How to Develop Your Second Sight: FAQ

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What is second sight?
Some people are considered gifted with a talent for the mystical ability called second sight. These individuals are said able to see that which is invisible to our naked eyes, things existing in the spirit world operating alongside of us out of sight. They may see ghosts, entities or visions. This is said to be the gift of mystics, prophets, saints, psychics and crazy people.

Is second sight real?
If second sight is the ability to see images without our physical eyes then it is very real. Normal sight is the result of light on the optic nerves in our eyes. Second sight consists of seeing things in our mind without the aid of our eyes. We do this every time we dream. We clearly see imagery in our dreams, often quite vividly of things we have never seen before. Essentially it is the use of spontaneous visualization. It is very real, but a better question would be if second sight were supernatural or only our imagination at work.

How does second sight work?
There is something that can best be described as spirit-sight: to see with our spirit and not our physical eyes. An example of this is encountered in the near-death, out-of-body experience. In the NDE individuals have been reported to accurately see and later describe events outside their body, even in total darkness. Obviously they are not using biological eyes, but some other sense related to their soul. Second sight is the use of this same spirit-sight while we are still in our bodies. If we could access this other “soul-sense”, even a little, we might be able to perceive that which exists in the spirit but is invisible to our naked eye.

How can we develop second sight?
Practice visualization with imagination.  Try visualization with your eyes closed. This can be done as we lay in bed before we are ready to sleep. Create a waking dream in your mind. Try to create vivid images of people, animals, or objects. This should be fairly easy to do.

Once you have practiced this, try visualizing with your eyes open. This is more difficult then you might imagine. It is like an induced hallucination, but very focused. I suggest trying to imagine an animal, say a rabbit, squirrel or bird. You can do this anywhere…visualize a rabbit near you…actually see it in your mind…make it solid.  See a rabbit on the floor in your office, or by your television at home. It will be like a waking dream.

WARNING: Only individuals who are disciplined and self-aware should use these practices. Purposely creating hallucinations can be disorienting. Occult activities carry dangers, and unstable individuals should not engage in these practices.

Once you have mastered the art of imagination and waking visualization, the final step is to let visualizing happen spontaneously without trying to control it. Do not try this all the time. You need to control this practice to a set time and place, to turn it on and off with the ritual of your choice. For a Christian you could make the sign of the cross before your attempt and then afterwards to close it down.  For an occultist the Cabalistic Cross would be appropriate.  You don’t want unintended hallucinations popping up.

Go to a place where you think spirits might dwell, and let visualization appear unguided. Images may appear in your mind. It might just be your subconscious at work, but there is the chance it might be something else. If you start to see stuff, you just might have developed second sight.

Blue Jay and Squirrel

A Story:
Here is an example of something that resembles second sight. One summer day as the sun was setting, I sat outside my father’s home alone in his yard. He has a huge evergreen tree in his backyard. Rabbits hide under this tree. Squirrels wander around it. Robins build nests in it. Blue Jays visit.  Where there are rabbits, birds and squirrels, there is a possibility of nature spirits (assuming such things exist). I sat quietly and visualized without intent, not knowing what to expect.

Soon I imagined I saw a tiny female figure emerge from under the evergreen tree. It was perhaps 8 inches tall, or the size to ride a rabbit like a pony.  She wore a curious outfit.  The figure did not notice me as I looked on hoping my visualizing wouldn’t vanish.  A few more tiny figures emerged from under the low-lying foliage.  As I watched, the first figure noticed I could see it.  It looked back at me intently  It gestured to the others, and they returned under the evergreen tree.  My vision was over.

Was it simply my unconscious mind creating a daydream? Most likely. However, the romantic in me likes to think fairies live under my dad’s evergreen tree along with the rabbits, squirrels and birds.

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  1. DJRosen Says:

    A simple way of repeating the experience of the fairy or whatever is to decide what it is. Then find books to learn what foods or valuables are classic to the creature and leave them within that area. This supportive gesture may make them more sociable. A small distancing may be required at first.

  2. Antony Says:

    Thanks for the post. As always your posts are informative and I always learn something new.

    I will have to try the rabbit visualisation exercises. I do a lot of work with my internal visualisation and imagination but hadn’t thought to take it that step further.

    A x

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  4. Susan Cole Says:

    this doesn’t go with what I know my father’s mothers side had Murry’s that had the second sight . Do you see a white horse running to you when you shift up after closing your eyes ? My dad was a water dowser and found water if it was on land he walked on with a willow stick .

  5. bmur Says:

    I have never seen anything or had a second sight when I was awake. I have however since I was younger had bad dreams of things with people I knew or even of the 9/11 as if I was there outside watching it happen years before it occurred but as soon as I saw it I instantly thought of my dream. I kept having dreams of my grandmas spirit keep coming to me as if she was already dead like she was preparing me. I could feel in my soul it was happening the night before I cried when I told her I loved her she wasn’t sick that we knew but I felt it and my dreams hadn’t lied. I dreamed about my kids before they were born and I knew they were my children but didn’t know them. I dreamt about a situation that came true only 2 yrs later like a warning but it was a dream so I ignored it. Now if I have a dream I pay closer attention to avoid like I wish I would have made my gma go to a hospital she said she was tired she was only 63 she could have lived.

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