The Secret of Amazing Halloween Lawn Displays

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HALLOWEEN WELCOMEPictured are some amazing Halloween lawn displays in my neighborhood.  We all have these around us during the season.  Halloween lawn displays speak something of the individuals who assembled this effort.   Step by step, someone put thought into each detail.  Some Halloween lawn decorations can be a haphazard display created without much thought.  But if someone wants the public to see their creation, then usually a lawn “artist” puts thought into the display.


Adults mostly lack the imagination to create a proper Halloween lawn display.  Usually an adult’s imagination has long been discarded in the weary toils of adulthood.  I’d wager children are responsible for much of the Halloween details.  These decorations are collaboration between parent and child.  Without the inspiration of a child, an adult could hardly be bothered to put their energy in such pointless endeavors.  As a combined effort, it inspires both adult and child together to create something each alone could not achieve.  Halloween lawn decorations are a snapshot of the creative relationship between parents and their children.



Halloween cemetary

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  1. Lonearcher Says:

    You might be surprised, but there is actually a fairly large supply industry for Halloween yard haunters. I always save at least a few of my vacation days each year for our family collaboration and it takes two of us a good three or four days to put it all together. I’ve always loved Halloween. It’s funny, but I have more fun on Halloween now, as an adult, than I ever did as a kid.

  2. David Says:

    As an adult (but in my younger days) I would dress up and go to Halloween parties at night clubs. That was fun. I haven’t done that in awhile, but maybe I’ll do that this coming Halloween, since in 2014 Halloween is on a Friday.

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