Watery Apport

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watery apport

I visited some acquaintances recently where I spoke of what I imagined was a watery apport.  I was sitting on a couch watching TV, when a sprinkle of water fell on my arm and the armrest.  There were water spots visible on the armrest.  I was startled.  It was a rainless day and I was indoors.  There was nothing visible on the ceiling, no sign of water.  Where did this come from?

Normally we’d just ignore such an event as something curious and forget about it.  When I spoke of this, one of my acquaintances said the same thing happened to him long ago.  When he was in the military as a young man, he was sitting outside with of his colleagues.  He recalled he was equally startled when he got a small shower of water on his shoulder.  He looked around thinking someone was playing a joke on him, but that was not the situation.  Nobody was behind him or to his side.

It was a sunny day away from any trees.  One could assume a bird dropped some poop on him, but it was not bird poop.  It was water.  It was an event that he readily recalled decades later.  It was as inexplicable to him as what I experienced.

This got me to thinking, are watery apports more common then anyone realizes but nobody talks about them?  There are tales of apports of all types falling from the skies but I’ve not heard of a personal “rain” apport.  I’m thinking there are many paranormal events that are shared by individuals but aren’t discussed or recognized.  We live in a strange world.

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  1. erzuli Says:

    i have experienced this twice in my house. there were a few drops of water that fell on my neck, face and some on my arm, totally from nowhere. This, in a closed room. others in the room did not feel them but i could show them the drops fallen on me, both times they were so clearly visible. interesting observation about rain apport.

  2. David Says:

    Hi Erzuli,
    I wonder how many people experience these apports, but brush it off as nothing. Water from nowhere. There has to be something behind it but I’m baffled to even imagine a theory.

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