver a science fiction fan and having fun? Or perhaps it is just mysterious synchronicity at work.


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  1. UFO Over Yosemite Park Quarter? Says:

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  2. Just a guy Says:

    Hello UFO.

    I can think of two possibilities to explain your coin. The first is a chip in the die causing the metal from the planchet to rise up to fill the void during striking. Another name for this could be a “cud”. You mentioned a scratch in your description – let me clarify the differences. A scratch is down into the metal and is caused from other coins or harder items contacting the coin (like a pocket knife scraped over the coin). Scratches may or may not be in a straight line. A die scratch is raised on the coin. This happens from die polish applied to the die to extend their life. The light scratches in the die are filled when the coin is struck causing the raised scratch and is usually in a straight line.

    Save the coin from further damage both physical and chemical. This is the type of thing that makes a coin worth a little more money and the better the grade the more money.Check out your local book store for coin grading to see the different types of errors and grades.

    Hope this helps!

  3. David Says:

    Hi Just A Guy,
    Thanks for the insights. I will keep an eye on my pocket change for this Yosemite quarter to see if there are others with a “UFO”. This can’t be the only one, there must be others.

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