The Vanishing Top Hat Ghost

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TOP HAT GHOSTI was visiting with some friends and I mentioned my previous post about a spontaneous shower of water on my hand from nowhere.  A watery apport.  I asked for some suggestions for an explanation.  None were offered, but it inspired Nick to offer his own ghost story.

Very long ago Nick lived in Boston, obviously a very old place.  He said in his younger days he liked to take walks about Boston’s old streets often for an hour.  On one night empty of anyone else, he spotted a strange gentlemen walking down towards him.

This individual wore a strange outfit.  He had a top hat on is head, and a dark outer garment.  Nick said he recalled the guy had a tight white collar around his high collared neck.  And he carried a cane, which he heard going “click, click” as the stick struck the sidewalk.  He was approaching Nick, with the light of a streetlight on him.

Nick thought the guy was going to a costume party.  He was going to greet the man when he walked by and praise his outfit.  But then the man turned, and passed behind the light pole.  As he passed behind it, nobody emerged from the other side.  The Top Hat Ghost vanished.

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