Was it a bear or bigfoot?

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Until now I never met someone who actually had a Bigfoot sighting.  I always thought Bigfoot sightings were mostly the result of cranks, hoaxes or mental people.  Normal people don’t see Bigfoot.

Chatting with a lifelong friend we wandered on the topic of Bigfoot, and he had a personal story.  His experience happened around 20 years ago, when his son was an early teenager.  My friend is not a crank, a hoaxer nor mental.  Currently he is a Chicago policeman.

My friend was always an outdoorsy type, and on weekend two decades ago he took his son cannoning on a river in Wisconsin.  Back then the shores was not developed, it was all pretty much wilderness and swampy.  It was early morning as the sun had risen.  Then…both his 12-year-old son and himself saw something that to this day baffled them.

As they canoed on the river, they spotted something rising out of the water towards the shore.  It arose from the water and walked on two legs.  It was covered with hair and lurched towards the woods…on two legs.  They were both startled.

My friend paddled away as fast as he could.  My friend was tempted to go back and check it out what they’d seen.  However, he had his son with him, and didn’t have a gun.  He wouldn’t put his son in danger.

I asked if it could’ve been a bear?  He said it didn’t look like any bear he seen, walking on two legs.  And it was not any hallucination as both he and his son  both saw it together.  His son shares the same story.

A Bigfoot emerging from a river?  That is something I haven’t heard of before.  Two people together sighted something that could be best described as Bigfoot.  My friend didn’t claim that.  He just saw some dark hairy shape arise from the river and lurch towards the shore and disappear in the woods.  He does not put any name on it.  As far as I’m concerned, he described Bigfoot.

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  1. Mark Says:

    I remember years ago talking to my then brother in law about the possibility that big foot exists. He told me a story about when he was a kid in the boy scouts that he and his troop encountered a large hairy creature in the wood of Pennsylvania. He said it scared the day lights out of all his troop, and none of them would go back into the woods.I do believe what he said I do not think he was a story teller, or looking for attention but was just relaying a story to me.Thanks

  2. Was it a bear or Bigfoot? Says:

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  3. David Says:

    My friend’s son is now an adult in his early thirites, and shares the exact same story as his dad. I don’t know what to make of it. A hairy hillbilly perhaps? Not likely.

  4. Simon Says:

    Ultra-Dimensional The riddle of Bigfoot and the Green Man. The Greatest Mystery of Life

  5. David Says:

    Since they actually saw what they saw, I also wondered if it was real…or paranormal.

  6. jeff Says:

    The thing is… some lie, some mis-identify and some are simply telling the truth. Your friend is telling the truth. The most recent sighting on the bfro.net site is of a bigfoot squatting by a river in Kansas eating mussels. Many river sightings.

  7. David Says:

    My friend was totally honest. The question is…what did both father and son see? That is the mystery.

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