Strange Knocks and Raps: The Knocker Spirit

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Recently as I prepared for the night, and I lay down in bed, I heard a loud “SNAP”.   What the heck was that?  It sounded like some electrical circuit had exploded.  I don’t believe a surge suppressor makes a snapping sound as far as I know, but maybe so.  Therefore I was attentive, listening for another snap.

Nothing.  Except a minute later I heard a knock on the bookcase by my bed.  Ok…what was that?  I continued to listen intently and soon I heard a rap elsewhere in the room.  In the next 10 minutes I heard about a dozen strange sounds, knocks and raps.  If this were a house, I’d say the creaks were the home settling down.  Or the heating ducts could be banging or rattling.

However I live in a high-rise building and if the building itself were “settling” we have a serious structural problem.  There are always sounds outside my unit, but these sounds were from inside my room.  This was not a maintenance man banging on pipes. The “snap” was following by a number of knocks.

Normally nobody pays attention to odd sounds.  But I paid attention.  I have a term for these strange knocks.  I call it the Knockergeist.  A Knockergeist is an unexplained knock.  Most likely there is a natural explanation for this.  Or perhaps an unnatural explanation.  Until such strange knocks are understood, they are simply the Knockergeist.

I created the term Knockergeist as a combination of the knocker spirit of folklore and the poltergeist.  The Knocker was part of the miner folklore.  They’d hear knocks in the mines and thought spirits were creating the sounds either as an omen of doom, or as a warning to flee.  The rational explanation was that when a mine was about to collapse, there were creaking sounds preceding the disaster.  Yet belief in the knocker spirit was widely held in the past.

A poltergeist is said to move things.  The knocker spirit, or Knockergeist, only raps on furniture or walls.  Nothing is moved.  Assuming such an unnatural thing actually exists, what is it trying to do?  It is trying sending a message like the mine warnings of old?  When we hear these knocks, is it an omen of doom or a warning to pay attention to something ahead?

I honestly don’t know what to make of this incident.  I’ve not heard knocks since then.  It is easy enough to dismiss this as an odd anomaly and nothing worth pondering.  Perhaps the Knockergeist visits many homes but nobody simply notices.  However I will continue to listen.

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  1. SylverWyrd Says:

    I have heard many sharp sounds like electronic beeps, rustling, knocking, etc while either lying in bed or sitting quietly in my room. They do not appear to be coming from outside my room, and they do not persist like yours did. I usually chalk it up to hypnogogia, or some inner ear misfiring. Yours soulds a bit weirder.

  2. David Says:

    Hi SylverWyrd,
    I wonder if I experienced a very tiny earthquake, but where I live in the Midwest there are no earthquakes. Your sounds are strange in their variety. This is bizarre.

  3. umashankar Says:

    I have heard termites gnawing at the furniture and doors, tap-tapping of water pipes, little feet pattering away on the ceiling, all in the still of the night. Occasionally, I catch a wisp of whispering too. I can relate to many of those sounds. Fortunately, I’ve never met something corporeally threatening.

  4. Joshua Says:

    I recently rescued my grandmother from a nursing home that was abusing her.
    We did not know it at the time and I prayed over her (Even though I am an atheist now) and when I said amen we heard a loud knock at her window in said nursing home.
    We were right by the window so we looked out immediately and no one was there.
    I believe this ‘beings’ ingest our soul energy when we die and pose as God and satan, aliens and angels, demons and lost loved ones in ghost form.
    Needless to say we got her out of there and now she is making a full recovery.

    I know what these orbs are. I just worry how I will face them when my time on this earth is done.

    And I hope I can save all of you on the other side as well…

    23 23 23 23 23

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