The Teddy Bear as an Occult Talisman

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Let us consider the humble teddy bear.  At first glance the teddy bear appears to be merely a popular child’s toy.  Yet, I will suggest there is occult significance, even a talismanic purpose behind the teddy bear.  I will suggest the teddy bear is a talisman that both comforts us during suffering, but might even delay suffering.


The living bear is a fierce creature, one of the world’s top predators.  Bears have killed and devoured men.  They are dangerous animals not to be trifled with.  Yet the bear remains the subject of the world’s most endearing stuffed animal.  Perhaps the reason is the duality of the bear.  The bear is an endearing animal along with being a dangerous animal.  The black bear is like a 200 pound raccoon, a delightful creature and actually rarely dangerous.  The grizzly bear is a different character, far more dangerous yet still oddly endearing.  The bear is both cuddly and frightening at the same time.


The bear is a creature of nature and reflects the duality of nature.  The natural world is both a provider of life and a taker of life.  Most of the time nature is docile and we could not survive without the rains watering our crops.  However, sometimes nature is cruel, producing hurricanes, tornados, earthquakes, or drought.  Nature is capricious, unpredictable and uncontrollable both sustaining life and destroying life.  Just like the bear, who is usually docile but can become a man-eater.


Life itself reflects this duality of nature.  Most of the time life goes along smoothly, but then inevitability disaster strikes.  We could lose a job, have financial troubles, develop a terrible disease, or have a loved one suffer.  Life is filled with such pain and suffering, along with our joys.  Human life is itself capricious, unpredictable and barely controllable.


This brings us back to the secret occult meaning behind the teddy bear.  The teddy bear symbolizes only the nice side of the actual bear’s duality.  It is cuddly, adorable and non-threatening.  We give children a toy that represents the safe side of life’s duality.  It is meant to be reassuring.  When we hug a teddy bear, we are embracing the hope for happiness and safety.  Unfortunately life is rarely turns out that way.

Yet, the teddy bear’s purpose is to provide us comfort even in times when the duality of existence is kicking our arse.  In times of trouble the teddy bear offers comfort.  And here is the occult aspect…life is a state of mind.  Both pain and suffering or joy and happiness are a state of mind.  Things are never as bad as they seem, nor a good as they appear.  In times of trouble we can sit on our pity pot and feel sorry for your self, or we can brush aside worry and march ahead.  When times are tough hugging your teddy bear releases stress, even if only for a minute.  That is the mysterious talismanic nature of the teddy bear.  The teddy bear reminds us to look at the best side of life’s duality, and how we think tends to be how things will turn out.  The teddy bear is an unwitting advocate of the law of attraction.

In my life I’ve had a full plate of worries…my brother is slowly dying of cancer, my father had a stroke a month ago and my day job is endlessly stressful.  Sometimes I wonder how I can handle this.  When I am overwhelmed, I look at my teddy bear pictured above.  It sits on a bookshelf watching over me along with two figures of wise owls.

My choice of this bear was not random.  This teddy bear was chosen to reflect the duality of life.  The bear is white, the color of purity, hope and faith.  But it has a red on it. This teddy bear has a blood red collar and blood red toes.  Blood red symbolizes the tragedy of life, superimposed on the white color of hope.  It sits above on a bookshelf watching me, and in times when I dwell too much on dark thoughts, I look up at it. It is my talisman.  It reminds me that life is temporary and often sad with bursts of joy and happiness in-between.  You wouldn’t imagine a stuffed animal could be so symbolic.  And here comes in the law of attraction.  We are what we think; if a stuffed animal offers us a positive state of mind, it is effective.

8 Responses to “The Teddy Bear as an Occult Talisman”

  1. Shelley Says:

    Good post…I love my teddy bears too…Never really looked at them this way before, but now every time I look at them I will think of your post…I will see them with new eyes…

  2. David Says:

    Hi Shelley,
    My teddy bear sits on my shelf watching over me. I have other stuffed animals, but this bear is my special bear.

  3. Teresa Says:

    Blood red symbolizes the tragedy of life, superimposed on the white color of hope.

    Blood, is the salvation offered by the Lord Jesus Christ.
    White is what we are to the Lord, after we have accepted His Salvation.
    God made all the animals, and what we do with them will be noted on the Last Day.

  4. Tamar Says:

    When I was 15, exactly 32 years ago today, our house burned down. I had a very old sawdust stuffed panda bear that came from my Grammie’s house and after the fire, while we were living in a trailer in front of the burned out wreckage, I would go visit my teddy bear. I could not recue him, because of the smoke and water damage, but I often went too see him. I remember him being frozen solid in the rubble and being so torn apart that I could not somehow save him. Just seeing him gave me some kind of hope that we would have a home again.

  5. B J Street Says:

    The white polar-bear and brown cave-bear both represent Neanderthal man. Note that the bear is male, a father-figure. As it were, Neanderthal man, hale hearty and congenial, is the ancestor of us all, though the lineage is denegrated as primitive. In fact, they were quite advanced and the gist of our modern artisan/inventor class. The mother-bear, symbol of Conscience, is not dis-owned yet missing/hidden from view. Thus both are “subversive” to the current agendas of victory-vengeance. Regarding the teddy as soothing is a subconscius affirmation that there is an alternative paradigm to the competitive nature of Reality.

  6. Donna Says:

    Cute canister set :)

  7. JOJAN JOS Says:

    very true: children will have problem if you keep you in your house.This is an accursed object.I have heard preaching regarding this.

  8. David Says:

    If a child is afraid of an object, get rid of it. It maybe nothing, or there is the odd chance it could be something.

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