Space Alien Contactee Talisman

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I’ve created a Space Alien Contactee Talisman (pictured above). This talisman is intended for use with contacting with our space brother aliens. Assuming you want to.

First let me explain the design. It is a planetary talisman of the sun, our own local star. The top half uses the magic square of the sun.

The bottom half is a pentacle from the famed grimoire, the Key of Solomon. It is the First Pentacle of the Sun whose face is named “El Shaddai”. I picked it because he looks something like a peaceful Nordic space brother, and not a nasty Grey, Reptilian or Insectoid alien.

This is a typical talisman, but I added something different. In 1961 Betty and Barney Hill claimed to have been abducted by extraterrestrials. It is a long story, and a good review of the incident is in an article by Richard Thomas:

It concerns Betty Hill’s famed star map.


iron meteoriteHer star map reminded me of a planetary sigil. So I superimposed the star map over the magic square of the sun. The numbers connected very nicely. Now we have a sigil for space aliens.

To make it work, print out the talisman. Cut out the two circles. Put a meteorite in between the two and glue them together. The meteorite will help facilitate our nighttime communication.

Put it under your pillow at bedtime, and imagine an alien visitation. Visualize it…believe it. You just might become a contactee! Now, a good question is do we really want to be a contactee. That is for you to decide. I feel attempting to acquire secret knowledge is risky, even dangerous, but can be worth it for seekers of the unknown.

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