A Halloween Miracle? A Puddle Of Black Ooze Appeared From Nowhere

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On Halloween day something strange happened to me, something I can’t quite explain.  It doesn’t mean there isn’t a perfectly normal explanation, but I haven’t figured it out yet.

On Halloween I was working at my day job.  In the afternoon I went to the men’s room to answer the “call of nature”.  Afterwards I went to wash my hands.  During that I noticed something at my feet.

There was moisture on the floor and beneath my shoes was a puddle of black ooze or sludge.  I didn’t notice anything when I entered this public restroom.  The black ooze seemed to appear from nowhere.  I didn’t walk in with mud on my shoes.  It seemed as if the soles of my shoes had started to dissolve in a puddle of melting rubber.  It was not a small puddle either.

The weird thing is as I walked away from the sink where I washed my hands, I left shoeprints…many of them.  There were no shoeprints anywhere else, only mine.  The floor was spotless: no other sludgy prints.  There was quite a mess on the floor where I stood.  I grabbed a bunch of the paper towels from the dispenser and tried to clean as much of this mess as I could.  There was dampness on the floor but I could not see where it came from.  I observed the sink and there didn’t appear to be any leaking.

After wiping as much as I could in a minute or two, I discarded the dirty paper towels and left.  My shoes, still wet, created footprints on the floor.  As I left the men’s room the shoeprints continued on the carpeted hallway.  The picture above is one of these restroom shoeprints.

Not long after I returned to this men’s room.  Nothing had changed.  No new shoeprints were visible, only my own.  No new puddles of oozy sludge where anywhere.  Others must have used this sink not long after I had, as this is a public restroom.

The day after Halloween I returned to the same men’s room, and again nothing changed.  No new sludge prints.  The only prints were my own leaving the sink.  Over this weekend the cleaning staff will mop the floors and clean this restroom.

On Monday I will take another look.  If someone had stomped in with muddy shoes I’d think there would be signs approaching the sink.  If the sink had a leak, which is possible, where would this black ooze come from?  Perhaps the black ooze dripped from the ceiling?  If so there should be new black ooze puddle on the floor to attract attention.  I’m sure there is an explanation for this, but what?  On Halloween day a puddle of black ooze appeared from nowhere beneath my feet.  What does that mean?  Was it a Halloween miracle?  If nothing else, it was certainly a Halloween synchronicity.

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  1. WitchWay Says:

    This gives me the creeps! You can ask two people. The practical will say there must have been degreaser and acid so strong on the floor that it melted your shoes (yeah, ok, how did it get there) or quite simply you have been touched by a poltergeist trying to pull you down into the depths of hell. My friend, you have just dodged death.

  2. Leon Scott Kennedy Says:

    hello David
    hope your fine and doing well, you see that in this world there are lot of peoples that they are suffering troubles and disasters and hurt-ted by others, i should come to the main Point we both need to make some sort of Talismans to help others in there circle life, some peoples shops are not working some peoples don’t have babies not even a sin-gal baby some people are not getting marriage coz of the luck some peoples are attacked by demons or spirits small big elders youth young every one is in the problem so we do need to help them who are hopeless . so what do you say r u in? with me or not?

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