A Widow’s Cancer Prophecy Vision



Debbie is a widow. Her husband died over a year and a half ago from complications related to a severe stroke he suffered. Her husband was over 15 years older then herself, but he was a healthy older man otherwise…until the stroke. Obviously being a widow and outliving your husband is not something easily dealt with, but Debbie managed.

Debbie said that over 6 months ago, she had a vision. It was not a dream, but in her view it was a genuine vision. As she lay in bed, beside her bed appeared a fountain. She described it as unnaturally beautiful and amazing as the fountain poured out crystals like diamonds in the shape of water drops instead of simply water. She was amazed at this almost celestial vision. It was something she never experienced before or since.

Then she heard a Voice.

The Voice said, “Do not be afraid, everything will be fine, in honor of your husband. Do not be afraid.” The Voice repeated its message and then the vision faded away.

What did this vision mean? Debbie had no idea, but was struck by what she had seen.

A month and a half later, she was diagnosed with breast cancer. She had no clue. This was a pretty nasty form of breast cancer.  The cancer physically erupted from her breast as she checked it. She had to go for chemo.  As a working woman, this was difficult but she showed up for work regardless; she had no choice.   Eventually her breast was removed, and then she returned for radiation treatment. It was rough for her.   Fortunately Debbie had her grown children to aid her through this ordeal.

During her treatment she didn’t know if this would be a death sentence.  Today Debbie has endured her treatment and she is ok.  She assumes the vision of the fountain and the Voice was from God.  It was a prophecy meant to comfort her during her cancer ordeal.  Curiously, the voice mentioned her husband. The voice said her recovery would be in honor of her husband who was a serious Christian man.

This accurate cancer prophecy was intriguing.  Debbie received a warning that did not exactly spell out the problem, but warned of trouble on the horizon.  When such warning appears, take notice!

Additionally, can the dead make appeals for the living?  This “voice” specifically mentioned her dead husband.   Her deceased husband adds another element into this. It is thought dead saints can petition for the benefit of the living. Debbie’s husband was a very pious, religious man.  Can our dead relatives do the same?  Some religions practice ancestor worship for that very purpose. Debbie does not believe in any such thing, but perhaps there is something to the concept. The Voice said, “In honor of her husband” she would be ok.

Do the dead watch out for us?  Sometimes when I am in stress and near despair, I feel as if my mother is beside me.  This may not be just be in our imagination.

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