He saw his son at home at the same time his son was alive but dying in the hospital



When someone dies there is the potential for paranormal events to occur. When my brother passed away recently I wondered if I’d experience anything. I have not. However, my father did.

On the day my brother was slowly dying he was on morphine and unconscious. I was at his side in the hospital while my father was at his home. My dad is old but his mind is still sharp. However he doesn’t have much stamina so it was my task to stay with my brother.

My father sat in his living room watching television.  At this spot he had a view of the hallway from the kitchen to the bedrooms, one of which my brother has been using during his illness. He then saw my brother pass by in that hallway. At the time my brother was barely alive in the hospital.

It happened swiftly but he saw what he saw. Perhaps my brother had an out-of-body experience while he was still alive and checked out his room.  And somehow my father was able to actually see him, if only briefly.

People having out-of-body experiences while near death are a commonly reported experience. What was unusual was that my dad had a visual sighting. If so, then perhaps my brother saw me in his hospital room as well. That is a comforting thought for what had been a very grim experience.

I’ve been spending time, even sleeping over with my father at his house as we do the cleanup and take care of the business of dealing the passing. I slept over for an entire week and I saw or felt nothing unusual. I am confident my brother is not a ghost, but has passed on to that which lies beyond. He is now with our deceased mother.

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  1. Aquila Ka Hecate Says:

    Same thing happened to me.
    My Dad dies, suddenly, in June 2001.
    I saw him, as a young man, at the time he was dying.
    I had no idea and only found out a couple of days later, through the obituary column, that he had died.
    I don’t think it’s a haunting – more like a last burst of Terrestrial energy.
    Terri in Joburg

  2. David Says:

    I agree with you. Hauntings are for disturbed people who can’t let go. But this was while he was still breathing, and probably just visiting for the last time. My own dad is getting old, and when his turn comes, I hope he visits me.


  3. Chris Says:

    First of all, thankyou for sharing your experiences and I’m sure you will have some kind of sign from your brother, albeit in the months or even years to come. When my dad died many years ago, I felt nothing until the birth of my daughter. I just “knew” my dad was watching out for me, little things like lights flickering and a “sense” of not being alone. My little girl had my dad’s piercing blue eyes and she has his temperament too, so I feel a little part of him lives on in her. We had been very close and I still miss him terribly but my mom is now with him and I just know all is well, as it will be for you in time.

  4. Episode 8.01 – Mysterious Universe Plus+ | Mysterious Universe Says:

    […] He saw his son at home at the same time his son was alive but dying in the hospital […]

  5. David Says:

    Hi Chris,
    Thanks for the insights. There is irony in my dad seeing my brother’s crisis apparition and not myself. My father is a skeptic and a bit of an agnostic. Myself, I’m a believer (in what I’m not sure). You’d think seeing these things would be based on belief, but it is not. It appears arbitrary. It happens when it happens.

  6. kathy Says:

    When my sister was dying I stayed by her side all night. When morning came I was emotionally apent. I went to my nieces and slept. I dreamt that my sister and my other sister was sitting at the beach with me. I can still feel the warmth of the sun and felt the sand under my feet. I heard the ocean and the crashing of the waves. The dream went on, none of us spoke but my sister (who was dying) got up , never looked at back at us and walked away. I was awaken soon afterwards to be told she had passed. I wasn’t with her but in my dreams which I truly believe that was real I was.

  7. Lydia Says:

    The Buddhist’s call death a transitional or Bardo state. Children and those closer to death can see others who are in the Bardo state (passed on). Children have recently transitioned to this place and those who are near death are transitioning to the next realm. In addition when someone passes there is a period of about 6 weeks when they can appear in your dreams and you might even catch a glimpse of them….. afer that time period they are gone….

  8. Carol A. Strickland Says:

    My father passed away last Christmas. A few weeks later as I was driving down the interstate, he appeared to me in mid-air, youthfully dancing a WWII-era dance and telling me what a great time he was having. During the experience, it was like somehow someone had opened a window, and an immense feeling of joy swept over me. He’s not a ghost; he was just checking in from the Other Side (Bardo means the state between lives, so I suppose that’s just as good a term).

    When my second-to-last cat died (yeah, I know: cats), he checked in with me afterward and told me that he was waiting around for my other cat, with whom he’d been very close, to pass. That happened about a half-year later. Would that be classified as a “ghost”? I wouldn’t do so. To misquote Doctor Who, it’s all kind of a Soully-Wolly thing.

  9. Paul Says:

    I would not exactly say it was a ghost that visited, as the person was alive when seen elsewhere. I have seen others project and talk with me, and I have projected my own image home where both my wife and dog seen me. This is not new, and the thing that I find interesting is that the length of time that the person sees the other person is long, but if compared to clock no time has passed.

    This lack of time was very apparent to me when I spoke with my grandfather right before he passed. I was at work, he came to see me and talk, others said I had a visitor and that he wants to talk with me (they in reality did no such thing), I did not even know that he was in the hospital a number of miles away at the time. Did not find out all the details till much later that same day. After he talked with me, he said I’m easy now and then passed with my grandmother there with his physical body.

    My thoughts on this, is that we can see things that do not exist here, much like being in a dream. The problem that I see is that if people can’t tell what they see on a spiritual plane, and a physical plane of existence. This explains a lot if looked at in these terms, as the person was there in non corporeal form, not physically there. This is something that is impossible for a computer or other electronic device to actually be able to fully see, as we see with our mind and a camera sees with a CCD or other electronic device the two have nothing in common.

  10. David Says:

    Hi Paul,
    Thanks for your thoughts. These things are spiritual in nature, and I doubt science will ever get even close to understanding such stuff.

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