UFO photo hidden for decades

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After my brother passed away we went thru his stuff, throwing away or donating most things but keeping a few mementos.  It is curious what you’ll find going over someone’s belongings.  You may even learn a few things you hadn’t known about them.

We came across a photo album my brother possessed which we’d never seen before.  It was filled with mostly Polaroid pictures he had taken over the decades.  My brother was fond of instant cameras and used those instead of film cameras.  Today we have digital so these were all old pictures taken over the decades, the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s.

UFOGoing over his private pictures one photo caught my attention.  It was of a wooded area and the sky.  A scan of this photo is at the top of my blog.  It seems typical except for something in the sky.  I was taken aback when I first saw it.  What the heck was that?  There is a strange shape in the sky.  And oddest of all, it had a light emanating from this object.  If it weren’t for that glow I’d likely not pay attention to it.

Could it be an airplane?  It doesn’t appear like one.  Is it a photo of UFO?  My brother kept a picture of something strange in his private photo album for a reason.  I wish I had seen this photo while he was still alive.  I would have asked him about it.  How old is the photo? Decades?  When and where did he take it?  Did he see anything at the time?  Did he realize he caught something in the sky on film?

If my deceased brother had a UFO sighting and he photographed it, we’ll never know what happened.  He kept a lot to himself as I discovered when we found his private photo album.  It’ll just remain a family mystery.

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  2. Steve Says:

    Can’t say for sure because of camera movement and object movement, but it could be a bird or a flying lobster (LOL).

  3. David Says:

    Hi Steve,
    The scan is not as clear as the photo. But he moved when he took the photo so it is blury. It could be just anything except for the light on it. That is the strange part…perhaps it is a flying lobster that spews flames out of its tail!

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