How The Urban Bigfoot Avoids Being Seen

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There are many reports of Bigfoot near urban areas.  This urban Bigfoot appears by campgrounds, outside homes next to forest preserves, even at trailer parks.  How does the urban Bigfoot get around semi-rural and urban areas and avoid being seen?

The secret of this urban Bigfoot is the “Bigfoot highway”.  What are these Bigfoot passageways?  The Bigfoot highways are our forest preserves.  An example is the Illinois Des Plaines River Trail and Greenway.  This links multiple forest preserves along the Des Plaines River, which passes very near Chicago.

As their website states:
“The Des Plaines River Trail and Greenway protects land along more than 85 percent of the river in Lake County, providing wildlife habitat, natural flood protection and outdoor recreation opportunities. The trail spans nearly the entire length of Lake County for 31 miles as it winds through 12 forest preserves.”



The most important aspect of this natural highway is that (by law) access is restricted at night.  These linked forest preserves are closed down at night.  Very seriously so.  Forest preserves can attract nighttime criminal activity.  If someone is wandering around at night they will be arrested.  Much of this area is very close to homes, and if someone spots a flashlight in the woods you can be assured the police will be alerted.

I’ve seen deer, even bucks in these forest preserves close to urban areas…food for Bigfoot.  If a nocturnal hominid traveled by night they would never be spotted.  What about our busy highways that regularly cut thru this wilderness?  Since this is a river, anyone could easily pass under the bridges.  I regularly drive past the river’s forest preserves and at night the woods are virtually invisible from the street.  I’d say someone could wander the entire length of the river at night without being seen.

What about sleeping during the day unnoticed?  Well, that is a problem I haven’t figured out yet.  This summer I plan on searching the local woods for Bigfoot.  If he is sleeping somewhere…I might find him.

6 Responses to “How The Urban Bigfoot Avoids Being Seen”

  1. cranky steve Says:

    I have it on impeccable authority that bigfoot avoids contact by wearing a t-shirt proclaiming, “Let’s talk about Jesus.”

  2. David Says:

    Cranky Steve,
    I was developing a theory that Bigfoot are actually hillbillies who had too much to drink. They’d run into the night half naked trying to look into people’s windows or tents. However, that would’ve been disrespectful to hillbillies so I dropped the idea.

  3. Bear Says:

    I personally love to listen to an read Amazing info. He states that there mind capacity is to the point they can choose if your able to see them through advanced psionic abilities. Mind Open Peeps no need to always make a joke out of these things.

  4. Chris Says:

    I don’t know why people haven’t brought this up before but what if they travel and live underground? There are tons of underground caverns throughout the US and many are connected. Some scientists theorize you could transverse all over the planet so why couldn’t these animals be doing the same thing which would explain why they are rarely seen and there are no remains found.

  5. David Says:

    Hi Chris,
    I wrote that Bigfoot might be the Troll of legend. If so, they won’t need tunnels. They exist outside time/space at will. A strange idea, but I think possible.

  6. Lake County Bigfooot Says:

    I certainly think you are correct in your assessment, check out the Urban Bigfoot, Seriously thread at the Bigfoot Forums

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