The secret pentagram hidden in the Fort McHenry quarter

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Fort McHenery Pentagram Quarter

Fort McHenery Pentagram Quarter

Summoning Spirits

Summoning Spirits

I find America the Beautiful quarters more attractive (and original) then the older state quarters.  And there is the possibility of secret occult symbols hidden in a few of them.  By design or accident one could be the Fort McHenry quarter.  I would call the Fort McHenry quarter the “Pentagram quarter” for subtly hidden within is a pentagram.

The design of Fort McHenry itself is in the shape of a pentagram (as shown on an old map).  This design is not illustrated on the quarter, but is implied by Fort McHenry itself.  In addition the rockets red glare above can also hint at ceremonial magic or the art of summoning spirits.

Magic circles and pentacles were used for summoning spirits, which would appear outside the pentagrams/pentacles.  Could the fireworks in the sky represent summoned spirits outside the fort’s pentagram?  It is dubious this was the intent of the design, but regardless the quarter can be used as a talismanic pentacle representing contact with the spirit world.  Call it our magic quarter that none will ever notice.

Fort McHenry Pentagrams


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  1. The secret pentagram hidden in the Fort McHenry quarter Says:

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  2. Bonnie zahm Says:

    What about the 50 “pentagrams” on the flag?

  3. David Says:

    Yes, the flag has pentagrams. But we are looking for something subtle. I was looking closer at the map of the fort, and there may be more interesting things to be found there. For example, there is a pentagon inside the pentacle.

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