The Stigmata Effect or Sympathetic Bleeding


At work the other day I had a spontaneous nosebleed.  It startled me, as I haven’t had a nosebleed in a long time, and it was a fairly serious nosebleed.  I had to go to the company bathroom and used toilet paper to clean up my nose (picture above).  The picture was the tissue thrown in my desk’s garbage bin.  The next day I wondered if cleaning crew emptied the garbage, because I wanted to retrieve these tissues.  Why bother?

Around noon the same day of my morning nosebleed my father called me to say my brother was in the hospital.  His breathing had failed him.  He’d been taken to the hospital that morning, barely able to stand or breath.

I immediately left to visit the hospital.  My brother has cancer.  His kidney cancer spread to his lungs.  At the hospital the doctor said his lungs had been replaced by the tumor.  His lungs really don’t exist anymore.  There was nothing that could be done.

This was the worst day of my life.  I knew he had cancer, but approaching the end is always shocking.  And then I thought…why did my nose bleed at the exact same time as my brother was taken to the hospital?  It might have been the stigmata effect or sympathetic bleeding.

There is a belief that we share a bond with those we love. There are countless accounts of people who had premonitions of a loved one’s death or disaster.  There seems to be a psychic bond with those we are closest with and can sense when they are in danger or dismay.

At my workplace, as every workplace, there is not much place for empathy but for the steady grind of what we need to accomplish.  I wonder…was my nosebleed sympathetic bleeding?  The stigmata effect concerns spontaneous bleeding for emotional or spiritual reasons.  The stigmata are thought to be related to those who relate in empathy to the suffering of Christ during the crucifixion.  Was my nosebleed the stigmata effect, but far less grandiose? Or was it simply synchronicity?  I don’t know.  But the last picture I took of my brother was of him coughing in a tissue.  Above are the  image of the tissues of my nosebleed that I retrieved from my garbage bin.  When my bother dies, he will be cremated.  And I will place these tissues in his urn.  Synchronicity works in mysterious ways.

4 Responses to “The Stigmata Effect or Sympathetic Bleeding”

  1. Michelle Says:

    Just wanted to say how sorry I am about your brother and his suffering. An answer to your question, however, I have not. Best Wishes to you all……. x

  2. Mariev Finnegan Says:

    I hear you. Events such as you describe happen often, but many times no one notices or puts it together. I believe, this is how a high power speaks to us.

  3. Chase Tigner Says:

    I know that your brother has died, which I understand but I had a nosebleed sometime on 12/18/13 and I think your sign and mine are connected. I offer my condolences and I hope you find your answer. I think however it was a sign that it was either his time or he was trying to tell you something important. I hope you find what is right and I still offer you my full condolences for your loss. Have a nice day.

  4. David Says:

    Hi Chase,
    Since my brother died, I’ve come to appreciate we’ll all die, sooner or later. It is only when, and how. I’ve had no nose bleeds since then.

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