Secret Occult Symbolism in America the Beautiful Mount Rushmore Quarter



People enjoy collecting the America the Beautiful quarters.  Little do we realize that hidden in some of these quarters’ designs are secret, occult symbols.  The occult symbolism is obscure, but it is there.

Let us consider the Mount Rushmore quarter in the America the Beautiful series.  It is a strange, striking design.  At first glance it appears to only show someone working on the Mount Rushmore monument.  Yet the perspective is striking.  It shows only two of the four faces, looking away from each other, presidents Washington and Jefferson.

JanusWhy only two in such a dramatic position?  This is suggestive of the Roman god Janus, the two-faced god.  The month of January is named after this ancient Roman deity.  Janus symbolized beginnings and transitions, looking both at the past and to the future.  Janus symbolized change.

Washington was the father, the beginning, of the United States.  On the quarter Washington looks to the left, behind us to our past.  Jefferson represented our future; especially with the purchase of the Louisiana Territory that doubled the size of the U.S.  Jefferson’s profile on the coin is larger signifying our growing nation.  The workers on the “Janus” monument represent us, Americans as a nation; we are still a work-in-progress, forever changing.

Should I mention Jefferson’s single visible eye, which the worker seems so focused on?  And is that guy a Mason?  This suggests the famous All-Seeing Eye, which appears on the back of the one-dollar bill.

rushmore jefferson all-seeing eye

The roman god Janus was used on ancient roman coins too.   Now we have a modern version of Janus as currency on an American quarter.  Next time you see one of these, consider the ancient Roman deity’s message for the United States.  Things change, always have, always will.  Be prepared!


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