Why Condo/Apartment Buildings Don’t Report Being Haunted

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We’ve all heard of haunted houses.  They are a staple of both literature and real life.  But what about a haunted condo or apartment building?  We don’t hear much about those.  If anything, there should be more hauntings in a high-rise then in a single house, with the number of people who live in such buildings and all the drama and death that goes with the many residents.

Apartment buildings and condos seem to be spook proof, but I’d guess only because nobody would pay attention to them.  Living in a building tends to be noisy.  I live in an older high-rise, and there are always sounds in the background.  Someone could be talking in the hallway just outside earshot, but enough to notice.  On occasion I can hear the “tap tap” of someone walking above my unit in high heels.  Oh!  What is that?  I note an argument in the unit to my left with shouting noticeable.  If all this dim noise happened in a single residence, we’d swear it was haunted.  In a multi-unit dwelling, it’s part of the ambient background sound.

If there were an actual haunting, who’d notice?  On occasion, as I lay in bed and all is quiet, I will simply listen.  I pay attention to every little sound.  I can hear the clock ticking.  The heat will turn on and then off.  Somebody is doing something in the unit above me.  There is always the background sound of a large building.

However, recently I’ve heard something different.  It doesn’t appear often, but it seems like at least once a night.  On occasion I hear a fairly loud rap in the room.  Exactly where it comes from I really can’t tell.  It sounds like someone is striking wood with their knuckles.  It happens only once and that is it.  I really would not pay much attention to it, except it appears to be coming from inside my unit.

Since then I’ve been paying more attention to my surroundings as I prepare for sleep.  One night as I lay alone in bed, it felt like my bed swayed just the tiniest bit, as if with the most subtle shake.  I was perfectly still.  An earth tremor?  That is possible but Chicago rarely has tremors.

Then I recalled a phone call I got from the building’s management a couple months ago.  Someone in a unit somewhere in the floors directly above me said they felt their unit shake.  She asked if I ever experienced shaking or swaying in my floor’s unit.

“No” I replied, “Never did.”  She was satisfied with my answer and I believe the individual’s complaint was dropped.  Now I’m beginning to wonder.  Someone must have experienced something, a shaking of some sort, probably when they were in bed.  What exactly did they experience, if the building itself did not tremble?  Someone would not complain to the management if they did not actually experience something disturbing.

Who knows, maybe this old building has its ghosts, for all the people who have died here.  Perhaps ghosts are trying to get people’s attention, but nobody notices.  Shaking beds and knocking on tables is not enough to get noticed in this place.

A scarier thought…what if something is actually wrong with this building.

Building's view

Building’s view




6 Responses to “Why Condo/Apartment Buildings Don’t Report Being Haunted”

  1. Paul Dale Roberts Says:

    We get many calls for haunted apartments. Apartments usually don’t make shows like My Ghost Story, because the owner will not allow filming inside a haunted apartment.

  2. David Says:

    Hi Paul,
    I wonder if a ghost can haunt an entire building. Why just settle for one unit, when it can travel to different apartments?

    I heard a loud snap a couple of nights ago, near my bed. I thought, what in the name of the Lord was that? it was not a normal sound. During the Superbowl I hanged out with some people in this building and asked if they experienced any shaking or sounds. A guy mentioned something weird happened in his unit. This just might be a traveling ghost. Or this building is ready to collapse.

  3. Georgi Says:

    Hello, I am from Bulgaria and for several months in 2012 I was living in a big apartment building. In April I started to hear in the night footsteps INSIDE my room and some other creepy sounds. These sounds repeated for about two weeks almost every night even when the lights were on. I was perfectly awake, I almost did not sleep these nights. Finally I left this terror place. Seems other people in others units did not have such problems. Only my unit was haunted.

  4. David Says:

    Hi Georgi,
    Are you aware of any history that took place in your unit? In a way, you are fortunate to have had such an experience. Ghosts should be harmless enough, but can be very unnerving.

  5. Georgi Says:

    I know that the father of the owner of the apartment passed away several years ago. Maybe it was his ghost.

  6. Jamie Says:


    I live in a condo and have for 10 years. I’ve always felt like the place was haunted. At night when I shut the upstairs hall light off, I feel like someone is staring at me from the stair landing. I once had my tv turn on by itself and the channels changed rapidly. I got freaked out and took the batteries out of my universal tv remote thinking it was that. Never happened again so who knows. Had a book fall from ontop of a hamper when the book was opened and laying down. And once I took a picture of my bedroom door when my lights were out in my room but the hall lights were on cuz it made a cool looking light rectangle. Didn’t notice until a few days later when I looked at the pic that there was a shadow of feet at the bottom of the door!! I confrtoned my mom and step dad who also live there but they said it wasn’t either of them and I didn’t hear them wake up that night and this was at like 2am. So I believe that condo and apartments can be haunted. ANYTHING can be haunted. There doesnt have to have been a death at the building in my opinion. Remember… native americans were once everywhere and so werent people in the coloniel days. If you think youre place is haunted, it could be that a cave man, coloniel person, or native american died there.

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