He saw an orb of light with his naked eye

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I visited a friend on a weekend evening.  It was a nice night, cool with a clear sky and scant breeze.  We hanged out in his backyard talking about this and that, politics and the future of America.  My friend George is very pessimistic about the future of America.  He predicts an economic collapse like what happened to Greece within the next 15 years.  Myself, I’m not quite so pessimistic.  But George is preparing for doom by stocking up on food like rice and beans that will not spoil, just in case.

As we chatted, he pointed behind me and said, “What is that?  Between the neighbor’s garage and the fence.”  Since he was pointing behind me, I had no idea; I thought maybe somebody had entered his yard.  I turned around and saw nothing.

“What is it?  What did you see?” I asked.

George replied, “I saw a light.  It lasted for a couple of seconds and was gone.  It was a ball of light.”

George was not joking; he was startled.  He got up and walked to the opposite side of the yard where he saw this light and held up arms up in a circle over his head showing the approximate size and location of this ball of light.  George saw something, but what could it have been?

Could it have been ball lightning?  There were no storms that night.  Perhaps earth lights?  There is a theory that stress deep underground where fault lines grind can create static electricity resulting in earthlights.  In folklore they have been called these ghost lights, spooklights, or the will-o’-the-wisp.  And right here in a backyard in the heart of Chicago, a ghost light was observed.  However, Chicago is not prone to earthquakes.

There is a belief that orbs could be light of an actual ghost.  Some suggest orbs that appear in photographs could be the “energy” of a ghost.  I had a camera in my car, so I got my camera to take photos of George’s yard.  Maybe I’d catch something.  I got orbs, but orbs can easily be just the flash reflecting off of dust.  However, when I showed a photo of an orb (pictured above), he said that was what he saw except by the neighbor’s garage.  He apparently saw an orb with his naked eye.

Orbs of light often precede contact with spiritual forces.  A bright cloud often precedes religious apparitions.  The UFO’s circle of light precedes contact with “aliens”.  It seems like there is an astral light which signals impending contact with spirit beings.  I asked George to be aware…he might encounter something.  He didn’t believe in such things, but he saw the light.

I also keep a set of dollar store tarot cards in my car’s glove compartment.  Just like with the camera, one never knows when I’ll need tarot cards.  I used the cards in an attempt to attract whatever George has seen to reappear.  I asked George for what the reading should be concerned with, and he suggested we return to our discussion that was taking place when the light appeared.  He wanted to know the destiny of America.  And so above is America’s reading, for what it is worth.  And a short video below caught nothing except darkness.  However, I did take the pictures in my previous post that night.  The pictures in this blog post  http://occultview.com/2012/09/20/the-dark-fairies-of-nighttime/  were taken at the same time as these photos.  In fact these “dark fairies” were taken right behind George’s chair where he sat and saw the orb of light.  Could he have seen a fairy light?

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