Do these chalk marks have occult significance?

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parking lot chalk marks

I was at a local forest preserve recently when I noticed some chalk marks in the parking lot (shown above).  I didn’t give it much attention at first.  Then I examined it more closely as they seemed curious.  They did not appear to be gang symbols (I could be mistaken).  They looked like only scribbles and doodles.

What caught my notice was the pentagram on the left side.  At the curb it was written “4 KRYSTEK”.  That could be someone’s name.  Beneath the pentagram was what appears to be a heavily chalked six-pedal flower.  To the right of the pentagram was a strange shape…another flower?  Or a 4-winged bug?  Finally there was a chalk mark I couldn’t make out which resembled a long necked bottle.

Does anyone understand if these chalk marks have any occult significance?  Since there was a pentagram in the mix, it occurred to me this might actually be part of a larger pentagram.  Connect the centers of the different chalk marks and you do get a pentagram (pictured below).

pentagram in chalk

As for the name KRYSTEK, what if we remove the EK from the end of the name:



Could 4 KRYST be a phonetic version of “For Christ”?

These chalk marks could represent the markings of ceremonial magic.  It could be a magic circle, but disguised.  Ritual magic often uses the names of God to power their rituals.  At the top of the hidden pentagram/circle is hidden the name of God, empowered by the other symbols that make up the points of the pentagram.  It appears someone just might have been practicing some occult ritual in this forest preserve, possibly under the cover of night.

Do these chalk marks have occult significance or are they just doodles?  Could they represent the four elements?  The answer depends on if these are doodles or symbols.


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  1. Tony Lucas Says:

    A Tribute to someone Krystek, a new age believer obviously, the bottom right is not a bottle but a “Bong” used for smoking weed, yes the symbol is a pentagram a ward of protection. The Flowers could be Lotus a spiritual flower.

  2. Dan Blanchard Says:

    Tony is right. A bong (lower right). A star(upper left). A pot leaf(lower left). A fairy(upper right). 4 Krystek, I am not sure about. Elements could be,Bong(Water).Fairy(Air).Star(Fire). Pot leaf(Earth)?
    4 Krystek(Unknown).

  3. David Says:

    Hi Dan and Tony,
    I think you figured it out. Thanks! It could still be a magic circle, but not a traditional ceremonial one. It seems more like happy-time magic!

  4. Doc Says:

    Krystek is a last name. That’s just a normal star, and pot-related drawings. This was done by a young person, perhaps a tween as chalk would be something that mostkly kids play with.

  5. Jules Says:

    For what it’s worth, a search on the name Krystek turns up a Lee Krystek with website similiar to this one.

  6. Remus Says:

    Absolutely a bong. (Once had one identical to that.) Needless to say, when one partakes, symbolism takes on deep meaning that may seem silly or incomprehensible when revisited after the high wears off.

  7. David Says:

    Hi Doc, Jules and Remus
    Thanks for your insightful comments. The puzzle seems solved. These chalk scribbles appear pot related. However, why would someone chalk this on pavement? And hidden in the shape of a pentagram? I wonder if this is still a magic circle, but using cannabis in the ritual.

  8. Anomaly Archives eNews – July 2013 | Anomaly Archives Says:

    […] Do these chalk marks have occult significance […]

  9. Brent Says:

    yep i say you are right Dave, the pentagram .very few know this but it represents a cross section of christ’s crown in heaven. christ said his father not your father, and he said his crown is in heaven. its what people experience when they become enlightened. there are sign posts that are everywhere if you know what to look for that have been left by many travellers of The Way. here is a description of it. the yin yang symbol is really a 1 dimensional pic of a 3 dimensional spiral. eg take the symbol in your hand an turn it sideways, now pull stretch it out. now you have a 3 dimensional spiral. now place 5 more spirals around the 1st spiral, and twist like your ringing a cloth out. now take another spiral vortex and thread the 5 into it and then loop the ends back together forming a perfect circle. and that is your crown in heaven, it is conscious creative energy the light of your being and the building blocks of creation. you will see this design in old church windows . it is your eternal internal sun, it is the halo. peace

  10. Brent Says:

    oh yeh forgot to say .it is the doorway that mystics talk about. the doorway your looking for is round and it is seeking you. rumi. peace

  11. David Says:

    Hi Brent,
    I think the design of these chalk marks was intentional, to be a hidden pentagram. If someone were going to do a ceremony in a public place and they were smart they’d hide it in plain sight. Nobody would notice or understand. I am sure the weed element is involved, as our other commenters correctly suggest. However heightened states of consciousness can clearly be part of the process. I also notice the 5 occult elements hidden in the symbols…fire, water, earth, air and spirit. If I am correct and this was designed for a ritual, they were clever and knew what they were doing.

  12. Brent Says:

    yeh the pentagram its self is a symbol, that hides a truth. a truth that most dont know . but in occult magic law it is a trap set to in sneer the ignorant the gullible traveller that has not awoken. even peoples that have woken to the idea that there is way more to existence than they currently perceive. an enlightened person is someone that has pass through there doorway an experienced the truth of creation . they know who an what they truly are. the currency of the universe in ENERGY . the pentagram. represents that energy, conscious creative infinite light. the building blocks of the universe. but it is more than that it is the building blocks of every conscious being. my conscious source is not connected to you . you have your own. your own crown ,your own doorway of conscious light. the masters that be from the all powerful churches to the synagogues to the shrines of modern an ancient society all use these understandings to sneer the sleepers an divert there conscious energy towards there is not just releigoius orders . you are right to sense that all is not right. but understand this there is know being in the universe or out side it that is greater than you, an you are not greater than any other. the perceived good guys are not the good guys. an the perceived bad guys are not the good guys. they are all just looking after there own interests. like i said the currency of the universe is energy.peace

  13. Brent Says:

    hi Dave , if your worried that the symbol or ceremony as you put it was for contacting or evil purposes. its not. the elements is an ancient way to show a natural process eg ,fire represents all upward movement,because heat rises. it also represents an energy at its maximal state and it is about to transition into a resting state. anyway i agree with others here it is teens doing nothing bad. krys 4 teci. prob a girl trying to find her way. . . anyway dave you have just been given what secrets in plain sight missed. the tree of life the flower of life gothic church designs ,windows everything the movie spoke about is what i have given you in my first post. we have intent every day in all things we do. the little pentagram etc was away for that person to build intent towards the experience they desire. Dave critical thinking can an does manifest more of those types of experiences in that persons life. peace

  14. David Says:

    Thanks for more of your insights. I don’t view ceremonial magic as evil but misunderstood. It is not evil, but in the view of society it is thought wicked. We who are involved in the occult need to be secret, even in our modern world. Thank goodness we live in a free American society. In other places, we’d be beheaded. Even so, we need to be cautious. And quiet.

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