Dreams that predict the future


dream of a road with potholes

Do dreams ever predict the future?  I’m convinced sometimes, yes they do.  We certainly make a mistake if we imagine every dream is a premonition.  But sometimes they are, and that is really curious.  How and why this happens on occasion is hard to understand.  Perhaps the subconscious mind understands matters our waking consciousness does not perceive.

How to know when a dream is possibly predictive?  There are clues.  One clue is when we need to talk to people about a dream remembered that seems full of significance but is not clearly understood.  These dreams are vividly recalled and have an impact.  I have such a story.

About three years ago I was giving a lift to a friend, and she starting talking about a dream she had.  In her dream she was driving down a road filled with potholes.  Some were small, some were large and one was the size of a swimming pool, crater-sized.  In her dream, as she drove down the road she had to swerve drastically to avoid the potholes.  There was traffic coming down the other side of the road as well, and the opposing side had potholes as well.  She had to swerve into this road and avoid the oncoming traffic.  When she approached the crater-sized pothole she thought she was doomed, but was able to avoid it.

Telling me about this dream, I suggested the symbolism was obvious…the road of life, the journey ahead will be filled with “potholes”.  Dangers lie ahead.  What these dangers would be the dream didn’t offer.  We talked about possibilities, but had not clue.  Something was waiting beyond the typical trials of normal everyday life.  I made a mental note of her dream.

Less then a month after our discussion, she discovered she had breast cancer.  She was suddenly cast onto a journey she never expected.  She took chemotherapy.  She was weak and exhausted by the chemo.  She still had to drag herself to work and earn a living.  While her health insurance covered most of her medical bills, going to work most everyday was difficult.  The chemo did not cure the cancer.  Eventually she had to have a mastectomy.  Her road was indeed filled with potholes, and surgery (and recovery from cancer) was likely the big crater in her road.

The good news is that with support from her family, she was able to endure this personal trial and is now cancer free.  She avoided falling into potholes and craters by doing what she had to…swerving and coping.

This past week she has undergone reconstructive surgery for her breast and is doing fine.

Sometimes a dream may offer a glimpse of the future.  This future may not be avoidable and thus we have to drive our car on the road of life with agility and caution.  She did not dream she crashed into the potholes but avoided them.  And so she did with her experience with cancer.

I want to wish her a Happy Mother’s Day.

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    LONG AGO MY LURCHER WAS LAYING ON THE FLOOR I LOOKED AT HIM SUDDENLY HIS BACK LEG WAS AT A STRANGE ANGLE IT LOOKED broken .then his leg looked normal.that night i went lamping with the dog up got a hare.a inner voice saidturn the light off .the dog run into a hay bayler and snapped his thigh bone in hailf.if i had listend to thaht voice the dog would have not broken his leg

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