The hundred-year-old man who willed himself to die

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The HermitThere was an old man who lived in Bulgaria.  I was told the following story by a relative of this individual.  This old man was over a hundred years old.  He lived in a small village in the mountains and was favored with a very long life.  I was told he enjoyed making walnut oil from walnut trees grown on his property.  He lived by himself as his wife had died a while ago and he outlived all his friends.  Only his younger sister was still alive.  That family was blessed with a long life.

Yet long life may not be such the treasure it seems.  All his friends from his past were gone.  He had other relatives, but they were off elsewhere living their own lives.  He made his walnut oil but even that lost its appeal.

One day he visited his sister, and told her he was tired of life.  He had gone on too long and everyone he knew was gone.  He told his sister he decided to die.  He had enough of life.  It was his time to go.  He departed for his home.

The next day he died peacefully in his bed.

When I was told his story I thought it was terribly sad.  Could someone really become so weary of life he would choose to pass away?  But then we haven’t lived in is shoes.  Imagine everybody you knew was gone and you were all alone.  At his age what is the point of life if not to be with friends and relatives?

How did this hundred-year-old man will himself to die?  I have no idea except maybe he just gave up.  His will to live was gone.  He may have gone to sleep and chose not to awaken.  This suggests we have the will to live or die and it is as much mental as physical.  I wish this old man well with his wife and friends in the afterlife.

I thought of the tarot card called the Hermit.  It shows an old man with a lantern looking into the past.  The face of the hermit is facing left, which represents the past.  Looking to the right symbolizes the future (just as we read text from left to right).  If we only look into the past, then life is pretty much over.  I know old people whose glory days were in the past, and ignore the present let alone the future.  We all know old people similar to this who reminisce about the old days and never a thing about the future.

Just because we are old doesn’t mean we don’t have a future, even if it will be brief.  I also know old people who don’t live in the past.  They are engaged in the present.  I rarely hear these oldsters reminisce but instead chat about current events and what is happening now.  These older people are fun to talk with and offer a lot of wisdom from a lifetime of experience.  As we grow old, we need to retain our curiosity and be engaged with the world.  Old is a state of mind.  That is my interpertation of the Hermit tarot card.

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  2. Jose Prado Says:

    Fascinating, yet sad tale. Do you have this individual’ s name?

  3. David Says:

    Hi Jose,
    I should be able get his name. I’ll have to ask the relative. Maybe I can even get his picture as long as my relative doesn’t realize I am blogging about him. Not everybody wants to be on the internet. I think it is sad tale, that someone should just choose to die. Then again, I might do the same if I am as lucky to live to be over 100 and outlive everybody I knew

  4. Brendan Carroll Says:

    I loved this story, though it was sad. I simply want to add my own thoughts about ‘willing’ oneself to die, not dispute or disrupt your own ideas. I’ve done a lot of study in the occult myself and I am a student of the Rose Cross. The Hermit in the Tarot card is not looking back, but looking down the mountain he has just climbed during his spiritual journey through life. He is holding his lantern high and his staff at the ready to help those climbing the mountain of enlightenment behind him. He is wise and willing to give anyone a hand up if they are truly searching for the light. On the other hand, there is a version of the Emerald Table of Thoth wherein the Great Teacher (Thoth, the Atlantean) tells the secrets of life and death (among other things). The text actually explains how someone who has reached the end of their life and wishes to go on to the next may simply will themselves into the next plane of existence and even take all their current memories and thoughts with them. There in the next plane, this individual will be able to build the plans for his/her next life without having suffering the pains of death as the vast majority of us do. Of course, this would be someone with a great deal of spiritual ability, an adept at the occult arts at the very least.
    We can only hope for such a long life, health and then to go quietly in our sleep when we are ready.
    Thanks for the story and the opportunity to sound off.
    Take care!

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